Interview with The Undead Cyberhuman, Bombslide!

Announcer: "Please Welcome, at a height of 9'4", weighing at 476 Lbs, The Undead Cyberhuman, Bombslide!"

Bombslide: "ah, it's great to be back!"

Bryan: "Well, i have a couple of Questions for you."

Bombslide: "Lay it on me!"

Bryan: "So, Can u tell us how u became a undead cyberhuman."

Bombslide: "well, i know you want to know, but the story would be confusing, so, no comment."

Bryan: "Okay... so, don't u have any rivals? any enemies?"

Bombslide: "well, a little confusing, but i have rivals from space, and enemies from this planet."

Bryan: "Really? Can u tell us how many?"

Bombslide: "Too Many to say in this interview."

Bryan: "So, don't u have anything to do after this?"

Bombslide: "Well, I was going to have a huge party at my 50 story mansion, but, yeah."

Bryan: "Bombslide, not to be contridicting you, but have you met the popcorn fairy?"

Bombslide: "i really haven't that guy/girl, it's in a relationship, right?"

Bryan: "Well, it's a 17 yr old girl, and yes, she's in a relationship."

Bombslide: "well, i'm not going to ruin it, i not scoffed by that, i just don't wan't ro ruin it, literally."

Bryan: "well, would u mind telling me what's going to be at that party?"

Bombslide: "Wow, uh..., good question, i really, have invited 900 guests, so, it's fine."

Bryan: "900? how did you get that much guests?"

Bombslide: "Too Complicated to answer."

Bryan: "well, it's okay. but where is that house?'

Bombslide: "Location: Too confusing to answer."

Bryan: "well, looks we ran out of time, i'll see you in the next part of the interview."

Bombslide: "Better hope we get reviews!"