People I mean, normal humans were laughing at me, some shouting as they throw rubbish at me. But thanks to the cage that I hate so much, rubbish didn't hit me. Why did they locked me in this small cage? I know, I act and look a bit different, but that doesn't mean that I'm a monster.. A man well dressed walking towards me with a cane that I'm so afraid of. Swinging it at my half naked body as his helpers open the metal cage.

" Ladies and gentlemen! Let me presence to you! This creature that could kill many in a blink of an eye. But don't worry, we tamed him. He, can sing very well . Now, monster, sing!" he laugh and makes my body some red mark by the cane.

" ..." Trying my best to silent myself. Felling on the floor with tears rolling

I was born with a unique voice, a voice that no one will manage to make. A voice that sounds like angels to them. My body that could use as a weapon to kill an army. I was an experimented creatures that's failed. Scientist ''make' me, it's a successful. But maybe because they began to fear at me ever since the accident of me killing a scientist, they sold me to the circus. I'm like a thing.. Sold by my parents, sold by the scientist. But honestly, if that scientist didn't did THAT to me, I wouldn't kill him. And I'm a bit regret.

"Get up monster! Sing" the man shouted as he looks at me sitting on the floor.

" ..." guess what they always call me..

" Get up!"

It's very easy to guess

" Hey get up you worthless Circus Monster!"

Snow falling down on my face and melted away. I daze of the sky, exhausted from the singing. Wrap myself into a ball because of coldness, I stare at those normal humans putting a red big cloth on my metal cage . My blonde hair's messy and dirty but I didn't like to mind them. Tears rolling down again and again, crying for countless time. Someone anyone... please... just.. get me out of this place...

Rin's P.O.V

" Rin-sama! Are you sure you really are going to that kind of circus?" my loyal servant, Haku-chan, ask.

" I never come to that kind of place. Besides, if you and I keep our mouth shut, no one will know! I'll disguise myself so don't worry!" I smile brightly in excitement.

This is it! The day that I could finally go visit a circus! I'm Rin Shion, a 16 years old girl that seldom almost never goes out of this house that people called, mansion. I'm the princess here, daddy and mommy's busy with their things about... what that thing called again? Oh ya! World war 2. I never know what's the meaning of this, no one wants to tell me. How pitiful am I? They keep on telling me that my only job is to be good and stay in this mansion doing... NOTHING! Completly nothing and just act like a princess! How boring!

" Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-" she mumble

" hahah! relax Haku-chan! I promise I'll be back as soon as the show's over...or.." I grin at her. Guess what I'm thinking!

" Or...?" she tilt her head cutely.

" You... can come with me!" I smile innocently

" wha-wha-wha-wha-"

" It's What"

" Bu-bu-bu-"

" It's but."

" Wh-Wh-WH-"

" It's why. I mean, you worry too much Haku-chan. Maybe you could come with me, so less worry. Deal?"

" bu-bu-bu-bu-bu" she look pale

" Once again, it's but. And no but! I'm taking you with me! XD"

Pulli- I mean, dragging her out of the mansion silently, we went straight to the circus.

Aw... It's more boring than my house... Lion tamer, lame. Clowns.. got at home. And seriously! Where is the 'circus monster' that these crowd keep on talking about?

" Now, you must be waiting for this moment." the man that dressed pretty funny and weird for me. What moment?

" Let's give a clap, to the Circus Monster!"

Ah! Here's is it! I wonder what is it. They pulled a square thing that's covered by a black cloth or more than rag. The clowns pull the cloth away and there, a metal cage. Is it a hairy monster? Or a... boy..? The boy.. skinny, weak, fragile, and.. his beauty.. Why is he the Circus monster? As he's forced to get out of the cage by that man, I stare at the boy being hit.. It doesn't feel good right? They spotlight shine on him. His aquamarine eyes look at his surrounding. His pretty blonde hair that looks like mine's messy down to his shoulder. He... looks like..

" Ri-Rin-sama... I'm freaking ou-ou-out now.. He looks like the male version of you.." Haku shivered beside me.

" I know.. He...looks like me, yet... almost like a prince..." I stare at him. I couldn't take my eyes of him.

" Now, sing! " the man hit him harder and harder every time that boy waste their time. People booing him, and suddenly, a voice appeared... A voice like angels from heaven, warm, beautiful, yet... sad... almost crying for help. That boy...

" I'm buying him!" I shouted loudly without thinking twice. Eyes stare at me and Haku almost fainted.

" Wha-What?" the man ask in shock.

" I said, I'm buying that boy. Make a price!"

" Bu-But,this boy's a monster! He could kill you in a-"

" Than I'll tame him!" my temper's rising.. don't make me flatten you...

" Are you really serious young lady? I mean, there's no way I'll sal-"

" I'll pay even it's high"

" Than... how about.. Six Million dollar..."

" Deal. Now send that boy to my house." passing him a check worth six million dollar

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