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"Felix," Gloria said one day as they were eating lunch.

They were divorced but they were still really good friends. Eventually they would get back together but now was not that time.

"What's up," he asked dabbing his chin with his napkin.

"Are you alright," she asked, "You haven't been yourself lately."

"I haven't," he asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well you seem distracted lately and the past few months things seem to slip your mind."

Felix gasped.

"I am so sorry Gloria," he said, "I didn't even really that. My goodness what was I thinking-"

"That's what I want to know," Gloria said, "I'm not mad. I'm worried. I do love you Felix and I know that something's bothering you."

"It's not so much that something's... bothering me but I do have something on my mind."

"Go on," she said gently.

"," Felix said.

She looked at him confused.

"Could you try saying that about ten times slower and ten decibels louder," she asked trying not to laugh.

"I won a trip to Disney world for three and I want to take the kids," Felix said looking down.

Gently she lifted his chin.

"When is the trip," she asked him gently.

"It's during Spring Break," Felix said.

"Well Spring Break is a good time for them to go on a trip," she said smiling, "at least it's not during school time."

"Can I please take them," Felix begged, "I only get them on the weekends and I really miss them and I think it would be a great opportunity for them and it's educational as well as fun and-"

Gloria laughed and held up one hand.

"Seriously Felix you need to calm down. Breathe," she said, "Of course you can take them. But there are some conditions."

"Sure," he said, "Anything"

"First," she said, "You need to stay focused. I will admit I'm not perfect. However I love those children and if anything happened to them it would kill me."

"I SWEAR I will pay attention," Felix promised.

"Secondly do not obsess over every little thing. If it were up to you nobody would ever get messy or anything like that but that's not real. Let them enjoy the trip and not worry about every little thing."

"I swear," Felix said.

"Good. One more thing. Have fun."