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"You called, Sir?" I step into the ornate office and run my hand down the polished doorframe. It's lovely, unlike the spartan Gamemaker's headquarters. The high-backed chair, cushioned with a royal purple cloth and carved with intricate symbols, looks like a throne and the man sitting in it looks just as regal. I feel like I should bow. But when my body takes over and I begin to dip down, the man beckons with his fingers. I do not need to show medieval signs of subordination to President Vespasian Riker.

"Yes, Miss Thames. Where is Head Gamemaker Lusanius? I have been attempting to summon him for days now. The arena plans must be sent to the constructors by the end of this week or it will not have time to fully prepare for its victims."

"We... we sent you the memorandum, Sir," I try not to stutter. Julius showed us the sent message on his sleek hologram screen. Deathly quiet, President Riker stands and lays his hands on his desk.

"Are you contradicting me, Cornelia Aurelia Thames?" I quickly avert my gaze. The last Gamemaker who looked an angry President in the eyes is still in the comatose unit of the hospital.

"No, sir. Mr. Lusanius is in the asylum still. He was driven insane by the attempted surgical procedure last week, if you recall. The arena was barely in the workings." Riker curses and slams his fist down on a stack of papers.

"The Reapings are in seven months- only seven months, woman! I don't care if Lusanius is dead; the arena needs to be planned by this Saturday!" Then a grim smile creeps across his craggy face.

"Find Lusanius, Miss Thames. You Gamemakers will take little field trip this afternoon."


"Ah, yes. Miss Thames." Riker strolls from his panoramic window to where I stand, trembling, at the door.

"I have the data, Sir."

"Good." He snatches the sheaf of papers from my hands and flips through the charts and analyses. "What is this, Miss Thames?"

"Exactly what you asked for, Sir." He frowns and drops the papers on his desk.

"All throughout that brilliant mind of his and he had not a single idea for the arena! Not one! Only fleeting thoughts about that asylum and a few flashes of fear when we extracted the thoughts!" He turns to me with his crimson eyes full of fury. "Yes, Miss Thames? There is no need to act like a timid schoolgirl around me. We are adults with high-ranking positions." I lower my hand, abashed.

"We can still use these thoughts, sir." President Riker raises his eyebrows.

"Oh? How so?" I point to several of the data points.

"If we just adjust these, the arena will be totally new and unique- nothing anyone will ever have seen before!" The thought came to me suddenly and my Gamemaker's mind already whirs with ideas for traps and strategies to draw whatever tributes we receive into direct confrontation. President Riker nods and considers my hasty plan.

"Very good, very good. This arena has great potential for rich camera moments and it is quite the punishment for those whose rebellion was destroyed seventeen years ago. Go and smooth this over with your colleagues, Miss Thames. I promote you to Head Gamemaker as of this moment." I can barely thank the man enough; I'm stuttering my gratitude enough as it is. "Do not thank me, Head Gamemaker Thames. You have much to do as of yet." He dismisses me and I hurry back to the Gamemakers' tables, the data in hand.

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District Ten male: Blue Anston 16 (Mari Tate)

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District Eleven male: Skyford Al'Rand 13 (Chaos In Her Wake- me!)

District Eleven female: Bay Farris 14 (Foxface5)

District Twelve male: Luis Thomsen 18 (istheplacewhereIloveyou)

District Twelve female: Sara Ross 17 (Thomas J. Flynn)

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!