Jen was nearly finished hanging the pictures on the wall ready for her next lesson when she heard the door close gently behind her. Her heart leaped as she saw the most beautiful sight in the world standing before her, Tilly. She didn't think she would ever get used to seeing such a perfect sight. Of course she could appreciate the beauty in the world around her, it was what filled her life with joy but Tilly was something else. When she walked into the room it was as if everything else dimmed, their colours suddenly muted and dull and all her eyes could concentrate on was Tilly's face or the way her fringe fell slightly over her eyes when she was concentrating. In fact it was beginning to become a problem in class for she was always fighting to keep her attention on the other students. Holding back the tide would be easier she thought wryly to herself as she smiled in welcome at Tilly.

'What are you smiling at?' Tilly asked, seeing Jen's face breaking into a wonderful smile. 'Nothing', Jen tried to mask her emotions but it was impossible, her face mirrored her emotions, it was one of the things Tilly loved so much about her. 'I've just come to see if you need any help setting up before the lesson', Tilly had decided that she would use that excuse for turning up early today, just in case. Jen smiled again knowing that that was not the reason behind Tilly's visit but also knowing that they needed an excuse. She hated the way she was always reminded of the fact that they were student and teacher but thankful that they could at least be friends even if they yearned for so much more. After the polaroid incident she hadn't been sure if Tilly would ever forgive her but after a few awkward encounters things seemed to have settled back to the way they had been.

'Could you pin this up for me please?' Tilly took the painting Jen was handing to her and carried it over to the wall. She began with the bottom and was struggling to reach the top when she sensed a presence behind her. A shiver shot through her spine as Jen's hand closed over hers, helping her to push the painting up and then securing it with a pin. All the while Tilly could concentrate on nothing but Jen's body pushed up against her, the smell of her perfume invading her senses, the feel of her hand on hers. She turned abruptly so that her face was no more than an inch away from Jen's. All she wanted to do was lean forward that extra inch and kiss her beautiful lips but fear held her back. She had been rejected too many times and she had not come this close since the incident with the polaroid. How could all she desired by so close and yet so impossibly far. But for now she was content to stand there, Jen's body almost unbearably close, and stare intently into her eyes.

Jen's breath was beginning to quicken as she gazed adoringly into Tilly's face, her whole being was screaming at her to lean forward. She traced her hand lightly across Tilly's cheekbone, watching the effect it had on the girl before her. Her self-control was slipping like water through a cupped hand but then she jumped backwards as she heard the door open behind her. Her heart racing she cursed herself and her own weakness. Tilly was her student a fact that she had to remember. Lust would not ruin her career. Of course deep down she knew that they had travelled beyond mere lust but it helped her to think that it was only a physical desire. She would not let the word love enter her thoughts and ruin everything for her. Walking towards her desk she smiled weakly at the students pouring into the classroom and vowing that her control would not waver again.

Tilly watched as Jen's face changed from panic to determination. Sighing quietly she lowered herself into her seat, knowing that once again she had pushed things too far and frightened Jen. Yet it had been Jen who had approached her, Jen who had pushed her body up against Tilly's. Her thoughts in turmoil she tried to focus her attention on what George was saying. But a 'mmmm' of agreement was all she could muster because she was too intent on watching as Jen bent over to pick up the last painting. No matter what else Jen had a beautiful body and Tilly's eyes were transfixed on her tight bum as the woman bent over. 'Tilly what are you thinking about, your miles away!'. Tilly blushed and stammered an apology, snapped harshly back to reality.