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Kitty sat by Kurt, her best friend. He was in cryonic suspension, they had to keep him that way until they could give him a cure that would save his life, and take away his powers.

"They'll be able to give it to you soon Kurt." she said, even though he couldn't hear her. "This is totally selfish, but I hope it only takes away your powers, not your looks, then you can stay at the institute, and everything will be normal again, you'll see."

Logan and Cap watched from the doorway.

"You ever do that Logan?" asked Cap

"Yeah." Logan never would have told anyone else that.

"Would all of you come out here." said Nick Fury, it might have been phrased like a question, but it wasn't.

All of the X-men present came into the other room with Fury, plus Cap and Pyro.

"I've got bad news, and more bad news." said Fury "We can't give Nightcrawler the cure.

"What?" asked both Rogue and Kitty.

"Because his mutation also dominates his looks, it would tear him apart, literally." said Fury. "I'm sorry."

"What's the other bad news?" asked Cyclops

"We can't give it to Cap either, because of the other cure we gave him."

"How long do I have to live?" asked Cap.

"Five months, maybe less." said Fury. "Listen, we'll keep working on a new cure, But in the meantime, I've already talked to Professor Xavier, We're gonna move Kurt back to the Institute."

"And that's where I'm gonna go too." said Cap, "If I'm gonna die, I'd like to spend the last part of my life there."

It had been a week.

It was still hard for the students at the Institute to accept that Kurt might not ever come back. Someone was almost always room with him, Almost all of them talked to him.

Xavier took Kurt out of Bayville high. Cyclops didn't like it.

"It's like accepting he's gonna be suspended like this, forever, like he's dead." said Scott

Cap spent a lot of time with Kurt. He of course couldn't remember being suspended, but he still felt like he could understand, waking up and finding time had passed, even if Kurt could be brought back earlier than he had been, it would still be strange, even if just a year passed, thtat was a lot for a sixteen year old. He'd wake up to find that his friends were all older, that they had grown and changed over a year, and he hadn't. Cap understood that, only he'd had Wolverine, Kurt wouldn't have someone like that. He was the only one that could understand what Kurt's life would be like when he woke up., and to think, he hated the German mutant when he had first come to the Institute.


Kitty answered the door, she didn't want to, because then she'd have to talk to someone, and she didn't feel like talking

Pyro was on the other side

"What?" she said.

"I have something for the Professor." said Pyro

"What is it?"

"Instructions on how to make a cure for Kurt and Cap."

"I've been looking for them ever since S.H.I.E.L.D." Said John. "I finally found them on the computer and burned them. Onto a disc I mean. It's suppose to cure cellular breakdown without side affects." he took a disc out of his pocket. "But there's something I want in return."

"What is it?" asked the Professor

"I want you to help me get the metal that Magneto put in me and the tracking chip out, and I wanna join the X-men." he said.

"Can you follow our rules?"

"Yeah, I'm sure I can." said Pyro

"Fine, We'll do an X-ray to locate all the metal, and the tracking device." The Professor took the disc. "But first I have to give this to Hank."

Three weeks later.

Pyro flopped on his bed, after they had removed the tracking device, and the metal from his back, wrists, ankles, and waist he had officially moved into the Institute. Being an X-man was tough, They had made him a fire-pack like he'd had before, but he could only have it during missions.(which he'd had none.)and training (which he had too much of). And he had to go to school. He had taught himself some stuff while he was an acolyte, so he was high school level, but he had to start as a sophomore instead of in senior year with everyone else his age.

Not many of the people at the institute liked him at first, but now all of them at least tolerated him. And he even had friends, in particular, Roberto and Bobby. And Amara was nice to him too, she was cool. Of course anyone who could set themselves on fire was instantly awesome in his book

He flicked his lighter open, he liked the flame, he wasn't supposed to use it in his room, but he started making little shapes with it.

John, come downstairs to the lab please.

"So it's finally gonna work!" said Pyro, he was talking about the cure, Beast had been working on it, testing it and making sure it would work on both Cap and Kurt. Pyro had asked to be told when it was ready.

"Yes, And Cap in the infirmary, waiting to be given it." said Beast.

"Tell him Best of Luck and all that from me!" said Pyro.

The Professor smiled, Pyro was extremely energetic, friendly, and enthusiastic. He was a lot like Kurt.

Kurt woke up, he was in the infirmary, a gas mask over his face, making him breath something in.

The room was packed, it looked like everyone was there. Right by the bed was Xavier, Kitty, Rogue, Logan, Jean, Scott, Storm, Beast, and Cap,

"How are you feeling Kurt?" asked the Professor, "Just nod, no talking." Kurt nodded yes.

"Good, you're breathing in the cure right now, Magneto invented it. John-Pyro-gave it to us."

"That enough." said Beast, he removed the mask from Kurt's face.

"The last thing I remember vas S.H.I.E.L.D." he said.

"Elf," said Logan "That was a month ago. We've had you cryonically suspended since then, so you wouldn't die. "


"Did it work?" asked Rogue

Beast looked at the monitoring device Kurt was hook up to. "Yes."

The room suddenly got very loud.

"Everyone settle down!" the Professor practically yelled the room got quiet again.

"I know you're all very happy about this, But it's seven-fifty and school starts at eight-thirty and I know that most of you aren't ready. Please go get ready, Kurt will be out of bed this afternoon, you can see him then."

People started to leave, Kurt caught a glance of orange-red hair.

"Vas zat Pyro?"

"Yeah," said Kitty, "He's here now too." she leaned over and hugged Kurt. "I'm so glad you're okay." then she left.

Cap left a few days later. He, The Professor, and Logan had discussed it and he had decided to join S.H.I.E.L.D of course, he'd given Fury one condition. He could leave whenever he wanted, for a break, or forever. Fury had agreed.

"Lebewohl Cap." said Kurt

"Bye Nightcrawler."

"See ya Rogers."

"Bye Logan, I'll come back for a bit in a few months."

"Sure." Logan smiled, so did Cap. He said goodbye to everyone else, then went outside, There was a helicopter waiting to take him to S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters. He got in and it took off, he looked at the Institute as it got smaller as they got farther away, until finally he couldn't see it anymore.

"I'm going to go in, I have to get ready for school tomorrow." said Kurt, he teleported away.

Logan stayed outside a minute longer. He started walking inside

Goodbye, Captain America.

The End

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