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Seven years had passed since the fall of Malomyotismon. To all Digidestined and Digimon this meant peace had fallen across the entire Digital world. Seven years later, peace was a fragile hope. A power vacuum had emerged. The Digital Sovereigns reigned supreme over the Digimon but there was no one to govern the new forces of Digidestined and the groups they had formed. Some wished to help Digimon rebuild, others wished to conquer everything in sight. Power bases emerged as factions surrender quietly or were outright crushed. One such group were known as "The Heroes of the west", a group of friends who fought alongside the original Digidestined to keep the pace. They were seen as the head Digidestined until tragedy struck and one of the original heroes' died fighting. Then the Omega Empire emerged; an army of Digimon led by a Digimon, Omega Strikemon, the emerald devil. The remnants of the original Digidestined and the hero's now stand together, doing their best to hold back the Omega Empire. With war on almost every frontier, the Omega Empire claiming over sixty percent of the Digital world, the sovereigns nowhere in sight, peace is a foreign idea.

Her heart raced as the pounding in hers exploded time and time again. Everything around her blurred into an orange haze as she pushed herself to go faster through the streets of Pantera, a town set up by Digimon and Digidestined. She didn't even feel the sand whipping against her bare skin below her dark blue denim shorts. Her dark brown hair that just barely reached her shoulders whipped in the air behind her. She didn't even care about the stain on her white tank top. Next to her a small fire red and orange Digimon raced alongside her.

"Keep going!" She called to him. With just a glance over her shoulder she could several men chasing after her and her Digimon partner, the sandstone buildings blurred together alongside all of them. Each man had something jet black pinned onto their clothing, a uniform of theirs. Champion level Digimon tore down the sandy street alongside them knocking anything in their path aside, anything from market stalls to other Digidestined. No one dared to help her or stop her as she raced down the street. She had to keep going, not just for her sake or Coronamon's sake, but for everyone else's. Everyone she cared about. She felt sweat slowly drip down her head as the boiling red sun above them slowly cooked them. Suddenly she almost loses her balance as she barely avoids a cloaked figure.

"Sorry!" She calls out to him as she turned to look at him. Something compelled her to turn and look and at that moment everything slowed down to barely a crawl. His eyes almost froze her to the bone, shivering cold grey with a central ring of hazel that felt as if they could melt her in an instant. She could barely make out any other details other than a small scar on the line of his jaw reaching towards his lower lip. Everything else was hidden by a shabby dark brown cloak that was torn in so many places; it was a miracle it was even in one piece.

"Keep going Clare!" Coronamon called out again and as she regained her senses she continued to push on, leaving the cloaked figure standing there.

His cloaked fluttered in the wind and he was almost certain another piece had just torn off and floated away into the abyss of the sandstone town around him. He could feel eyes on him from every corner. For a moment he wondered if anyone wanted to fight him today as he slowly moved his hand towards his belt. Several painfully tall men raced past, all wearing similar black attire. He watched as the young girl reached the end of the street and race down an alley. He sighed heavily; he knew the alley was a dead end. People began to move away from the scene, not one of them brave enough to stand up those who wore black.

"Poor girl." One man muttered as he headed inside a small bar. The figure looked around in slight disgust but shook his head and turned for just a moment. He rolled his eyes, he shouldn't do this. It wasn't his problem anymore. His hand moved on its own instinct and naturally began to pull a mask up over his lower face leaving only his eyes visible under the hood. He looked up the roof of nearby building and nodded and started to walk quickly towards where the girl had vanished.

Her breath caught in her lungs as she scrambled backwards. There was nowhere to go as her back hit the hard rough texture of a wall at the end of the alley. The same rough walls boxed her in. Only one of the men advanced towards her as he grinned maliciously, the others stood at the mouth of the alleys with their Digimon partners.

"Looks like you get to pay Marcus after all." His lips curled into a maleficent smile as he began to reaching for a small homemade knife that was held together with bandages that sat crooked on his upper thigh. Her heart raced with fear of what he would do. Coronamon stood between them, almost growling to protect her.

"That won't do you any good." He jeered. She shut her eyes as he approached, she'd be running for days if not weeks, she just didn't have it left in her to fight anymore. In a second, the alley was pitch black and then light flooded it again. Clare opened her eyes to see the Digimon partners were gone except for Coronamon who had fallen back, his mouth agape. The two men at the end of the alley backed away from the mouth, further into the alley as a hooded figure approached them.

"Who are you!" One of them asked. He said nothing but kept advancing, one step at a time. With lightning fast movement, his fist collided with one of the men's faced knocking him clean out cold before he quickly closed the gap on the second and did the same with the exact same result.

"Stay back!" The man with the knife threatened as he held out the blade with a shaky hand. The cloaked figure walked with intent towards him.

"I don't like bullies." He growled and at that moment Clare could have sworn his eyes almost lit up in a pale ghostly orange. The man lunged but the cloaked figure simply avoided the blade and with a simple movement, he slammed the man's head into the sandstone wall. He stood there, motionless as the man fell to the floor. His pale grey eyes fell upon Clare who stared back at him. She could read his eyes easily and her heart slowed to a calmer pace. He carefully advanced towards her and nodded to her partner, Coronamon. He extended a hand to her and she studied it for a moment, he must have been wearing just a t-shirt under the cloak as she could see most of his muscular upper arm. His wrist was heavily bandaged with worn white material.

"Are you okay?" He asked in a gentle voice that soothed her. She reached up and took his warm bandaged hand and he pulled her up.

"There she is!" A voice called out from across the street. The pair turned and saw another man in black advancing towards them.

"How fast can you run?" He asked, his voice almost verging on the point of excitement. She looked at him and began to wonder, just who had rescued her?

Two Digidestined.

A girl running from men of malice.

A man racing from his past.

A chance encounter.

Enemies on all sides.

A meeting that would begin an adventure like no other.

Networks Of Destiny.






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