Chapter 8 - Got myself in a bit more trouble

I woke up to the sound of scratching noises. It sounded like rats scratching to get out. As I came to more, the more the sound got louder. I felt something trickle down onto my nose making me twitch it. I opened an eye to see what was going on. A bright light consumed the whole space making me alert, that wasn't there before. I opened my arms alarmed to see blades digging through our tunnel and quickly getting to us.

I turned to Robbie, who was asleep beside me. I began shaking him violently. "Robbie! Get up Robbie! Come on!".

He woke up startled, looking up to me to see what was going on. I pointed and he looked in that direction. His eyes went wide, "Shit". He scrambled to get up dragging me up with him. We ran to all the others shaking them awake, then making it to the back of the tunnel.

The blades were getting closer and closer to us eventually going to scramble into pieces unless we get a move on. I tried backing myself up as small as I could to the back of tunnel, but I realised that wasn't enough. We needed to get around it or further away, seeing as getting around it wasn't an option I went for the latter one. I began digging with my hands as rapidly as I could, sweat dripping down my face with nervousness. I didn't like being on the edge of death. "What are you doing?", Robbie asked.

I panted, carrying on and not daring to look at him since I wanted to keep in focus and one moment out of it could cost me my life. "Since you're not doing anything, I'm getting further away from that thing. I'm not ready to die Robbie".

"Good idea", I heard from the side of me. He spoke up a little addressing the others and telling them about our plan, "Guys we need to get away from this machine. We can't go around it so I say we dig!". And we did, the boys kicked it with their feet caving it in a little. The tripod blades were still behind us, still catching up with us no matter how much we tried to dig away from it.

The dirt getting too much from my fingernails, they started to bleed. But I didn't care, a little blood was worth saving my life. Nevertheless the thing eventually caught up with us. Robbie and I cowered hugging each other, pushing ourselves up against the dirt wall. I guess the others were doing the same but I don't know, I couldn't see. In all honestly I didn't care or bother to look around to see what the others were doing, I was too scared and frightened.

The claw came down and closer to us, I gripped onto Robbie's arms not caring if I was hurting him. I closed my eyes tight thinking we really were done for, he hugged me closer against his chest. He put his chin on my head whispering frantically, "Please God, please. Let us live".

No matter how much time I waited tensed it didn't seem to be doing anything. Well that was until I heard the scream and cry of one of the couples. I now dug my nails into Robbie, I felt him tense against me. I peaked my eye open to see them being dragged away by the claw. I tightened my eyes as I closed my eyes once again, we really were done for. I felt my breathing getting heavier as I waited and waited for the claw to come grab Robbie and I.

I heard a yell and a cry of, "Please, no! Please!". By the time the manly voice went out of hearing range I could tell he was sobbing as he got taken. It made me sad as I knew him and his friends were definitely going die, I still didn't know my fortune just yet.

I waited and waited but nothing else happened, not even a slight scuffle. I was thinking about opening my eyes to see what was happening when a hand touched my cheek. "It's okay Al, you can open your eyes. It's gone", I heard Robbie say from right in front of me.

I opened my eyes fully looking around for any sign of the machine but nothing. "Wh-what happened? Where'd it go?", I asked looking around frantically.

"I don't know". He grabbed my hand, "But I say we get outta here before it comes back". He turned his head, when he did that I saw the other couple come into view. Whew, at least they hadn't been taken and they had a chance of surviving just like we had. I felt bad for the others who were with us right now. Imagine how they must feel at this moment in time. "What'd you say?", he said to the others. They look petrified, pale and covered in dirt still clinging to each other. They couldn't utter anything so they just nodded.

With a final nod Robbie ran and led the way still holding my hand. I looked back to see the others following closely behind us. We ran across the field destruction all around us and still happening, not a clue in the world where we were going. I spotted a house in the distance, the only one for what looked like miles that wasn't in ruins. "Robbie look!", I pointed.

He panted, even running I could see his chest heaving in and out. He took a second to get out of his concentrating and determined face to look in the direction I was pointing. "Let's head over there", he said. He didn't bother telling the others since they'd follow us where ever we were going to go anyway, they didn't have anywhere else to run.

Half way across I just wanted to collapse and die, my lungs hurt and I had a stitch in my side. "Can we stop for a second?", I said through pants.

"No", he said simply panting heavily himself. "We have to carry on otherwise we risk getting killed. You can have your rest when we get there". He was quite a determined young boy. I heard the sound of the machine legs getting louder meaning it was close. "Shit", he turned his head to me knowing what this meant. "Look Ally, I know you feel like you're dying right now but you're going to need to run faster so we can get away".

I didn't even get time to answer as something grabbed me round my middle, covering the whole of it dragging me upward. The moment my hand slipped from Robbie's was the moment I knew I was screwed. I screamed. Robbie's eyes widened as he stopped to take a look at what was going on. "ALLY!", he screamed. He did the only thing he could think of and jumped, grabbing a hold of my foot as I continued getting pulled upward. He looked at the other couple who were just stood there awestruck, unsure of what to do now that me and Robbie were in a pickle. "Go to the house in the distance", Robbie instructed. "Go there and stay safe. We'll come join you soon!". With a nod the boy grabbed his girlfriend's hand and they ran for where we were all headed for in the first place.

I continued screaming as the claw dragged me upward towards this cage under it where it was holding a load of other people. Robbie was still clinging onto my leg determined to not let go. I trusted him to save me from this mess that I got myself into, I just didn't know how he was going to do it. I didn't want to be the damsel in distress, in fact, I hated it. I always moaned about these girls in movies who didn't do anything to get themselves out of the sticky situation they got themselves into and waited for a hero, now that's exactly what I was doing. I couldn't help it though, it's not like you can do much when a machine a billion times larger and stronger than you has a hold of you.

When it was about to drop me into the cage Robbie let go, landing right on top of the cage with skills and the thing opened up a hole to drop me in. Some very nice people caught me before I did damage to myself on the steel of the cage. I smiled kindly at them and said my thank-yous. I looked around frantically panicking trying to find Robbie on top of the cage. The thing didn't get him did it? Of course not, I smiled. He was there all along waiting for me to notice him and shouting my name to try to get that attention to him to come quicker. I couldn't hear him through the panicking yelling and screams from the people around me that I was crammed in with. I made my way through the crowd pushing and shoving seeming as there was no other way.

As soon as near him he put his hand through the bars trying to grab onto me. I didn't know what he was planning to do. Maybe fit me through the bars? There was no way that was going to work, he could barely fit his hand through as it was. I maybe thin but I definitely wasn't that skinny. Never the less, seeing it as my only hope, I jumped trying to grab a hold of his hand. Every time our hands would connect I'd fall again. He kept trying to outstretch his arm and grab my hand but it was no use. "Ally, come on!".

"I'm trying", I cried jumping once again. It was then I gave up and look up at him. "It's no use, I can't do it. You're just going to have to go on and find your family without me", somewhere between my talking tears escaped my eyes. I didn't want to die but if he accepted my invitation and went on, I was as good as dead.

"No". He shook his head violently with a look of determination on his face. "No friend of mine is giving up on me, I won't allow it".

I continued looking up at him. "There's no way of getting out, I'm stuck", at that my eyes began to get glassy and blur. I refused for the tears to fall again.

"That's quitters talk", he yelled down at me trying to make me feel motivated some how. "I'll think of a way to get you out, I promise". He looked over at the opening to the cage as it opened dropping another person inside. As he watched I could almost see the gear working in his head as he thought. His eyes brightened up and he widened his eyes, "I've got it!".

I felt my heart skip a beat as I realised I had some possible hope to getting out of here. "What?", I asked questioning his antics.

He looked down at me smiling, "You're getting out the way you came in". I looked at him confused but he ignored my look. "Go over to the entrance", he instructed me. I nodded once, following his orders. I scrambled over to the hole just as he told me to do.

He'd crawled over too. I looked up at him with my hands on my hips wondering what his plan was. "Now what?", I yelled up at him over the noise.

"Okay. We only have one shot at this. You either grab my hand straight away or I risk getting my arm cut off by the shutter". I grimaced imagining the last thing happening with blood everywhere. "When the next person gets dropped in and the hole opens, jump as if your life depends on it and I'll pull you through". I nodded. Just as he'd finished and looked behind him to see the claw with another person coming our way. He looked back at me, "Here we go. Concentrate Ally".

I crouched a little ready to jump when I needed to. The hole opened and Robbie put his hand through. Here we go, I thought. Having hope I put all my energy into launching myself to catch his hand. My eyes widened in surprise when my hand gripped onto his. I wanted to scream, "I DID IT", but I didn't dare seeing as this was my only chance for freedom. It was quite literally a life or death situation.

With all his strength he gripped my arm with both hands and pulled me up and into his arms, just in time for the hole to shut. I hugged, clinging onto him in relief. He forcefully kissed my hair pulling me into an even tighter embrace. "We did it", I heard him say as he rest his cheek against the top of my head. I could almost hear the smile in his voice.

Violent taps on my shoe pulled me out of my thoughts. I looked down to see red-faced people trying to grab onto my shoe jumping continuous like I had been doing earlier in an attempt to escape. People would do anything to escape in these situations, even if they knew it would really get them no where. They did it because they were frightened. "What about them?", I asked Robbie looking up and into his eyes.

"You're right", he sighed. "I know". He let go of me and crawled back over to the hole. "You", he pointed to a strong-looking man getting his attention. "Did you see how I helped her?", he asked now pointed at me. The man nodded frantically. "I want you to do the same thing she did alright?". Again he nodded. It was a similar affair to what Robbie had done for me but eventually he got the man out. "I want you and some others to help the people in there okay? Do exactly what I did for you and her", he told the man. "After tell them, to get off, to do exactly what me and her are about to do". All of a sudden he grabbed my hand pulling me up and ran. "We're gonna jump onto the arm", he told me. And we did, we jumped getting on. As the machine's arm went down for another person we whizzed down with it. As it was almost on the ground we jumped. Unfortunately I landed wrong and squealed in pain as I heard my right leg bone crack. Robbie, instantly knowing what had happened from the wrong angle my leg was sticking out at, picking me up and put me over his shoulder running. Why was I always getting myself into so much trouble? Robbie was my hero every time.

As we ran I looked up at the machine smiling, thinking about how many people Robbie had possibly just saved by helping that one man out. I saw many people jumping off the machine's arm just like me and Robbie had done, fortunately not having a nasty fall like I'd done. Maybe I just had really bad luck?

"Where are we going?", I asked Robbie since he was still running as I bobbed up and down on his shoulder.

"There's a row of houses in the distance that aren't destroyed", he told me as he panted. "Seeing as we're a few miles from where we were going to go I say our best bet is to go to this place". I nodded silently even though I knew he couldn't see me or feel my movement.

That poor couple that Robbie made go to the place we were going to, they probably thought we were dead. We definitely weren't going to see them again to tell them we weren't.

Eventually I heard yelling voices from behind me, in front of Robbie telling somebody to come over. "What's going on?", I asked Robbie not being able to see myself.

"There's people begging us to come stay in their basement for safety, there seems to be a lot of people there. What do you think we should do?". I had never realised how relaxing and incredibly sexy Robbie's voice was until that exact second he began talking. I could feel my heart fastening up. It was official; I had a crush on Robbie Ferrier.