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This is the last thing Newt ever wrote. It was found on his desk by the same people who found his body.

Once upon a time, there was a boy. His name was Chandler. Chandler was not the kind of boy that people remembered. He was not a hero. But this boy was smart.

He was made to play a game. He didn't want to play, but the people told him that he had to. So he went into a strange building with the other players.

It was a dangerous game. People didn't always live. In fact, lots of people died. People that Chandler cared about died. He saw them die.

This boy had a friend, in the game. They kept each other safe. They were both smart. They wanted to go home.

One day the players of the game went into a different part of the game. It was a desert. Chandler and his friend had to share what little they had if they wanted to live.

It was working until the people who made the game decided to choose favorites. They sent a dragon to eat one of the boys. It attacked.

But Chandler wasn't eaten. The dragon tried to swallow him, but it failed. The boy climbed out of its mouth and onto its back. He figured out how to ride the dragon. They flew together.

Chandler's friend thought that he had died. He went on to win the game, but he never was the same again.

But Chandler and his dragon flew on, safe, forever.


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