Dearest William,

Words cannot describe a battle, yet the words I know from my humble upbringing will have to suffice. These overflowing emotions pulse through your bloodstream: an overwhelming mix of love, pride, joy and duty, reminding you of everything you have and everything you have to lose. Fear is an emotion often tied to battle but curiously I do not feel it. Racing through my veins is the knowledge that with every swing of my sword, with every step of my horse, with every falling Englishman, Scotland's freedom comes ever closer. That knowledge powers the strokes of my sword and even when my mortal body is weary, my soul and heart throb with a fierce joy In the midst of so much death and destruction, I feel alive. Living. Breathing. Fighting. Ever moving onwards.

The fight today was not large, only a skirmish, but in the heat of the sun, in the force of the bloodlust and the life thrumming through my veins, I wished it was longer. I wanted to be a part of the army of proud Scottish warriors in a real battle, cleansing our highlands of the English scum. There I can prove my worth, there under the god-given sun and over the trampled earth I can really show my fierce pride and love of our beautiful country. For it is our country, never forget that. We are Scotland; the highlands run in our veins, just as we are the lifeblood of our country. We are the ragged strength of the highlands; we are the brave islands that stand against the raging tide; we are the steadfast lowlands and the constant uplands: we are Scotland.

We are expecting another fight tomorrow. It will most likely be another skirmish. I am confident of my survival. Why, when I have life and love and pride thrumming through my veins, when I feel the might of my everlasting soul strengthening my mortal body, when I know the spirit of every Scotsman standing beside me, should I fall?

I will see you again, my son. I do not know when, for this conquest shall continue until the highlands are soaked in the blood of men. Whether it be English or Scottish, I do not know. All I am certain of is that we shall fight and we shall fall, but we shall prevail.

One day my son, the day manhood embraces you, you will fight by my side and together we shall fight for our beloved country. Scottish blood is ancient, and we have the force of our ancestors in our heart, in our soul, strengthening us when we are wary and driving our blades into the bodies of those who dare to take our lands from us.

I love you, my son, my pride,

Your Father.

I wrote this ages ago, in an English lesson, and have only just decided to post it. I hope you liked it. Reviews are always welcome, and replied to.