The Team Rocket Chronicles

by Red Dragonfly (aka Rebecca Lang)

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This page contains the copyright, the table of contents, author's notes, and boring stuff like that. If you want to know how I came up with this story and why such ancient things as CD players are mentioned, you can come back and read it. Otherwise, I suggest going straight to the prologue.

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Table of Contents

Prologue: Giovanni's Team Rocket School


Chapter 1: The Best of the Best

Chapter 2: The Best of the Best... and Jesse and James

Chapter 3: Explanations and Accusatios

Chapter 4: Wild Pokemon

Chapter 5: Damages

Chapter 6: Cooperation

Chapter 7: The End of the Day

Chapter 8: A Change of Perspective

Chapter 9: Nidorinos and Nidorinas

Chapter 10: Prepare for Trouble

Chapter 11: Make It Double

Chapter 12: Jaquie's Best Pokemon

Chapter 13: Reactions

Chapter 14: The Discovery


Chapter 15: The Pokemon of Mountaintop City

Chapter 16: Gadara's Tale

Chapter 17: On Being Rational

Chapter 18: Training

Chapter 19: Thoughts in the Quiet Nights

Chapter 20: Morning Rituals

Chapter 21: This Side of Paradise

Chapter 22: The Seeds of Rebellion

Chapter 23: Stress and Dissension

Chapter 24: To Protect the World from Devestation

Chapter 25: To Unite All Peoples Within Our Nation

Chapter 26: Jared's Observations

Chapter 27: March Nineteenth


Chapter 28: The Calm Before the Storm

Chapter 29: Thunder in the Distance

Chapter 30: The Storm Breaks

Chapter 31: Psychics, Water, and Rage

Chapter 32: Breaking Point

Chapter 33: To Denounce the Evils of Truth and Love

Chapter 34: To Extend Our Reach to the Stars Above

Chapter 35: Jesse, James

Chapter 36: Team Rocket Blast Off at the Speed of Light

Chapter 37: Surrender Now or Prepare to Fight

Epilogue: Jaquie's Company

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I don't know who, exactly owns pokemon. I suspect Nintendo. At any rate, the copy right does not belong to me. However, Jaquie, Karen, Kris, and Jared are all original characters and I have the rights to them. Probably.

One day I hope to be a rich and famous fantasy writer. But right now, I have no money. So please don't sue me.


Once upon a time, there were only 150 pokemon. It was a simpler time. In the world of my story, the number of pokemon is frozen at 150, while time actually moves forward. Kind of the opposite of the T.V. series. Ash has succeeded in becoming pokemon master and Jesse and James are searching for a new purpose. The American T.V. show is the primary influence, with some of the pokemon stats and attacks coming from a Nintendo cheat guide.

Author's Nostalgia

I wrote this story from 1999-2003, when I was in high school. Not only were there fewer pokemon, but people still used things like video cameras and CDs. Also, I did not have my own computer and the Internet was still something of a novelty to me.

Back then, I had a book about pokemon with some human characters inside them. I'd trace around them, change their hair and clothes around, and create my own characters. Then I'd make up stories about them to amuse my younger sister and brother. One such character was Jaquie, Jesse's older sister, who secretly ran Team Rocket and who was everything Jesse wasn't: cool, competent, and intelligent.

I had no idea I was even writing fanfiction at the time. I just knew I liked Jaquie and wanted to write a grand adventure for her. So I did. It took four years. After I finished, I stuffed my story in a drawer, went to college, and attempted to improve my craft. Sometimes, when I read this old story, I shudder at how bad my writing was.

But my sister still likes it. She's asked me to post it for her friends to read. So, here I go, conquering my perfectionism. Though I went back and cut out the worst of the cliches, my work is not as polished as I'd like. Nonetheless, it has some redeeming value, and I hope you're able to enjoy it. :)