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summary : Casey McDonald ran away from a life due to the fears of unknown. however, the family she left behind was left to gather pieces by her sudden disappearance. Unexpectedly, the one left at his worse was her step brother Derek who she seemed to have hated. was there something more between them? why did she run? and tens years later now, will she come back? DASEY of course. HEA, i promise.

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Chapter 1

Nora sat on the bed in her room holding a worn out piece of paper. It could be seen that the paper- letter, had been read and folded a thousand times since it was too creased with time. The upper right edge of the page had been torn then taped back. It was yellowing and obviously seen better days.

The first time Nora had re-read the letter was the night when she and rest of her family had come back from queens- that had educated only Derek. The daughter that had accompanied him there for an education had disappeared – ran away in search of freedom, apparently. The first night had been in the basement, her former room. Now she sat in the room that had formerly been occupied by Derek. It was the parent's room now.

She had read it again and again that night, mulling over each word, asking herself what had gone wrong over the years that had compelled her daughter to sever all her ties to a family that had been such an integral part of her life. Lightly trailing her fingers over the words on the letter, Nora once again began to reading the letter that was so deeply engraved in her mind now that she could say the words without even looking at them.


For the last four years I lived with you trying to live a life that gave you happiness. For the last eighteen years I have lived a life that I wholly dedicated t you. You told me that I should learn ballet at five, I did. I remember standing at the corner of the ballet room seeing you smile at me through the mirror. You were not happy with dad, I was seven, I understood that your relationship no longer worked. You wanted to get a job when I was nine; I knew it was my responsibility now to care after Lizzie. So I did. you were happy with George, so that's what I did. I lived the Venturis; I lived with Derek.

I feel I have never lived my life, mom. I need to get out of her. The picture perfect image that I had created for myself is eating me up mom. I don't want to live my life. I am going mom ,to a place I would be known as Casey McDonald; not Nora's daughter or Lizzie's sister or even Derek's Stepsister. I have grown tired by called a daughter, a sister and especially a step sister. I don't want to be tied in these relationships mom. So I am leaving these relationships behind

I don't were I am going mom. So don't try to find me. I don't want to hurt you but I know I will by leaving you. So I am sorry and I promise that one day when I have enough strength to face you and confess to you about all the wrongs that I have committed, I'll come back.

Take care of yourself, Lizzie, Marti, George, Edwin and the new baby and remember I love you. I love you all.


"Mom" there was a yell from down stairs. It was Marti, "dinner's ready"

Nora re-folded the letter then put it back inside her side table drawer, in-between a book that was a permanent fixture inside it. She sighed and joined the others on the dining table. George was unaware about the developments related to Casey. As they sat around the table eating Marti's special pasta and bread, the table was encompassed with an uneasy silence that George did best to ignore.

Simon had been in deep thoughts since the events of this afternoon. He had another sister? Where was she? Why was she not there with them? Was he the reason that she had left? Was that why no one ever talked about her in front of him? He remembered when the great Marti debacle had happened four years ago (Edwin had given that name), Lizzie had mentioned one Casey and Nora had immediately rebuked her for talking about her in front of Simon.

"Dad" Simon said in a voice that was laced with inquisition and fear.

"Hmm" George muttered feeding himself another spoon of pasta.

"Do I have a sister called Casey" he questioned

George sputtered on his bite and quickly reached for a sip of his coke. He looked at Nora wide eyed. She looked eerily calm and it was she that replied, "Yes, honey, she is Lizzie's older sister, about six months younger then Derek. But can we talk about it after dinner"

Simon gave a little nod and started eating his dinner again.

Dauphine pulled at her mother's shirt and babbled in her high soprano like voice, her Venturi brown eyes sparkled with mischief. "Momma, do I have another Aunty then." She questioned.

"Yes, you do" Marti replied eating another fork full.

"Is she married to uncle Smerek?" she continued.

"Not yet, honey. Now eat your food don't you want to go play with sir Leo-a-lots." Marti replied

The girl frantically nodded her head and dug into her food like a true Venturi.

George looked at the exchange wide eyed. He did not know how to react while Nora remained passive.

"Nora, what happened while I was out?" he questioned his wife.

"Simon found his doppelganger on facebook. He is Casey's son" Nora replied still eerily calm.

"What?" George shouted.

"I bet Derek's too" Marti mumbled under her breath which did not escape George's ear. He looked at his daughter wide eyed.

"Oh! That reminds me Mom, I sent Steven a friend request and he accepted." Simon said under George's outburst. "Can I go to meet him mom, he is going to be at Derek's game next weekend." He continued.

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