Hey guys! *dodges the flying tomatoes and unidentified stuffs* As much as you can hate me and I can hate myself please don't be too mad~! *A sword flew past* ...o-okay..

Well I am sorry for not updating the stories for... Months. Well as you can see the previous me is baaad in Grammer but I'd improved myself! I am planning to update again and rewrite the stories, mainly all of them- which will take a looooooooong time.

I was about to give up and deactivate this account but after reading the reviews I smashed my head on the screen of the computer. I realized even though with me writing stories with bad Grammer and so many mistakes but some readers' kind enough to praise the stories.. And I decided, after my big test (That test is the key to my future!XCC) I will start updating back for this account. Please be patient and *a gun shot could be heard* do not kill me yet 'cuz I am still not married with my boyfriends (which is none). *shove off the cliff and into the water*

Well I love you~