The only place he ever kissed Bret was on his right ear. He had done it once and after that, he hadn't been sure if he could do it someplace else, so he had never changed it. It was a bit weird, he knew that, but it also made him happy. And every time Bret was sad or upset about something, he seemed to calm down after Jemaine had put his lips on his right ear. He had noticed that from the first time.

Bret had been sad that entire evening- and he could tell, because he wasn't very good at hiding that, even though he tried really hard- and watching tv on the couch together was no fun. Jemaine didn't even catch a glimpse of Bret in the corner of his eye, and still he noticed how bad he was feeling. He guessed it was because they had been living together for such a long time.

To be completely honest, he wasn't feeling all that great either. They were living together, yes, but the band had broken up again after Brett had snapped one of his guitar strings and the gig couldn't go on... or something. Jemaine had been annoyed at first, but now he could hardly remember what it had been about. It was difficult to admit, but it felt as if he had a giant hole in his stomach when he tried to practice their songs on his own, and Bret wasn't home. He couldn't say that to him. Of course he couldn't. Telling him that he wished the band were back together wouldn't work, either.

He took a look at his friend, all the way at the far end of the couch, his arms around his pulled up knees, his face hidden behind his legs, except for his eyes, because he was still following the tv show. All of a sudden, he noticed Jemaine was looking at him, and he stared back at him as if he were scared. He often had that scared look in his eyes. He seemed to be very small and skinny, even more so than usual. Once again, he secretly wanted to sleep in one of their beds together, so he would have someone to hold in his arms and he wouldn't feel lonely. It didn't really matter who it was. Bret would do just fine.

'Are you alright Bret?'

'Yeah. Yeah. I am.'

'Cause it didn't look that way.'

'Oh, I'm okay. How's the band?'

'It's fine.'


'Yeah, sure. We have a gig this Friday at the Mexican restaurant.'



He looked at him again, and knew he couldn't stop himself from doing something drastic and embarrassing to get him back. Maybe he should say 'I need you, Bret'. Maybe he should hand him his guitar in a prominent manner while inviting him to band practice. Or maybe he should threaten to make him drink coffee and beer unless he agreed to join him again...

Bret blinked a few times and avoided Jemaine's eyes. He didn't want Bret avoiding him, so he moved closer to him on the couch, and even closer. Just when he sensed he was about to get up from the couch and walk away from him, Jemaine made a quick move and kissed his right ear. Gently. Bret didn't get up and didn't walk away from him. He didn't move at all. Jemaine awkwardly put one arm around his shoulder and kissed his ear again.


'Hm?' Bret mumbled, completely calmed down, with his eyes closed.

'Did I ever tell you that you are very cute?'

'Cute? Like a girl?'

'No, not like a girl. Cute like a... like a little bunny. A Bret-bunny.'


Jemaine thought about his words again, and nodded. 'Yeah.'

'I have a sweater with bunnies on it.'

'I know.'

'Does it make me more cute then?'

'I think so. But this... elephant sweater is also cute.'

'Well. Thanks.'

'I'm gonna go to bed then.'