Deleted Scene:

Author's Note: So this scene kind of took on a life of its own. Story wise it seemed that the element of surprise was better in regards to Max coming into Michael's apartment and discovering the damage. Though this scene was so much fun that rather than get rid of it completely I put it here in the deleted scenes section so you all could enjoy it as much as I did.

Chapter 5. Takes place in between Max leaving Kivar's house and before he gets to Michael's apartment

"Knock it down," Kivar said on the outside of Michael's apartment.

With the door tossed to the floor Kivar walked on it. Four of his men, including Nicholas followed behind him.

"I know she's here Rath!" Kivar called out.

Nasedo materialized from one of the walls behind Kivar and his men trying to get the upper hand but one of the men was quicker. Kivar turned to face him.

"You didn't think we were expecting you, protector," he said.

"I swore on my life that no harm would come to the Royal Four. I intend just that," said Nasedo.

Kivar looked at Nasedo. "Glad you feel that way."

Kivar nodded to the man standing behind Nasedo. Nasedo turned to fight him off but as he was distracted he did not see the needle Nicholas plunged in his neck. Kivar kneeled when the man fell.

"As much as I'd love to kill you right now you're life holds no value to me."

"Not yet, but it will," Nasedo replied pressing a button on his watch. Nasedo disappeared.

"Don't worry about him," Kivar said standing up. He could feel his anger growing beneath the surface.

"Vilandra," he called out. "I swear to god," he said though he didn't believe in god. "I swear I will rip this town apart piece by piece if you don't show yourself."

He waited and still nothing.

"Tear this place apart," he said to his boys. To Nicholas he said, "Stand guard. Anyone comes in or even tries to leave kill them on site."

They did as Kivar commanded as he always did; throwing things from the counters, flipping over tables, throwing things to break the windows all while Kivar made his way down the hall opening closet doors, opening the bathroom door and then finally the bedroom.

He saw Vilandra partially lying on the bed. She was propped in a sitting position with her back against the backrest.

Kivar smiled. "I'm so sorry it had to come to this my precious Vilandra," he said getting closer.

Kivar was suddenly jolted into the air and thrown to the wall on Isabel's right side.

"I'm not," said Michael, his hand out stretched from delivering a blow.

Kivar struggled to stand. "Nice to see you too Rath."

"You come near my wife again you'll be begging me to kill you."

Kivar laughed and smiled. "Strong words for such a weak man."

Michael fired again sending Kivar flying. This time the noise didn't go unnoticed and Kivar's men came in, two of them tackling Michael to the ground. They pinned his arms behind his back so he couldn't use his powers.

"Michael!" Isabel cried out.

Michael struggled beneath the two men but they were tough beasts and their strength was too much for him. Nicholas moved in pulling out a syringe.

"I had a feeling I'd need this for you Rath," he said kneeling down. "So I made a special batch just for you. Don't want to go wrong with you being a half breed and all." Nicholas pressed the plunger.

Again Isabel screamed his name but Michael was out cold.

"Now Vilandra, you're coming with me willingly or by force."

Isabel held tight to the bed post. At this very moment she hated the fact that she was pregnant. It was preventing her from moving around.

"By force then," said Kivar.

Kivar motioned for his men and with Michael not a problem they moved to Isabel and began to drag her from the bed, her nails scraping the headboard.

"Checkmate," Kivar said with a grievous smile.