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Kitty stared down the Ghostbusters with a lethargic look in her crimson eyes as she raised an eyebrow. Out of all of the warriors on this plane, this is who has been chosen? Her once straight hair had been pulled back into a high pony tail, showing off her tired features as she glared at the four of them in the most condescending way. Covering her sickly pale body was an almost transparent mesh, covering most her while leaving nothing to the imagination. Kitty strutted to the center of the stair case, her neck craning like an animal as the sized up her mortal, earthly opponents.

"Kitty?" Peter asked, questioning his own hearing as he could have sworn Ray just uttered the name of their former client; the nice lady with the evil sister, the ones that hadn't paid yet. Ray stared at Kitty, questioning his sanity as they watched her strut across the platform.

Egon shook his head, "It's not Kitty." He said, watching as the young twenty-something petted the other terror dog. "It's Gozer."
"I thought Gozer was supposed to be a man." Winston said, reluctantly walking closer to the Babylonian – Sumerian god. "It's whatever it wants to be," Egon stated, in awe himself as his took a step closer to the temple. "And right now, it wants to be Kitty." They all took baby steps closer to the temple, hesitant to get too close in case of an ambush or if the terror dogs decided to attack, defending their master.
"Well, whoever it is, it's gotta get through us." Peter shouted as more of a warning to the sub-creature before them.
"Right." Ray nodded.
"Go get her, Ray!"

Ray froze. Silently he wondered if Peter had really just said that, or maybe he was simply getting on in years. Turning his attention to the loud mouth, Peter stood there with a smirk on his face, nodding his friend to his certain doom. He didn't want to go, not wanting to face the wrath of Kitty once more after the hellish night she'd put them through earlier in the week. However, he wasn't going to let Gozer, Kitty – who ever take over this plane of existence.

Slowly, hesitantly, Ray walked up the staircase, silently singing the song as he put one foot in front of the other. Swallowing deeply, he looked to draw the attention of the Sumerian God that was currently ignoring both him and the Ghostbusters presence.

"Gozar the Gozarian!" Ray shouted, earning the attention of the young woman as she pulled away from her loving demi-gods. "Good evening! As a duly designated representative of the state, county, and city of New York, I order you to cease any and all supernatural activity, return the body of Katherine Reed of 55 Central Park West to her natural state and return forthwith to your place of origin or nearest parallel dimension!"

"That oughta do it. Thanks very much, Ray." Peter uttered sarcastically, spinning on the ball of his foot as if they were done.

"Are you a God?" Kitty growled, her paranormal voice matching the bizarre grovel that she had voiced while possessed. The question took Ray by surprise, what kind of question is that? Better yet, what's the right answer for that? Reluctantly, Ray turned around the face Peter, seeking some type of help but finding none as Peter simply nodded his head. 'Thanks Pete,' Ray thought, 'you're a big help.'

It was now or never.
"No." Ray answered truthfully, hoping that he'd get brownie points for honesty. Honesty apparently didn't translate well into Gozarian, as Kitty's delicate features twisted in disgust.

"Then - DIE!"

Harnessing the power of the Temple, Gozer threw her arms out in front of her as lightning shot from her fingertips, attacking the boys. With a supernatural effect, the power of Gozer pushed the boys across the rooftop.

The boys grabbed onto anything they could, statues of different sizes, the stone blocks on the floor, before ultimately grabbing on the edge of the building, holding on for dear life. Ray wrapped both of his hands around the edge of the building, his legs flailing around over the busy New York street below as he heard concerned shrieks from the accumulating crowd below.

The boys gathered around Ray, using him as an anchor to stop themselves from going off the edge of the building. They all held on to each other, except for Winston, who was dealing with other problems. Her immense power sent Winston toppling end over end through her night sky. Reaching his long limbs out, he caught hold of a stone column from the original temple design and held on for dear life, pure adrenaline running through his veins.

As quickly as the supernatural assault started, it quickly dissipated, Gozer thinking little of the boys in grey, as if a spark and a little wind would deter them. Climbing back to their feet, they groaned at their new injuries - adding to a long list of them over the lifetime of the Ghostbusters – as they stood on their own two feet. Egon and Peter both grabbed around Ray's wrists, heaving as they pulled him back onto the building and not hanging over Central Park West.

Ray shook in his boots, wanting to kiss the stone blocks of the floor as he was no longer hanging off the side of the building. Standing back on his own again, he leaned himself back a little bit farther than normal, popping his back with a satisfyingly crude pop. He sighed in relief, at least one less thing hurt his evening.

"Ray," Winston said, a hint of annoyance in his voice as he earned the Ghostbuster's attention, "When someone asks if you're a God, you say, 'YES'!" With a deep sigh, Ray nodded in agreement, noting that one in his memory bank for next time they'd have to go against a Sumerian deity. Peter rotated his shoulder cuff, earning a few grand ole' pops from the tight joints as he sighed "Alright. This chick is toast!"

The four of them marched up to the temple, stumbling slightly, with each one in their own right and their own mind pissed off. She watched, curiously, as they all marched up her staircase, ready to take her out.

"Got your stick?" Peter called out.
"Holding!" The boys chanted back, unhooking the proton wand in unison.
"Heat 'em up!" Peter shouted over the sound of the proton packs charging.
"Make 'em hard!"
"Ready!" They all shouted with a look of sheer determination in their eyes. Gozer looked on, more curious than afraid as she craned her head at the mere mortals and their false hope.

"Let's show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown." Peter remarked with a sly smirk on his face. Gozer crouched down, hitting all fours as she rocked her body back and forth, prepping herself for a leap. A hiss exited her lips as the boys released the charged proton stream, reluctant to hit their former client as the orange beams headed straight for her.

They didn't even faze her as Gozer leapt through the air, performing a fantastic areal acrobatic move you'd only ever see after the elephants in the three ring circus. The boys stopped the stream and watched in awe as she landed on the stone alter, in heels nonetheless.

"Nimble little minx, isn't she?" Peter remarked, composing himself after 'Plan A: Intimidation' didn't work. The boys stumbled with their equipment as they ramped up the power to full stream. This time, she wasn't getting away.

"Throw it!" Peter shouted, unleashing full power on the pagan god. The boys followed suit, relentlessly blasting the concentrated particle beam at Kitty's body, hoping she could take the energy. Gozer seemed to take it head on, relishing in it, enjoying it. Without a warning and almost without cause, Kitty's eyes rolled back into her head, revealing the whites of her eyes, before collapsing on the floor immense all of the streams.

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Peter said, signally the guys to shut off the streams. One by one each of the orange particle beams shut off, disappearing in the night's sky only to be New Jerseys problem come the morning light.

The boys all ran up to the altar, tentative to help her immediately, fearing nothing more than a trap from Gozer. They all watched intently, noting every noise and every movement, marking it if it was anything less than human. Kitty's eyes fluttered open as she groaned, her eyes returning to a light hazel color with whites around her pupil.

Collectively, the boys gave a sigh of relief before helping her at once. Kitty sat up on her own, groaning as all of her muscles hurt all at once as if she had ran a marathon and lifted in the World's Strongest Man contest. She hissed from the pain, gently grabbing at her joints which felt like shit as the boys helped her from atop the altar. "Are you okay? Peter asked. Kitty nodded, sighing with relief.

Even thought every muscle in her body, even the ones she didn't know she had hurt, she finally felt a great deal of weight of her shoulders. How freeing the sensation, to feeling normal again. A huge grin spread across her face as she nodded. "Yeah, I'm okay."

Ray stood in shock, looking into space as it were as the idea just hit him, the sudden realization of what just happened settling on the night air. "We neutralized it!" He exclaimed, "You know what this means? A complete particle reversal!"
Winston laughed, wielding his proton wand in awe. "Hey, we have the tools, we have the talent!" Peter patted Ray on the back, drawing his mind for the scientific theories this research had presented. Peter had something much more humane in mind. "It's Miller time!" Peter said, raising his hand for a high-five. Ray shook his head, stopping himself from laughing as he high-fived Peter.

Kitty smiled, shaking her head at the juvenile scientists as they celebrated amongst themselves. "You guys have actually done this before, right?" She asked, watching as Peter got high-fives from everyone, except Egon, who was too busy looking at the PKE meter to receive a simple high-five.

Peter smirked at the young woman as he snorted. "Oh yeah, we do this kind stuff all dah time, right there, uh, Ray?" Peter said, imitating a typical New Yorker accent; adding his own spin on it as he stuck out his gut, giving the appearance of a pot belly.
Ray shook his head as he addressed the former possession. "Though we do catch ghosts, we rarely have to deal with Sumerian Gods trying to take over the world."
Kitty nodded, licking her chapped bottom lips before uttering the mumbled words. "Good… glad to hear it…"

"Ray?" Egon stated, bring all the attention on him and the evitable party to a halt. "This looks extraordinarily bad."

Ray questioned him, shaking his head vigorously before the building began to rumble from deep below in its belly. The building that Ivo Shandor had worked so hard in creating, building, perfecting was shaking, about to crumble to the city streets.

The immense shaking forced the Ghostbusters and Kitty all to fall, hitting the concrete blocks with such a force. From below the echoes of the crowd screaming filled the night air, pieces continued to fall from the building as crash below, even hitting a New York police car, causing the siren to go off for a moment before finally dying.

Kitty cowered, huddling under the large altar to shield herself from the falling debris as the boys tried to stay on their feet, only to be knocked down by the trembling building. "Look out!" Egon shouted over the sound of concrete gargoyles hit the stone tile below their feet, landing only a yard from where they were standing.

"Subcreatures!" The groveling voice came back, emanating from nowhere and everywhere all at once. At one point, Kitty pondered, if it was in her head too. "Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor, Volguus Zildrohar, the traveler, has come! Choose and perish."

"What do you mean 'choose'?" Ray shouted to the sky. "We don't understand!"
"Choose! Choose the form of the Destructor!" Gozer growled.
"Whoa! I get it, I get it!" Peter said, stepping out from line from the others. Peering towards the sky, he winked at what he hoped was just a satellite. "Whatever we think of – if we think of J. Edgar Hoover, J. Edgar Hoover is going to come down and destroy us, okay? So just empty your heads." Peter demanded, clearing his own mind of anything, cute, cuddly, homicidal – everything!

Kitty nodded, following Peter's instructions to a T. She knew that if anyone would screw this up, it'd be her. Something innocent would pop in her mind, like a jellybean or a bunny rabbit, or a bunny rabbit that shoots fire out its nose and jelly beans out its butt!
She really needed to get some sleep.

"The choice has been made! The traveler has come!"

Kitty's eyes widened. 'Oh shit.'

"Whoa whoa whoa! Nobody chose anything! Did you choose anything?" Peter asked, pointing his gloved finger at Egon who shook his head. "No!"
"Do you?" Peter asked again, this time pointing to Winston who raised his arms in surrender.
"My mind is totally blank!"
"I didn't choose anything!" Peter shouted, counting himself out. Gradually, it dawned on him, a fresh light bulb going off in Peter's mind as he didn't hear a response from Ray or Kitty, both over which were silent as the grave. All of them turn around to the two nearest the altar, watching intently as Ray cowered, looking anywhere but at the guys.

In a flash Peter had made his way over to Ray as he stared out into space, a dull blank expression on his face as he muttered "I couldn't help it." Ray said, troubled at his own realization. "It just popped in there!"
"What? What just 'popped' in there?"
"I – I tried to think –"
"Look!" Egon shouted, pointing over the high rise apartments for Manhattan.

Kitty turned her head, but whatever Egon had pointed at was gone, vanishing behind the skyscrapers. All but tripping over her slippers, which just occurred to her that they were pink with matted bunny ears flopping in the wind, she scrambled down the staircase beside the altar and sacrificial area. The farther she was from that thing, the better.

"No it can't be!"
"What is it?"
"What did you do, Ray?"
"Aww shit!"
Leaning over the concrete divider that separated her from being a chalk outline on the street below, Kitty peered over; trying to look passed the office and apartment buildings to catch a glimpse of the destructor. Something in her fired, suddenly not wanting to run from the end of the world, but to watch as it took its form.

Ray looked on in horror, hoping for all their sakes that what he'd thought of wasn't coming to destroy them. Pausing in fear, Ray looked on as the familiar fluffy white confection fiend rounded the corner, now in full form for all to see. Ray's heart dropped at the sight of the cheerful, albeit disturbing smile, sighing before uttering the words he regretted so.

"It's the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man."

The fluffy white goo-ball of paranormal activity stomped through the streets, crushing the minuscule car beneath its sugary limbs. Its eyes combed the roof tops of Manhattan, its hauntingly cheery smiles a constant as it started searching for something in particular. The taxi's below didn't stand a chance, the drivers being a little distracted by the 100 foot marshmallow man to watch where they were driving, running into other cars and leading to a twenty car pileup. The people ran, ducking into random convenient stores to hide from the confectionary giant as he tore through the town.

"Well there's something you don't see every day." Peter said apathetically, staring down at the monster he'd only known as a popular advertizing icon.
"I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Stay-Puft…"
"Nice thinking, Ray." Peter said sarcastically, keeping his eyes on the big pile of sugar goop making its way towards the Ivo Shandor building.

"We used to roast Stay-Puft marshmallows, by the fire at Camp Waconda!" Ray exclaimed, trying to defend himself. It was no use. The very thing he loved as a child, something that even as an adult he would have never thought would hurt him had come to destroy him, and ultimately the world. He was so out of it, so enamored with the marshmallow that was coming to kill them; he didn't notice Kitty until she was right next to him, comforting him with warm hand on the shoulder. 'At least it wasn't my bunny!' Kitty thought, silently thanking Ray for taking one for the team. If she had to bet which one would have been better to deal with, she'd say that the Stay-Puft man was much better than some radioactive Easter bunny.

"Ray has gone bye-bye, Egon. What have you got left?" Peter asked, still not peeling his eyes away from the giant as he got closer and closer. Egon solemnly shook his head, his mouth agape in pure shock. "Sorry, Venkman. I'm terrified beyond all rational thought." Kitty nodded her head, agreeing with the scientist as she stayed quiet.

The people below shrieked, running for their lives as the marshmallow man got closer, forcing the police to pull the barriers back. The local news team ignored this great advice as went forward, watching the viewfinder more than the actual scene before them.

The Stay-Puft man looked up at the Ivo Shandor building, and more importantly, the five people standing atop the tall building. His cartoon eyes zeroed in on the boys in grey as he unleashed a gut wrenching growl at them, the unearthly and bizarrely sweet smelling growl vibrating the glass pane windows in the floors below.

"Mother pus bucket." Peter muttered, being the only curse words he could figure out at this time as he continued to stare at the homicidal marshmallow man. Turning his sights upward, Mr. Stay-Puft wobbled his way closer to the building, his gigantic feet stepping up before crashing down onto the roof of an one hundred year old gothic cathedral.

"Nobody steps on a church in my town!"

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