Author's note: I've been reading GB fan fiction for a while now, I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring.
I do NOT own GB or any of their characters.
I simply own Kitty and Angie Reed.

Kitty Reed grunted from the hallway, carrying the heavy box down the hallway to her new apartment. Even for her frame, she still struggled with the cardboard box labeled 'Angie's books'. The twenty one year old grunted, resting for a moment to push a piece of dark brown hair behind her ear. Finally she got to the doorframe, dropping the box with a heavy thud, causing her older sister's head to spin around from the living room.

"That's it… You're getting your own damn books." Kitty gasped, leaning against the doorframe for support. Angie just shook her head and got back to unpacking. Angie grabbed some picture frames from a box with the words 'Keepsakes – fragile!' written on the side in black marker, and put them on the mantle.

The small New York apartment had a kitchen and living room, separated by only a bar in between, two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. It was on the wrong side of town and about two and a half train rides away from both of their places of work, but it was home for now.

Kitty stepped over the heavy-ass box, leaving it in the hallway, as she walked towards her sister, resting her head on Angie's shoulder. "Can't we do this tomorrow?"

"Sorry, if you want to sleep here tonight we'll have to unpack." Angie explained, putting the old picture frame on the mantle, the two young girls in the picture smiling wide. "I don't know about you, but I don't want to sleep in that motel for one more night."

Kitty walked to the only piece of furniture in the room, the couch, and flopped onto it. "But my feet hurt and it's getting late. Plus we've still got all your books in the van."

"Don't worry about them, I'll get that. Switch me; I don't know where you want all this crap." Angie said, picking up the now empty box, and throwing it to the empty kitchen. Kitty sighed; standing up from the most comfy place she had been all day.

"I don't know where I want this either."

"This is why we should have packed mom; she would know where all this shit goes." Angie called as she walked towards the hallway, about to pick up the box of 'Angie's books' when she was stopped by a short frame in the hallway.

He just stood there, his glasses pushed far up on his nose, his hair parted to the side held in place by ludicrous amounts of hair gel, he messed with his tie that was peeking out behind a sweater vest. He started to sweat before he finally said "hi."

Angie looked up at him "Hi!" she said, standing up. She was easily a foot taller than this man.

"My name is Louis, I noticed you just moved to the building—"

"Yes we did."

"Oh that's cool, I moved in here a couple years ago. Finally left my mom's old place, ya know? I was hoping that we could get equated, us being neighbors and all; we've got to stick together. You know, you've got pretty eyes. Not to make that sound creepy or anything, I'm not, you could ask anyone. So what do you do for a living? I'm an accountant. Do you do your own taxes, 'cause you know you shouldn't—"

"Thank you, Louis." Angie tried to interrupt, finding it hard when he spoke a mile a minute. "But I've really got to get some of these boxes, if you'll excuse me—"

"Oh I could help. I use to lift when I was in college, and it'll help you go faster, plus we could keep each other company—"

"OKAY!" Angie had to practically scream, "You may help."

Louis beamed.

"Thanks, it's not every day that you meet new neighbors, and I really wanted to make you guys feel like you weren't alone. You guys can come to me with anything—"

Louis continued to talk as he walked down the hallway, Angie stepped over the box in the doorway before looking to Kitty, her eyebrows rose as her bottom lip stuck out.

Kitty simply smiled, loving the universe for the way things had worked out in her favor as she put away cups from a box labeled 'Kitchen crap'.


Louis had helped them all day. Well, maybe not helped out in the normal sense. He helped by opening doors for them and keeping them busy with his talking. He talked about everything; even his upcoming dentist appointment.

How they were able to get all the boxes in that apartment and then return the van was beyond them. After about an hour of talking, Louis decided it was getting late and headed home. It was 11:38 at night.

Angie was crouched behind the TV set, trying to set it up. Her brown hair pulled into a high pony tail behind her head as she changed fittings and switched cables to the box.

Kitty had called in for Chinese food earlier; she retrieved the bags from the young, pimple-faced man as she paid him and closed the door with the back of her foot.

"Okay, quit tinkering and eat." Kitty ordered, sitting the bags down on the floor in the living room.

"I've almost… got it!" Angie exclaimed as she pushed the button on the set, causing it to first flicker, before the Fonz popped up on screen, in his signature leather jacket and perfectly styled hair.

"Hey!" The two girls rang out, followed by Fonz's 'Aye!'

Angie climbed out from behind the TV and sat next to her sister on the floor as she grabbed her take-out box. Kitty tore her chop sticks apart and started eating her Lo Mein as Happy Days went to commercial.

"How 'bout that Louis guy, eh?" Kitty teased, talking with noodles in her mouth.

Angie hung her head, "Can we forget about that please?"

"I don't know Ang, I think little Louis has got a crush on you."

Angie just shoved shrimp fried rice down her gullet, hoping to put an end to that conversation. Kitty smirked before turning back to the TV; some commercial for soap.

Kitty leaned her shoulders back, hoping to hear a pop coming from them. Nothing.

"Damn," Kitty exclaimed, "I gotta loosen up before work tomorrow."

"What time are you working to?" Angie asked, covering her mouth so she could keep chewing.

"I'm working until five tomorrow." Kitty sighed.

The commercial had changed to three guys, all in grey jumpsuits, standing in front of the camera. The one in the middle took a step forward as he held some antenna thing.

"Are troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?" He said as he stepped back in line.

The one to his left took a step forward and in a deeper, more nasally voice said "do you experience feels of dread in your attic or basement?" and quickly stepped back in line.

Then the one to the far right shuffled forward, "Have you or any of your family seen a spook, specter or ghost?" and stepped back, seeming annoyed with the entire idea.

"If the answer is yes then don't wait another minute, pick up your phone and call the professionals," they all climbed together of the last part. "Ghostbusters."

Angie stiffed a laugh as she looked to Kitty, who honestly couldn't believe what she was watching.

"Our kind and courteous and efficient staff are on call 24 hours to serve all of your supernatural ellimation needs."

They all three popped up on screen again as they said in unison "We're ready to believe you," As they pointed at the screen.

The TV went back to Happy Days as the two sisters stared in a daze, both in shock from what they had just seen. Kitty didn't know wither laugh because it was funny, or cry because they were serious.

"That was the single greatest thing I've ever seen." Angie broke the silence. Kitty snapped her head towards her sister, who sat with a goofy grin on her face.

"Were we watching the same commercial?" Kitty asked, earning a dirty look from Angie. "They're quacks!"

Angie crossed her arms as Kitty continued to watch Happy Days, picking up some Lo Mein.

"You do have to admit, it was funny." Angie said, still not looking her sister in the eye. Kitty hung her head slightly, sighing as she admitted,

"Yes, it was funny."


Kitty stirred, tossing and turning on her inflatable mattress. Her back hurt from the pressure on her body, 'mind as well be sleeping on the floor' she thought as she pulled the sheet up to chin.

Her mind wouldn't let her sleep, as hard as she tried. She knew she had to sleep, she knew she had work in the morning, but she couldn't bring herself to fall asleep.

Kitty's eye lids started to get heavy, her breathing started to slow, and finally she was relaxed enough for her to fall asleep. She stirred slightly, keeping the sheet pulled close to her body.

Suddenly, the sheet started being pulled away from her, sliding down her figure exposing her loose fit t-shirt. Paying no mind, she grabbed the sheet and pulled it back to her chin.

The sheet started to move away again, this time sliding passed her thigh towards her knee. Groggy, she shot up straight in bed and grabbed the sheet pulling it to her jaw line.

The sheets were yanked away from her body, bouncing off the other wall. Kitty sat up, wide awake as she looked around, trying her best to see. Someone had to be there, this wasn't just her mind playing tricks on her, it couldn't be.

'This can't be happening.' She thought, 'I'm just really tired.'

Her eyes scoped the entire room, searching from corner to corner, waiting for any movement. Nothing.

"Okay." She said out loud. "You're just freaking yourself out. It was eating Chinese food too late at night and you're having a massive panic attack, nothing major."

She crawled over to the side of the bed, pulling a quilt over her body as she closed her eyes, "It's nothing. You're just really tired."

The feeling wouldn't leave her, the feeling of being watched. She knew she was alone, the sound of Angie's snoring from down the hall made that perfectly clear.

Even though she knew she was alone and nothing could get her, she touched her forehead, her belly button, her right then left shoulder and recited the Lord's Prayer.

Just to be safe.

And there you go, my first fan fiction. The boys should show up in the next couple chapters.
I hope you like it.