If you have ever felt that you were being watched, or that you were meant for something more, and you can never seem to shake that feeling, DO NOT put down this book. You may be part of something a lot bigger than yourself and it can mean the beginning or the end of you; depending on the decisions that are made from this moment on.

To give you some background, my name is Matt Reynolds, and I am part of a team known as the Peace Keepers. I was picked for this program at sixteen and I have been with it ever since. My team and friends are Rosa Bellati; William Gibson; and Lauren Hicks. We were all picked at the age of sixteen and have been true to the program for as long as we have been on it.

Teaching us is our trainer, Rurik Gurov. We don't know a lot about him, but we do know that he prepared us for any situation that could possibly happen.

We are the Peace Keepers of the United States and this is our story.