A/N: I've been researching all friggin morning to get info for this story, and finally my sadistic side has been appeased. Basically what happens is Blaine gets sent to a horrible straight camp. This is one of my darkest stories yet. It's rated M for physical/sexual abuse. Trigger warning throughout! Klaine are already together when this takes place.

Straight Camp

Chapter 1

Blaine walked into the house, smiling as he gazed at the new picture on his screen. It was a picture of he and Kurt, kissing proudly.

"BLAINE ANDERSON! GET YOUR ASS IN THE KITCHEN RIGHT NOW!" Blaine cringed at his dad's voice.

"Yes?" he asked, tentatively stepping inside and paling when he saw the condoms and lube sitting out on the table.


"N-no, dad, it's not what you think-"



"I'VE HAD ENOUGH, BLAINE! Your mother and I have decided to send you to a camp called Path of Restoration," his father frowned sternly at him.

"What the hell? You're sending me to straight camp?"

"I've tried to be nice, Blaine, really I have, but I can't allow a faggot to live in this house. Now go pack. You're leaving tonight."

"But that's not-"

"NOW!" his father screamed angrily.

He flinched, and hurried up the stairs, tears falling from his eyes.

He fell onto his bed and began texting Kurt.

B: Kurt! Please text me!

K: What's wrong, baby?

B: My parents are sending me to straight camp!

K: OH MY GOD! Blaine they can't!

B: They are! I don't wanna leave you!

K: Shh it's okay baby. Can you call me?

B: No, dad's just downstairs and he's really pissed off at me.

K: Okay baby. I won't let him take you away from me. I promise. I'm coming over there right now.

B: NO! DON'T HE'LL HURT YOU KURT! Just...just let me go. I'll be fine. I don't want anything happening to you.

K: Blaine, are you sure?

B: Yes. Stay safe baby. I love you and I'll try to find some way to keep in touch with you.

K: Love you too Blaine! Please let me know if anyone at that place hurts you! I'll be there right away if that happens!

Blaine couldn't respond because, at that moment, his father entered. "Not packed yet? Too bad. We're going now," he snarled, grabbing Blaine's wrist and dragging him down the stairs. "Hurry up! Your mother's waiting!"


Blaine was shoved roughly out of the car by his father.

"You're not coming back home until the gay's been knocked out of you," he snarled, before climbing back in the car and driving off.

Blaine shivered, and felt his phone buzz in his pocket. He didn't dare answer it though, because, at that moment, he saw a man walking up to him.

"You must be Blaine," he smiled sadistically and Blaine shuddered. "I'm Jeremiah, your camp counselor.

Blaine nodded, biting his lip as the man grinned down menacingly at him.

"You're a pretty one," Jeremiah whispered with a smile of pleasure.

Blaine whimpered, as the older, stronger man grabbed him by his shoulders and snarled in his ear. "We're going to have so much fun with you."

A/N: Aww poor Blainers! So what do you guys think?