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"Work, bitch. You don't gotta stress this. Got 'em feeling restless. Show 'em how it's done. Alright." Cas broke into dance as he stood in his dressing room, the end of exams and start of summer meant one thing; a wedding.

He and Dean had run to their parents immediately and explained the situation. At first no one knew what to say (at least on the Novak's side), it seemed sudden to them all and to be honest it was pretty big news. Cas cheered and squealed and showed off the modest little ring that had been given to him. Jimmy smiled, finding charm in the older looking thing and nodded his approval.

"When did you want the wedding?"

"This summer." Cas blurted out immediately, "As soon as we can."

The Novak's could manage that, it seemed pretty damn easy to them.

The Winchesters crowded Dean as soon as he mentioned it, "How did it go?" John asked eagerly, to the surprised of pretty much everybody.

"I went up on stage for the talent show," Dean grinned and had Jet's hand clap on his shoulder for possibly the hundredth time that day. "Asked him right there."

"Nice." John nodded and Mary pretty acted like a school girl about the whole thing, going on and on about what she'd do for the wedding.

All of that had happened a few weeks ago, now Castiel danced in his dressing room, his eyes bright with ideas and thoughts of times to come. Balthazar smiled as he helped Garth adjust his tie, the three of them easy choices as Cas' best men. "You're pretty excited."

"Am I ever." Cas sighed happily and dropped himself into a chair, kicking his legs eagerly, not being able to help singing the things that repeatedly inspired him, be it doing house chores or just feeling down in general. "If you wanna be it, you've got to dream. If you've got the key then baby pop that lock. If you want to free it, you have got to scream-"

"We gotta get going," Chuck entered the room, pointing behind him, "Places, gentlemen."

Cas exhaled slowly and stood up, "Guess I have to be ready too." He looked at the white tuxedo he was wearing and tugged gently at the hemming of his coat with a smile.

"You going to be okay?" Gabriel asked, looking at Sam warily.

"I'll be fine. I did it once before, right?" Sam said sternly.

"Well... no, not quite. I was right there, remember?" Gabriel corrected him and Sam sighed heavily.

"I know but I can do it." Sam said firmly and started to wheel himself toward the main doors, "Come on it's about to start."

Gabriel smiled a little and followed. "Proud of you, Sam."

Sam blushed a little but nodded, "Thank you, Gabriel. For all of this."

"Don't worry about it; you know I wouldn't leave you hanging." Gabriel laughed and walked ahead of Sam to open the doors.

"I know." Sam smiled and rolled inside, greeting his parents as he approached them.

Dean stood at the front of the room as a jazzed up version of 'here comes the bride' started up over the sound system though it was soon ripped away and of course 'Pop that Lock' took its place, Castiel shoving the doors open and entering with a one hell of a sashay in his hips. Dean swallowed, very, very glad that he was hitting that because damn if he weren't he'd really want to. His fiancé, soon to be husband, strut his way to the front of the room getting grins from all of his friends and family because really, who didn't love that kid?

Castiel passed Sam by who was at the front of assembly of people; everyone knew he was one of Dean's best men but that position was up a step or two so he just sat with everyone else in a reserved spot. Cas touched Sam's shoulder as he walked by, pausing a moment to smile and take in the returned one. He made it to Dean's side and took his hand immediately, staring into one another's eyes intently.

"I never could have asked for a more amazing partner." Dean said after the music died down, not waiting for all of the official people to say whatever they usually said (no one listens to them really, do they?). "Castiel, you are the most wonderful guy I've ever met, unending patience and as forgiving as they come. You're kind, helpful, a great listener, and you put up with bullshit you don't have to for other people's sake. I love you, Cas. More than anything and I promise you, with everything that I am, that I will keep you safe and protect you."

Cas, though standing as tall as he ever has, couldn't stop the tears from welling in his eyes at hearing Dean's words, watching as the same watery beasts threatened Dean's own composure. "Dean, I have to say that you are one of a kind. I used to find you alluring and in the dorkiest, crushing way, I watched you. After a lot of hardship and after you and I didn't see eye to eye, I thought it was a lost cause, I had given up. I see now that was wrong of me. When I came back, you were different and the first person to try to get to know me. I misjudged you to be something you weren't and now I see the kind man you're turning into. You're humble, generous in ways I could never be, you are incredible, to see the good in things that no one else could possibly ever see. I love you, too, Dean. I swear I'll be loyal, faithful, and understanding. I'll be there, whether you need me or otherwise. I'm so proud to be your husband."

The instruction hadn't needed to be given; kissing Castiel was the most obvious following step in Dean's mind. The cheer erupted vehemently and Dean and Castiel stood and enjoyed it, waving and letting it go on but not leaving the room just yet.

"We just wanted to say thank you," Dean said after the gathering of family and friends had quieted. "We know some of you are probably still on the fence about these relationships and we appreciate it, that you have been so respectful to us."

"And to those of you who are stuck on how young we are, how fast this happened," Cas spoke next, his arm linked in Dean's, "We will do our utmost to prove our dedication to you. I'm not afraid of a challenge and I know he definitely isn't. So if you truly support us, and I mean would boast about our relationship to others who know nothing about it, I'd like to ask you to show it now."

Now there are certain things that should be noted that happened in the next few moments. The entire room had ended up cheering but only after Mary and John had burst into tears. Castiel and Dean ran from the ceremony's center into the crowd, but only after Garth's and Chuck's mouths had dropped open. Balthazar grinned from ear to ear but only after Jet uttered the words "Holy shit".

The room had been silent at first after Dean and Castiel had addressed them. The one set of hands clapped together, slowly, loudly. Dean looked down at Sam who stared from the front of the room, his brother's smile widening as he applauded them firmly. The fact that Sam was clapping wasn't why all of those previously mentioned things happened.

Sam smiled, his eyes warm and telling as he clapped faster and louder for them, his legs a little shaky though he stood firmly on them, taking a few slow steps away from his wheelchair.