Chapter one - This is just the beginning

I'm not sure what day it was nor does it matter, all I remember is that my dad wanted my help picking out some clothes since his got basically destroyed when he was working on the docks, along-side Ray Ferrier, crane lifting things on and off boats. I agreed not really knowing what a pain in the ass he is when shopping, "Does this make my butt look big?", he asked me like he did with everything he tried on, coming out of the changing-room he was in.

I sighed from my spot on the floor, incredibly bored and annoyed, "Dad, you sound just like a woman. No it doesn't make your butt look big, I think you should get them".

He eyed me curiously, "You don't really mean that, you're just saying that because you want to get out of here". He sighed, "These are the times I wish your mom was still here. She'd just quickly pick out clothes within two minutes, they'd fit and look perfect and we'd go home". He looked towards the ground, sadly. He wasn't the only one missing her.

My mum had died about six months previous in a car accident. My dad had shut himself in his room for months, only coming out to go to the bathroom, have a shower, get something to eat or drink or to go to work. Other than that, he did nothing. He didn't think I could hear him at night, sobbing to himself and whispering my mother's name but I could; he must have forgotten how thin our walls were. He only started acting himself again about a month ago, I still don't think he's over it; neither of us are.

Just as I was had my mouth open to reply, someone excitedly came into the store and said, "You might want to see this! A storm cloud, unlike anything I've seen before!", before rushing back out.

What's so interesting about a storm cloud?, I thought to myself. But never-the-less me and my dad followed him, understanding now why he'd been so excited; A dirty, great big cloud was in the sky, only in one place though and looking kind of like a tornado with a hole in the middle where there was lightning flashing but no thunder and lots of wind, making my hair fly about in every direction. "Why's there no thunder?", I wondered out loud to no one in particular, still looking up at the cloud fascinated.

My dad shrugged, "Is there meant to be thunder?".

I nodded, "Thunder always comes before lightning. ALWAYS".

"Well not this time, huh?".

It was now that I noticed leaves and garbage flying up and towards the storm. "The wind is going towards the storm", I observed. I think now is the time to mention that I was a straight A student. My dad always found that weird since I was not only a rock chick but rebellious at school. He never could understand how I did it.

I watched him look around, noticing what I was saying was correct. "I know Ally. It's weird isn't it?". I nodded. We stood in the same spot for couple of minutes, watching this thing just like everyone else. And then all of a sudden, it all just stopped. Another flick of lightning occurred but there was still no strikes anywhere, not on the ground anyway.

Everyone started to turn around, going back to what we were doing before-hand thinking that the show was over. Of course, we were completely wrong; it was only just beginning. My dad and I were just about to enter the shop once again when we heard a sound unlike any other from right behind us. In fright I turned around to see what was going on. WOOSH, I heard as some lightning hit the ground not far from where we were standing.

"It's okay", my dad reassured me, "Lighting can't strike twice in the same pl-", he was interrupted as another strike hit there again. "FUCKING HELL", he cussed, grabbing me as some more came down without a break in-between. He dragged me inside the shop where the cashier was hiding behind her counter in fear, only peaking out so she could see a tiny bit. We ran as fast as we could to join the woman. Crouching down we saw it strike over and over and over, making me flinch every time it hit but still scaring me all the more. There was no noise except from the woman squealing and the lightning strikes. I decided to close my eyes tightly and cover my ears, in hope that I'd wake up and this would all be a dream. I could still hear the whip of the lighting hitting the ground in the background as I tried to focus my thoughts on other things. I hadn't even noticed that it had stopped until I felt my dad tapping me on the shoulder, making me open my eyes and look up at my father who was now standing up. Seeing that it all seemed back to normal I let myself relax and stood up. "Come on, let's go home", my dad said, smiling weakly at me. We helped the woman back up before exiting the shop. I looked at all the cars in the middle of the road not doing anything, as if they were stuck. What was happening? People seemed to be all walking toward where the lightning stuck. Were they completely nuts? That ground was going to be so hot that they were going to get fried on the spot.

"Ray, Ray!", I heard my father call. I turned my attention to what my father was doing to see him running towards Ray Ferrier. I followed closely behind, listening to their convocation. "Did you see that thing?".

Still looking ahead, Ray answered, "Yeah. Robbie said it hit 26 times. Strange thing is everything seems to have stopped; cars, clocks, phones…everything. Not a single thing is working". Just then we were approached by two guys who Ray seemed to know, "I should have known the two of you were behind this huh", he joked, smiling. I'm guessing they must have caused some trouble in the past? I have no idea.

The curly haired one spoke up, "Hey, God's pissed off at the neighbourhood, I'll tell you that much".

"You see it?", the other asked Ray.

"Yeah", he answered quickly, still walking at a fast pace. "Got power when you are?".

"Nope. Nothing", the curly one answered.

I don't know why but I decided to speak up. "It's the cars though, that's the thing", saying about the first thing I noticed earlier.

They gave me a quick glance before the other guy answered me, "It's a solar flare. That's what some guy told me he heard".

I nodded, curious as to why. I think Ray was too as he asked, "Solar flare?", most likely thinking the same as me; How could that be so? I didn't listen to the rest since I wanted to get to that hole now, I didn't care earlier but now I was quite interested.

I only zoned back in when we got to the spot everyone was crowding around. "I've never seen anything like this before", I heard a man say, "That many strikes of lightning in one spot". It wasn't only us who thought that this wasn't right then. As we barged to the front to get a good look at this hole people started telling us to get back because we 'might fall in'. Okay, they were trying to help us and keep us safe but that was stupid. There was a hole but it definitely wasn't that big for someone to actually fall down it. Ray crouched down and picked up a piece of loose concrete. I saw him swapping the hand it was in every few seconds. "Is it hot?", I asked.

"No, it's freezing". I frowned, something is definitely wrong. This is really weird.

Just then we started to hear a rumbling noise coming from underneath us, vibrating the ground under our feet. What the hell? Ray, along with everyone else stopped what they were doing and stood up, backing up a little. "Hear that?", Ray asked all four of us. No one answered.

"Feel that?", the other guy with the red hat asked.

"Yeah…", My father and Ray replied warily, all of us looking at the ground questionably.

Still backing-up the guy with the red hat questioned, "What is it? The subway?".

"There's no subway here", I replied, fear suddenly coming over me.

I suddenly tuned into two police officer's convocation who were standing opposite us, "That can't be the water-main", one of them stated, glancing at his partner.

"There's nothing else down there", the other said, looking up.

The one on the right looked down again, shaking his head slightly with confusion to what it was doing this. "The water-main doesn't run through here".

"Well there's something down there and it's moving", the police officer on the left said with fear in his voice. Suddenly the noise from in the hole started to get louder, making us all take a step back. Was something trying to come up? That's when the ground started cracking in every direction away from the hole and quite rapidly too. We all wanted to see what was going to happen next but also wanted to get away from it, running backwards wasn't the easiest thing in the world. We watched one crack not stopping at all until it hit the florist, breaking all the windows but the crack still carrying on up the side of the building. It was now people started to run; I wanted to but my dad wanting to stay at Ray's side stopped me. I couldn't leave my father at a time like this. The cracks continued to destroy buildings around us and the roads had lumps of it sticking up so high that loads of people were bound to trip over it. I was scared for my life here so I decided to run thankfully with my father and Ray right behind me. Ray took over, leading us to safety while my dad grabbed my hand and followed. We stopped and watched a huge hole start to form in the ground, also making the old town church split in half and the steeple come off the roof and smash into the road with a loud THUD. Suddenly the ground where the hole was started to rise and almost instantly collapsed back down again making a enormous crater and a few explosions from, now flattened cars. Everything unmoving around this hole seemed to be sucked into it. I grabbed onto my dad's arms with all my strength as the impact from hole collapsing knocked us down. Was the world ending? Was I about to die?

Ray dragged us to our feet and ran behind a car door, using it as protection. We all couldn't hide with him so we hid behind the trunk, peaking out to see what was happening. I looked behind me to see if my dad was still there which he was but the other two boys weren't. I looked around me frantically to see if I could see either of them but no such luck. Where had they gone? Were they dead?

A car that had been sucked into the hole flew out and onto the car next to us, making Ray come behind the trunk with us now knowing that the door wasn't going to protect him from whatever was doing this. Through the dusty smoke I could see what looked like huge, metal octopus-like legs come up from the crater, making a funny-noise to go along with it. As this leg started to rise, so did we and just in time as the leg came down on the car we were hiding behind, making us dive away from it to avoid getting hurt or even worse; killed. It was now I saw the two other guys that were with us earlier, grabbing my dad's hand I rushed towards them along with Ray. A crowd of us who were so stupid to still be in the area, watched the ground rise once again, this time with no sign of going down again. We saw a metal-ball type thing rise, if it wasn't for my dad I wouldn't even be around this area by now, I would have been home and maybe less afraid. I could hear my heart beating in my ears as we saw this metal monster's eye looking straight at us, still rising and making a plane-type sound as it did so. It looked unlike anything I had ever seen before; it looked ready to kill.

I didn't realise everyone had started to run until I felt my dad tugging on my hand and pulling me along. As soon as I'd came back to reality I ran for my life. What did this thing want? I knew it was going to kill us but what was it? I didn't look back, not once. People around me yelling, screaming and pushing each other to get out of its way fast enough was telling me that this thing was bad news. Ray pulled me, my dad and the two other guys aside, behind a shop to catch our breaths. "Oh my god", the one with the red hat cried. None of us answered, we just all looked at this thing. Now was the time I got a proper look at this thing; it had huge metal legs and what looked like claws, it had dome-like body and an eye. This thing was bigger than all of us combined. I think the fact that none of us had seen anything like this is what made us so afraid otherwise we'd of possibly remained calm but there was none of that right now.

As it all seemed to stop and Ray began to slowly walk out from behind the building, my dad said, his voice extremely shaky, "Ray no. Stay man", with a death-hold on me. We all followed him out none-the-less wanting to stay near him since he seemed to know what he was doing. Everyone seemed to think that this thing was over as they started to stand up straight but still stayed glued to their spot as they stared at this thing curiously. Just as we were all starting to become less frightened this thing let out an ear-shattering horn, making me and some other people flinch but we were still glued to our spots. The machine started to make a noise as it if it was setting itself up for something and also waking up from its long stay underground. Now two other glowing-blue claws came out from its side, I didn't even have time to think what it was doing as it started zapping people into nothing but dust.

As soon as I saw that, I legged it with my dad beside me. People all around me were getting zapped into this dust only leaving their clothes behind, I honestly thought I was next.

Suddenly realising my dad wasn't beside me I stopped and looked behind me. I saw a blue light come in his direction but before I could do anything it landed upon him. All I saw was a look of pain on his face before he turned straight into dust. "Dad? DAD!". I was shocked but more heart-broken, I loved my dad and now I was never going to see him again, ever. I didn't care at that moment, for all I cared that creature could zap me too, I couldn't go on without my dad. I felt my knees give-way beneath me and them get scraped on the road as I just stared at the spot where my dad once stood. I only came back to reality when I felt someone pulling me to my feet. I looked up; It was Ray. At least he was nice enough to come back for me.

I had tears streaming down my face and to be honest I didn't want to leave, what I wanted was my dad but there was no way on this earth that was ever going to happen. None-the-less Ray still didn't give up. Once he had me to my feet he shook me by the shoulders, "There's nothing you can do. This is a life/death situation. Its either run with me now or die, your choice". Getting a grip and realising that I NEEDED to live for my dad's sake I nodded. "Okay?", I nodded again. "Now RUN", he yelled taking his hands off me and taking off in a sprint as the ginormas object made its way towards us zapping away and destroying everything in its path. I started to follow Ray, there was no way I could keep up with him but I was right behind him. We pushed past everyone to save ourselves and carried on running almost getting hit a few times but they were just close calls.

We saw people starting to run into a store for a little more cover so we did the same, still pushing and shoving along the way. We pushed past cloth rails, a few more people behind us getting zapped and the dust of them covering us but right now I certainly didn't care that I had dead people all over me, I just wanted to live.

A car came sliding through the window on its side making me jump as we exited the store and back into a street leading off of the main one, a side road if you will. Huffing and puffing we still carried on. Me and Ray looked behind us just in time so see a few houses getting completely demolished, a fire ball and pieces of the homes exploding and covering where we just were prior meaning that this thing was close. By now I had the worst stitch of my life but I wasn't going to stop in fact I ran faster, I needed to. As I looked behind me again I noticed a tree had caught fire, this really was the end of the world wasn't it? I was going to die along with everyone else and that would be it. Gone forever.

As Ray observed behind us, stopping for a few seconds he grabbed a hold of my sleeve dragging me behind a house to catch our breaths. I couldn't see it since Ray was blocking my view but I could certainly well hear it, the legs of this robot working and crushing the ground that it walked on. It seemed to be silent for now but this made it all the more terrifying and intense. When would it strike again?

The huffing and puffing of someone caught my interest. My eyes followed one man carrying his small daughter as he ran to save both their lives as her legs were too little to do anything. But this certainly reminded me, Ray had kids didn't he? Didn't he need to get back to them? Ray must have thought the same thing as he started to walk again towards his house in hope that his children weren't hurt or dead. I was secretly hoping the same thing. Even though this had hardly started I knew that this was sure to be the biggest adventure of my life and most of all, it was the whole world's. We were all in a big fight for survival. Little did we know, we had a long way to go; this was only just the beginning.