Title – Everything You Heard Is True
Author – Moonbeam
Summary – Roddy knows you run when a Blutbad or a Grimm comes to your door and yet instead he becomes part of some weird Grimm style big brother-sister program. Girl!Monroe story. Sequel to 'You Took Me For A Pushover'.
Warnings – Nothing really, spoilers for the first season.
Rating – Teen (PG-13)
Disclaimer – I don't own anything, just a poor relief teacher/uni student. But oh the fun that could be had if I did.
Author's Notes – The title is from 'Runaway Baby' by Bruno Mars I love that song.
I wrote this in bits and pieces while writing a couple of the next stories in this series and as a result my tenses kept changing, I have tried to fix it but if you notice anything completely horrible let me know and I will fix it. It just keeps growing so I decided to break it up a bit instead, this is a collection of moments where Roddy is dragged into Monroe and Nick's life or vice versa.

Everything You Heard Is True
by Moonbeam

When a Blutbad rocks up at your house you know that you are in trouble. Not as much trouble as when a Grimm rocks up but…actually they are both about the same level of trouble, only difference is that Grimms very rarely eat what they kill.

Roddy knew he was in trouble the second she rocked up, okay for a second he was distracted by her breasts but after that when he caught the scent of Blutbad he just knew he was in trouble, she was probably going to do even more damage since he'd been checking out her breasts. Then she'd started talking and he caught most of it, at least he thinks he did because honestly the terror and the strain of not getting up and running as far and as fast as he could was a little distracting. She'd told him not to do anything silly and he'd planned to do exactly what she had said right up until the moment when he got the call about his dad.

He never intended to hurt them, he just wanted them to admit what they had done, more than that he wanted them to feel the fear they had subjected Mr Lawson to. He had known Sarah wasn't involved with the rats but he knew she was willing to ignore their behaviour just because they were popular and her mother approved. He was angry that she was never willing to admit that she cared for him even if she said she loved him. He knew he should have stopped before that but he was lost in the music, in the thought of her being made to pay for helping make him feel like he wasn't worth anything. Later he realised that he was really more angry at himself because he let her treat him like that.

Then he had a Grimm appearing at his house, Blutbad at his back telling him off, lecturing him for his bad decisions. Honestly though they couldn't make him feel worse than he already did, he had always thought he was better than those people but when things got hard he sunk down to their level so easily.

His dad got out of hospital and he went back to school and he thought things are going to just return to normal, he sure as hell was not going to do anything that would bring the Grimm to his door again. He had a month off before he set up another rave and he practiced the violin as much as he could, even without the trio of dickheads that are now in a teen correctional facility, school was still horrible and he ignored everyone he could. He knew that he just needed to keep his head down in class, play the violin as well as he could until he could get out of Portland on a scholarship somewhere else. He doesn't want to leave his dad but he wanted to be someone other than rat-boy for a while.

It took three weeks, the night of his first concert since coming back from suspension, for him to realise that life isn't going to be normal again. He stepped out on stage first because they have given him a solo, there were some people from further music education facilities there and Roddy was nervous but then he smelled it on the air; Blutbad…and Grimm. His eyes went to the back of the room and there she is, taller than most of the people around her, wearing a bulky cream sweater and a wide grin and next to her wearing a casual top and a jacket was the Grimm. Roddy wanted to scurry off the stage, he wasn't sure what he did wrong to make them come back but it must have been something horrible.

He stood on his mark but twisted a little to make sure he couldn't see the Blutbad or the Grimm and lifted his violin to his chin then the world fell away and he wasn't aware of anyone, only the sharp press of the strings beneath his fingers and the warm smoothness of wood at his chin, the tension in his arm and the feel of the bow taut and working to his will. He heard the notes before he played them knowing that he was right at every step until the final note played out in the silence and Roddy had to open his eyes, the world rushing back in suddenly and making him feel disconnected for a second before the applause started. When Roddy looked out his father was standing as were a few random members of the audience and one very tall Blutbad and one very misguided Grimm. Roddy smiled and bowed before walking off the stage.

He came back on after some more solo performances with the school's string quartet and they ended the night's performances everything feeling right in Roddy's hands even when one of his companions made errors. When they stopped and bowed everyone in the crowd stood as all the performers for the night returned to the stage.

Roddy knew what was expected of him, he was to stow his violin and then mingle with the guests. He managed to avoid the Grimm and the Blutbad for all of ten minutes before they found him.

"That was excellent Roddy," the Grimm said holding his hand out. Roddy stared at him for a moment. "I'm Nick, do you remember me?"

"You're the Grimm," Roddy said incredulously. "Of course I remember you."

Nick pulled his hand in with a shake of his head. "Of course, sorry."

"That was quite rude," the Blutbad said pressing her shoulder into the Grimm…Nick's.

"Sorry," Roddy said holding his hand out to Nick who shook it and was nice enough to pretend he hadn't flinched at the touch of the Grimm's hand. "Hello Nick…"

"Elly," the Blutbad offered realising he'd forgotten her name, Roddy was able to force out a half-smile.

"Why are you here?" Roddy blurted out suddenly after they had been silent for a few heartbeats, he couldn't handle waiting to find out what he'd done wrong.

"We wanted to see you play," Nick said. "I was impressed in the factory even as I was trying to stop you; I wanted to hear you when you were just playing for you."

Roddy didn't know what to do with that so he just stared at the Grimm for a few moments before stammering out his thanks.

"You were very good," Nick said with a smile. "Which is saying something I'm not really into classical music."

"I just gave him a Vivaldi CD," the Blutbad said with a grin.

"He's good, I like playing Spring," Roddy said. "But only at home."

"Roddy," the Blutbad…Elly…said shyly. "You can say no, but would you like to get together and play sometime? I play the cello, not as well as you but…"

"She is amazing," Nick said jumping in when Elly stopped speaking causing the-Elly to blush a little and Roddy wanted to bash his head against a wall because not only did they both not understand that they were supposed to be trying to kill each other and him but they also seemed to be so deluded they thought they could knock boots without things turning to crap.

Elly looked so hopefully and proud that Roddy found himself nodding with no idea what they hell he was agreeing to.

"Roderick," Mrs Johnson said coming to stand next to him. "I would like to introduce you to someone."

"It really was very good," Elly said with a smile, Nick nodded behind her.

"Goodbye Roddy," Nick said.

"I will give you a call and set up a time?" Elly asked and Roddy nodded before Mrs Johnson dragged him away.

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