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Chapter 3

Edna Mode, or E for short, squints at the piece of twisted metal and silicon that she holds under a giant magnifying glass. "Hmm... Interesting, Dahlings, but robotics is not my field of study. Designing the latest fashion and gadgetry for gods is my passion! Ah, but I can tell you that, based on the video from Violet's suit-recorder, the level of technology used to build this robot was exquisite!"

"But you built our car, E. I thought…" starts Dash but is sharply interrupted by the fashion genius.

"No, no, no, no, no! Your car is not a robot! It does not have the capability to operation on its own like this was!" E states sharply, turning around to face the Incredible family while waving the piece of silicon at him. She hops down from the step stool and walks over to Bob then hands him back the piece. "My work is art, for all to see and be in awe of! Granted, part of that work is with technology, but not to this scale, dahling," she continues to Dash then turns her attention to Bob. "You have other scientists on that new island of yours, don't you, Robert? Have them look at that pile of rubble."

"Well, thanks for looking at them anyways, E. Sorry to bother you. We know how busy you are," Bob replies and places the piece back in the box that holds the rest.

"Oh no, Dahlings! It was wonderful to see you all! A welcome distraction from the mundane work for those," she pauses to shudder, "supermodels. Bah! If it were not for the fact that I am the most sought after designer, I would have nothing to do with those self-absorbed stick figures! Still, it keeps me busy while I wait for the next true challenge you or another super brings me. Now, shoo! I have work to be done!" E says waving her hand in a shooing manner. "Come back soon! I enjoy our visits!"

Once back in the Incredi-Car, the family heads back to their home. "No offense, but E still kinda creeps me out! Constantly swinging from super-serious to super nice and then back again. Was she that bad way back when you guys first started superhero work, Dad?" asks Dash.

"Heh, probably worse…" he replies with a chuckle. "But you learn to deal with it."

"Yeah, well, when we get home, you two are staying there, emphasis on the 'staying there' part, and watching Jack-Jack while your father and I go to Nomanisan Island to have these pieces looked at," states Helen firmly.

"We shouldn't be gone long. All we're doing is dropping them off and coming back, and we should be back around ten tonight," adds Bob.

"What if there's a villain attack? Can we go out then?" asks Dash, trying to bait his parents.

"No, Frozone and Magna-Lass will be patrolling and they can handle themselves just fine without you, Dash," states Helen turning to look at him. "Besides, I think you still have some homework left to do, don't you, young man?"

Dash's eyes widen and he smiles innocently. "Oh, yeah, Heh, heh!"

"Vi," Helen starts but Violet cuts her off.

"Yeah, I know, Mom. I have a history report to finish," she states dryly. "And I'll make sure Jack-Jack doesn't go berserk and trash the house."

"One more thing, don't stay up talking to Kari all night. I want all of you, including Jack-Jack, in bed by nine-thirty, no later. Got it?" says Helen.

"Yes, Mom," says the two children in unison.

As they pull into their driveway, Bob pushes the garage door opener and drives in, closing it behind them. "Ok, there are frozen pizzas in the freezer for supper and Dash, Violet's the one who will cook them," says Helen.

"Geez, you burn just three pizzas and you never live it down," he says dejectedly.

"You burned them one right after another. The house stunk for a week, literally. Perhaps next semester, we can get you into a Home Ec class," Helen replies dryly.

"What? And be in there with a bunch of girls?" he exclaims wide-eyed.

"Hey, it's not that bad. I took Home Ec when I was in school," encourages his father as the family gets out of the car.

"And you still can't bake those simple slice-n-bake cookies right," replies Helen giving him a small frown.

"I never said it was my strongest subject, honey," he answers quietly back to her.

She then turns back to her kids. "Ok, inside and get out of those super-suits. We'll be back tonight. Here, give this to Kari for watching Jack-Jack," Helen says handing Violet a wad of money. They all wave good-bye as the elder Parr's leave.

Inside, Kari and Jack-Jack sit in the living room floor playing cards. Kari's face brightens as she sees her best friend enter the room. "Vi! Glad you're back! What's up?" she asks smiling widely.

"Good, I guess. Here, my Mom says thanks for watching Jack-Jack," Violet replies, handing her the money.

"Oh, gee, she didn't have to. Just being somewhat 'in the know' about you guys is reward enough," Kari replies humbly. "So, where'd you two disappear to?"

"They snuck out," chimes in Jack-Jack, whom no one thought was paying attention.

"Jack-Jack, please, let us explain," says Violet.

"But he's right, Vi. We, well, YOU did," Dash states.

Violet frowns at him and replies, "Don't try to weasel out of this! You went with me only because you blackmailed me! So, technically, you did as well!"

"So, Jack-Jack is right?" asks Kari with a look of mild confusion on her face.

Violet hesitates before answering, realizing that he was, in fact, correct. "Yeah…"

"Is it something you can talk about or…" asks Kari hesitantly.

"No, it's not classified," Violet replies and plops down onto the couch then removes her mask and sets it on the cushion next to her. Dash zips off and returns almost instantly in athletic shorts and t-shirt. Then, the pair recounts what has happened since they left the house earlier.

Afterwards, Kari pulls her knees to her chest and wraps her arms around them. "Wow. And I thought you had drama only with Tony. Any idea where that robot guy came from?" she asks.

Violet shakes her head. "No. My Mom and Dad're taking the pieces to Nomanisan Island to have some of the scientists there to look at them."

Kari pauses, feeling a bit awkward, before saying, "Look, Vi, I'm sorry I sent Dash after you at lunch…"

"Ooo-kay, that's my cue to leave!" states Dash, now feeling awkward himself.

"No, Kari, it's ok, really. I'm not mad at you or anything. I'm kinda glad you did, seeing how there was a fire and all. I'll just~" Violet starts as Dash exits the room slowly. "I'll just have to deal with Tony and his suspiciousness another way."

Kari nods and feels relieved that her friend held no ill will against her then a loud yawn from Jack-Jack catches the girl's attention. "Miss Kari, I don't wanna play cards anymore, ok?" he says, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

"Ok, Jack-Jack, that's fine," Kari replies, patting his knee.

"Are you hungry, Jack-Jack? Mom said there's pizza in the freezer," asks Violet.

Jack-Jack perks up at this and rubs his stomach. "Mmm! Pizza…!" he says dreamily. "Yes, please, Sissy!"

"Pizza? Where?" asks Dash excitedly, suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

"I'm going to make some here in a minute, but first I gotta change outta this," his sister replies, pointing at her super-suit.

"Oh, ok," he replies, slightly deflated.

"Watch your brother while I go change, ok?" Violet asks grabbing her mask and getting up from the couch.

"Yeah, ok," he responds and turns to his little brother who is still sitting on the floor looking up at him. "Well, you want your favorite plate and glass?"

Jack-Jack's face beams as he replies happily, "Oh yeah!"

Violet heads off down the hall towards her room with Kari following not far behind. Once they are in her room and Kari closes the door behind them, Violet pulls out a secret drawer in her nightstand and gets out a small remote. She pushes the solitary button on it and a secret door opens up behind her full-length mirror revealing the wire-frame mannequin upon which she stores her super-suit. "That's still so cool, no matter how many times I see it," states Kari.

Violet takes off her boots and peels off her top then tosses it onto her bed before opening her closet and pulling out a v-neck black shirt. "Maybe…" she says, sliding the shirt over her head.

"There's something still bothering you, isn't there, Vi?" notes Kari as she watches her, trying to figure out what is bothering her friend.

"For someone who has a reputation for being oblivious, you sure don't miss much," Violet responds grabbing a pair of blue jeans out of the closet. "And yeah, there's still a lot bothering me. Like, where did Tony go off to? What is he hiding from me?" She didn't realize it, but a tear begins to run down her cheek. "I-I just have this feeling like I'm gonna find out something really bad!" She then sits down hard onto the bed and hangs her head, letting her ebony hair fall in front of her face.

"Vi…" Kari consoles as she sits down by Violet.

"I just don't want to find out that the last two years that I spent with him were for nothing!"

"I don't think it's for nothing. Look at it this way; if Tony does go off the deep end, it'll be his loss. He just doesn't know what he'll be missing out on!" Kari says encouragingly. "And who knows? Maybe he's just getting this squared away for tomorrow night. After all, it is your guy's anniversary. Wait, you didn't get grounded tomorrow, did you?"

Violet lifts her head, sniffs, wipes her eyes, and giggles at her. "No… thankfully. Maybe you're right. He's probably just preparing a wonderful evening filled with popcorn butter and cheese!" she replies dramatically. She stands and changes her pants then places her suit onto the wire-frame mannequin.

"Um, off topic, but aren't you gonna wash those?" Kari asks, pointing at her suit.

"Oh, the suit's room is water tight and has a built in washer. Because of the special material E made my suit out of, it has to be washed with a certain detergent. Besides, this way, it's one less thing I have to worry about taking out of the wash!" Violet replies smiling. "Also, don't have to worry about anyone seeing my super-suit should Mom decide to hang the clothes out on the line outside."

"Good point."

"Now, I've gotta go make something for those two bottomless pits before they start trying to eat the furniture! You're welcome to stay a little longer, Kari."

"Thanks, but I've gotta get home. Still have to finish my history report," Kari says. "Maybe next time."

"Ooh, history report. Yeah, gotta finish that too…" Violet says in realization. "Well, thanks for watching Jack-Jack and for the talk."

"Ok, see ya at school tomorrow, Vi!" Kari replies and waves bye to her before exiting Violet's room. Violet hears her say good-bye to her brothers before leaving. She then contemplates putting on shoes or sandals, but opts for bare-foot. She then heads toward the kitchen, seeing two pairs of expectant and hungry eyes staring at her intently. She just smiles and dismisses them as she pulls two frozen pizzas out of the refrigerator freezer.

Meanwhile, Rick Dicker glances over the pieces of metal and silicon that are under a microscope that is being projected onto a screen on the wall. "Well, as you said, there isn't much here. I can't say anything about it because there's just not that much to go on, Bob. You say this thing just blew itself up once it realized it was beaten?" he asks.

"Yeah, if we weren't there to see it for ourselves, I don't think I would have believed it. Any clue to who this 'master' it referred to is?" Bob asks.

"No, but once we got your message with the video from your daughter's suit, I sent Mirage to look into it. Ah, speaking of which," Rick says as Mirage enters the room. "Any luck?" he asks her.

Mirage sighs and replies, "No, not really. If I had more to go on…" She then smiles and nods courteously at Bob and says, "Mr. Incredible, good to see you again." Then Helen sticks her head out from behind her husband and eyes Mirage blankly with a slightly raised eyebrow. Mirage quickly clears her throat and says nervously, "Mrs. Incredible. Looking good."

"Thank you, Mirage," Helen replies with a slight hint of sardonic-ness.

"She still hasn't fully forgiven that hug from two years ago yet, has she?" Mirage whispers to Bob.

"Yeah, well, I've told her it wasn't you who hugged first, but it doesn't seem to matter," he replies back also in a whisper.

"Do you think she will ever?"

"I dunno. She can be stubborn sometimes…"

"Me? Stubborn? Ha! You're one to talk!" interjects Helen suddenly, startling Bob and Mirage. Mirage instantly feels her face grow warm with embarrassment and tries to hide behind the file folder in her arms.

"Ahem…" coughs Rick, bringing their attention back to the task at hand. "We're also running the image of the robot through our database for any possible matches. So far nothing's turned up."

"But I have a suspicion based on this thing's last few words, there could be more show up," Mirage states then replays the last bit of the video with a touch of a button.

"Transmission complete. For the glory of our Master! This unit will now self-terminate…"

"So, is there a possibility that this is some kind of attack left behind by Syndrome?" Helen asks her.

Mirage shudders at his name. It brought back so many bad memories. "No, this isn't left behind from… him… I knew his operation and most of what he worked on. I can tell you this: Syndrome was a technological genius, but even these small leftovers show a level of technological expertise beyond him. How much, I'm just sure, with as little a sample to go by. If, and I say 'if' not 'when', another one of these things shows up, try to bring back something more significant. Hopefully, we'll get a match then."

"We can sure try, but my guess is that any further models will also have a self-destruct mechanism built in," says Mr. Incredible crossing his arms and studying the picture of A1.

"Most likely. But perhaps if the self-destruct could be disabled or if you could capture one whole, then that would be invaluable," states Rick. "In the meantime, Mirage, get the robotics lab boys and a demolitions expert working on any possible combination of disabling and or removing a demo charge based on this detonation of this robot. If and when another one of these things shows up, I want a solution for bringing in more than a few scraps."

"Well, I guess that's all we can do for now. I guess we'll head back home. I've got work tomorrow," states Bob.

"One more thing, Bob, before you go," says Rick turning to a nearby desk and picking up a set of folders. "Here are all the rookies that are about ready to graduate from Superhero Boot Camp. This is all their performance and psych evals. Let me know what you think," he continues and hands Bob the folders. "Magna-Lass is in my opinion at the top of the class and according to Frozone, she's done very well out in the field. Heat Tank is also a good contender."

"Thanks, I'll take a look, Rick," Bob replies.

"Well, it's past my bedtime. Mirage, I'll leave it in your capable hands. Night, all," Rick says and exits the room.

"Heh, I guess his bedtime keeps getting earlier and earlier. Anything else we should know about before we go, Mirage?" asks Bob with a cordial smile.

"Well, there is one thing, not related to business. Is the kids here?" Mirage asks, now showing herself to be a bit nervous.

"No, they're at home, hopefully either in bed or finishing homework. Why?" asks Helen, slightly suspicious.

"Oh, well, I knew that tomorrow was a special day for Violet and I was, um, just going to let her borrow an old dress of mine… if that's alright. I was hoping she'd be here so I could give it to her to try on and if she liked it, she could wear it. You know, if she wanted to…" Mirage turns and picks up a box from under the nearby desk and holds it out.

"Well, I don't~" starts Helen but her husband interjects.

"Sure, Mirage. We'll take it to her and see what she thinks," he says and takes the box.

Helen sighs heavily and states, "Bob, I'm not sure if Violet should be allowed to go out after ditching school. I haven't made up my mind about that!"

"Oh, come on, honey! You gotta let her go! Think about how you'd feel if you were grounded and wasn't able to celebrate our anniversary," Bob says.

"When we started dating, we were mature, responsible adults, Bob. Violet is still a teenager and has yet to fully become responsible. Also, she needs to mature in more than the physical way she has so far, meaning, in the mental way," responds Helen crossing her arms and frowning. Mirage suddenly feels very awkward and glances between the two Parr's, unsure if she should be here for this kind of discussion. After a brief pauses, Helen sighs and says, "Fine, she can go tomorrow. But I haven't made up my mind whether she needs to be punished in some way yet."

"Well, ok then, I guess that's all for now. I have some paperwork that needs to be filed before I call it a day," says Mirage, still feeling awkward.

"Oh, right. Well, bye, Mirage," says Bob, realizing that she was still there.

"Yes, good-bye. I'll let you know about the dress," chimes in Helen. Then the two leave and afterwards Mirage lets out a heavy sigh of relief before storing the fragments of the robot.

Bob and Helen sit quietly on the way home. Neither of them said much since leaving Nomanisan Island. Helen stares blankly out the window, watching the night sky go by. She lets out a soft sigh, which prompts Bob to ask, "What's wrong, honey?"

"I don't know, Bob. It feels as if our kids are slipping away," she replies with a bit of sadness in her voice.

"Well, they are growing up, Helen. That's what kids do. And really, Violet's the only one that's speeding up to that point. Dash and Jack-Jack, well, they've got a little bit more to go, Jack-Jack even longer than Dash. Don't tell me you're getting empty-nest syndrome already," he replies.

"No, it's not that. It's just, I feel like I can't keep up with them, especially Violet. Couple of years ago, we bonded as mother and daughter, but now, it seems as if there's a widening river between us," Helen says.

"Heh, I figured it would be Dash you wouldn't be able to keep up with," Bob jokes. "You know, since he runs so fast…" He looks over at her to see that she is not amused. "Ok, I'll stop…"

"I'm serious, Bob. What am I going to do?"

He thinks for a second then responds, "I think the most helpful thing is to make sure she knows that we are here for her anytime she needs us. There are going to be decisions that we have to let her make herself and she may miss it, but she has to know that no matter how bad the mess is, we'll always be there for her. Same with Dash and Jack-Jack."

"Ah, you make it sound soo simple…"

"I'm not saying that it is or will be, but that, I believe, is what we should strive for. That's what I strive for."

"But is that enough?"

"I can't say, but I feel like our kids will turn out fine. You'll see. I mean, they're superheroes. What could happen?"

Helen frowns at this and answers, "Please don't ever say that. Remember the last time you said that? We nearly got beaten by Syndrome's giant Omnidroid."

The two chuckles and feels the tension in the air be relieved. "Oh, look, honey. Metroville's skyline is just ahead!" he says pointing towards the thousands of lights shining brightly in the night sky. "We're almost home!"

She looks out the windshield of the Incredi-Car and nods in agreement. "You wanna to do the honors of calling in to the airport?" he asks motioning towards the radio.

Helen half-smiles and gives him a sly side-glance. "You only want me to call in because you're not good at it."

"Well, what can I say? You grew up around planes and eventually got your pilot's license. Me, I was into…" Bob starts.

"… body-building, watching strong-man contests, and impressing that cheerleader, what was her name? Oh, yeah, Janie Deedleman. There was more air in her head than in a hundred beach balls," interrupts Helen with a chuckle.

Bob frowns and replies, "You know, it wasn't my idea to hang out where ever she was. It was Lucius' idea. He was the one that was really after her."

"Oh, I see," she says in a slightly teasing manner. "Blame it on Lucius."

"Well, it's true! If he were here, he'd agree with me!"

Helen starts laughing but then a beeping catches their attention. Helen glances at the mini radar screen to see a blip heading towards them. "We've got incoming!" she exclaims. Suddenly, a dark figure lands heavily on the hood of the car. "What the?"

Bob instantly jerks the wheel to the right, trying to shake the figure off the hood. The figure manages to stay on and Bob makes a few more sharp, random turns to try to get the figure off the car. The figure then punches the hood and warning alarms instantly blare as the Incredi-Car begins to lose power. "Quick, take the wheel! I'm gonna try to get this thing off the old fashioned way!" states Bob and opens his door. Helen slides over as he climbs out onto the hood.

"Be careful! It's a long way down still!" she calls out to him.

He waves in acknowledgement while watching the figure. He studies the figure and notes that it is similar to the one Violet and Dash fought, but is golden in color and seems to have smoother movements than its predecessor. Bob takes a few swings at it but it dodges seemingly easily. It takes a swing and he blocks it easily.

"Bob! I gotta put it down in the warehouse district! We don't have enough power to get to the airport! Hold on!" Helen bellows at him over the rush of air. He gives her a thumbs up and blocks another punch from the robot. He grabs its arm and punches it in its face before seeing the buildings and ground getting much closer, much faster. Bob then punches the robot much harder and lets it fly off the car then prepares for the inevitable crash. As the car makes contact with the ground he dives off to the left and rolls across the ground, trying to disperse the inertia. After a few more rolls, he stands to see the car skid into a cargo door on one of the warehouses.

"Helen!" Bob yells and runs over to the car. He sees the door open and her slowly get out shakily. "Are you alright, honey?" he says.

"Yeah. Turned myself into an airbag upon impact. I'll be fine. Where's that robot?" Helen asks, steadying herself on his chest.

Just then, Bob sees a dumpster flying towards them. "Look out!" he exclaims and simultaneously pushes Helen to the ground as he catches the dumpster. He then spots the robot running towards them and decides to send the dumpster right back at it. He sees it leap over the dumpster with the aid of its jets mounted on its back. "Smart…" he notes to himself.

"Analyzing: subjects unknown. Initial DNA scans indicates familial DNA present, indicating these subjects are the parental figures of the previous subjects tested. Data collection will commence as scheduled. Notational log of A2 closed," it states as it lands gently.

"Great. All this thing thinks we are is nothing but a couple of lab rats to run tests on!" states Bob annoyed.

"Then let's show this thing that these lab rats bite back! Just remember, we want to try and salvage this thing. So we can't completely destroy it," says Helen adopting a fighting stance next to her husband.

"Information: This unit is stronger than you surmise. Allow me to demonstrate!" A2 responds and suddenly blasts towards them.

"I got it!" says Mr. Incredible and steps forward a couple of steps before pulling back his right arm. Then, just as A2 reaches him, he quickly sidesteps and clotheslines the bot, instantly sending it to the ground. Mrs. Incredible tries to wrap it up with her arms, but it quickly rolls away and hops up onto its feet then it charges her. She stretches herself out of the way of a punch and quickly stretches herself in behind it but A2 ignites his jets, forcing her to dive out of the way of the hot exhaust.

"Ok then, if it's a long-distance fight you want, so be it," she says gruffly and spots a pile of cinder blocks a few yards away. "Keep it busy! I'll be right back!" she calls to Mr. Incredible.

"No problem, uhn, there…" he notes as A2 throws a punch that lands hard. He back hands the robot and knocks it back a few steps before it falls to the ground. Mr. Incredible rushes the robot and tackles it just as it stands up then slams it into and through a concrete wall of one of the warehouses. While it is still off balance, he grabs its arm and slings it back out the same hole they just created. It flies through the air and crashes into another concrete wall across the street and then falls to the ground hard. As it tries to stand, A2 starts to fire its jets but a cinder block smacks hard into them, disabling both jets. Mr. Incredible turns to see his wife with her arm stretched between two poles to form a rudimentary slingshot. He gives her a smile as she sends another cinder block at A2. "Ha! Keep'em coming, honey!" he says excitedly as the block finds its mark on the side of A2's head.

Another block is launched at A2 but this time A2 grabs it and using the momentum of the block, spins around and hurls it at a charging Mr. Incredible, who barely manages to dodge it. Then another block is sent at it but the block is sent right back at Mrs. Incredible. "Ok, this thing's learning a little too quickly for my tastes," she states to herself as she dodges the returning block.

A2 stands up straight as the Incredibles pause to rethink their strategy. "Thrust vector jets damaged. Ejecting…" it states in a monotonic voice then with a couple of metallic clicks, the pair of jets fall to the ground behind A2. "Weight reduction noted. Adjusting…"

"Weight reduct~ oof!" starts Mr. Incredible but is cut off by A2 suddenly tackling him head on, sending him flying backwards. As he stands, he shakes his head and notes, "Ok, its gotten much faster since dumping those jets. Fine. No more Mr. Nice Incredible!"

As A2 charges once again, Mr. Incredible dodges to the right and punches it squarely in the head. It staggers a bit before regaining its balance then throws a punch at him but Mr. Incredible just catches the punch with one hand. Then, grabbing its wrist, he yanks hard on the arm and rips it off its body. Sparks erupt from the socket for a split second before it staggers backwards looking at its now missing limb in Mr. Incredible's hand. A2 then step forward, attempting to through a punch with its other arm, but is stopped by a long distance punch from Mrs. Incredible. Mr. Incredible drops the arm and kicks A2 squarely in the chest, sending it flying backwards into a concrete wall again. Before it can fully stand, Mr. Incredible slams into it, his right arm aimed just under the chin. Sparks fly from around the base of its head as it slumps to the ground. Mr. Incredible then grabs it by the neck, turns around, and flings it high into the air towards an empty lot a few buildings down.

"Go easy, Bob. We need that thing intact!" reminds Mrs. Incredible as they run towards the lot.

"Yeah, ok, fine," he replies blandly. As they enter the empty lot, they see A2 in a slumped heap, sparking and jerking involuntarily.

"Damage assessment complete. Conclusion: this unit has lost all ability to continue. Beginning data upload," it states then notices Mr. and Mrs. Incredible coming towards it. "Information: You all are going to die."

"What?" asks Mr. Incredible stopping.

"Though, not by the hand of this unit. We will adapt. We will grow stronger. We will develop. We. Will. Destroy. You. Our master's legacy will exist forever!"

"Who is your master?" asks Mrs. Incredible wanting to get any information she can. "How can your master's legacy continue if no one knows who your master is?"

"Look to yourselves and see the glory of our master! Transmission complete. This unit will now self-destruct… For the glory of our Master!" it states in reply before detonating itself. Bob shields Helen from the blast.

After the blast subsides, the two look to the small crater where A2 once sat. "No! We needed it to study! No, NO!" exclaims Helen frantically. "Now there's nothing left of it!"

Then it hits Bob. "Yes there is! The arm I pulled off! It should be still intact!" he says happily. She blinks and realizes what he's saying as he takes off out of the lot, then follows him. Once back at the warehouses, Bob searches for the arm. "Ok, where'd I drop it?"

"Is that it?" Helen asks pointing towards a warehouse across the street.

"Looks like it! Good job, honey!" he replies and jogs over to it. "Yep, here it is! Still in one piece, too." He picks up the arm and studies it. "Wow. Mirage was right. This tech is way beyond anything Syndrome had."

"We need to get this home and into the vault until we get back to Nomanisan Island," states Helen looking at the arm.

"Why not go now?" he asks.

She rolls her eyes. "The car is wrecked. It isn't going to get us home much less back to the island, Bob. Remember? The robot or A2, whichever, ruined it!"

"Oh, yeah. Good thing we don't have Insuricare insurance anymore. They definitely wouldn't cover this!" he jokes but only earns a disproving frown. "Ok, I'll call Lucius to come and give us a ride…" he continues clearing his throat.