I miss him. I really, really miss him, and it's so strange. I never would have expected to *ever* miss Snape. But, it's been three days since I left for Romania, and all I can think about is those silk sheets and his arms. This is...bad. Bad. I came into this for...something. I thought it was all physical. I thought I was having a *fling*, legal or no. But flings end without this kind of ache. I didn't want to leave him, and now all I want is to go back to him.

Ginny sighed and closed her eyes, trying for the fiftieth time to sleep. She would return to Hogwarts in two days, but it seemed like a lifetime stretching ahead of her, and she had no idea what was at the end of the road. And, when she returned, all the students would be back, and she wasn't sure if it would be possible to continue to see Severus. She wasn't sure if he would want to continue this little tryst. Surely that last night meant something. Ginny shook it off and closed her eyes *again*.

After she fell asleep, all she dreamed of were silk sheets and dark marks.


Students. Severus hated them. He never quite realized how much he hated them, until they returned after holiday break. The first class of the day were first year Gryffindors, a lot that reminded him all too much of the group Harry Potter had graduated with. Rule-breakers, heroic types. His seventh year class wasn't until before dinner, and he ached to just catch a glimpse of red hair.

As a cauldron crashed to the floor on the other side of the room, Severus closed his eyes and took in a deep breath before turning around, his eyes cold and glittering, just waiting to scare the daylights out of whichever student had ruined a potion and possibly his floor.


"So how was your holiday, Ginny?" Colin was asking through a mouthfull of ham and cheese sandwich, "I heard about Charlie, is he ok?"

Ginny picked at her lunch and shrugged, "Holiday was...you know, boring. Charlie's just fine. All healed."

"You mean you didn't get into any mischeif, with practically the entire castle to yourself?"

Ginny nearly choked on her pumpkin juice, "No. No mischeif. Whatsoever."

Colin gave her a strange look but shrugged and turned to talk to a fourth year to his left. Ginny bit the side of her mouth in frustration. Only an hour and a half and she would have Potions. Her stomach was in knots and her hands shook depsite all the calming breaths and peaceful thoughts she attempted.


He was thankful for a desk to sit behind and the bookwork he had assigned the sixth year Gryffindors and Slytherins. Severus had taken one look at her and felt dizzy. She had ignored him as she sat down, ignored him as he gave out the assignment, and ignored him as he sat behind the desk so he could pretend to ignore her. But then, perhaps twenty minutes into the class, he looked up to catch her looking back.

She glanced around first before looking back at him, smiling, and winking. He was almost instantly hard under his robes, hence the current love of his desk. Her effect on him was almost unbearable, and for once he wasn't chastizing himself for reacting.


"Miss Weasley, I need to see you for a moment."

Ginny stopped in her tracks on her way out of the classroom, fighting the smile that threatened to grace her lips. "You go on." She said to Colin and Gretchen, "I'll see you at dinner."

Her friends shrugged, sparing a loathsome glance at Snape for keeping their friend before leaving. Ginny waited until everyone was gone before turning around, "Yes, professor?"

"It's professor now?"

She walked back to his desk, "Is that a problem? Professor?" Ginny surprised herself with her sudden confidence as the knots in her stomach dissappeared.

Severus grinned slowly, "No. No problem."

"Good." She chirped, "Is that all? Because if so, I'm *really* hungry--" She cut off with a giggle as he grabbed her hand and pulled her around the desk. She let him tug her down into his lap and she gasped at the hardness against her thigh.

Severus looked up into her slightly surprised face and brushed strands of auburn hair out of her eyes, "You're back."

"I am. Miss me?" She instinctively moved against him, eliciting a low groan as he let his forehead to fall forward and rest against her collarbone.

"You wouldn't believe."

Ginny was once again surprised, "Really?"

"Yes." He murmured, placing soft kisses over her neck, then her jawbone before finally deciding on her lips. Ginny sank into the warm kiss and sighed, her fingers curling into his robes.

"This is very dangerous." She said breathlessly when they parted, "We could be caught at any moment."

"True." Severus nodded, then took her mouth again in another kiss, this time harder, their tongues tangling and caressing and his hands slipped inside her robes.

The danger only increased Ginny's want, rather than making her nervous. She almost *wanted* someone to walk in, and adrenaline was pumping through her veins like liquid fire. Her fingers finally found their way to the button of his pants when loud footsteps sounded on the stairs to the dungeons. Ginny was off his lap and fixing her hair and robes before he even realized what was happening. As Dumbledore ducked slightly to fit his tall frame through the doorway, she smiled.

"Good evening, Professor." She said, then turned back to Severus, "I should go to dinner. I'm..uh...grateful for the potions...advice. Yes. Good evening."

Ginny smiled at Dumbledore again, and he smiled back as she hurried out of the room. As she headed towards the Great Hall, she thought that maybe she had seen a knowingness in the Headmaster's eye.