And yet another story. I am really starting to get annoyed by the ideas for new stories. There are just too many ideas flocking in my head. I need to focus on my uncompleted stories and regulate these ideas before I crack from insanity. Heeheehee! I can do these all day, you know. For now, here's Chapter 1 of my newest story, Buneary's Love. The star shipping is LagomorphShipping, with PearlShipping mentioned every once in a while. LagomorphShipping is the romantic belief that Ash's Pikachu and Dawn's Buneary are in a relationship. Most of you probably know what PearlShipping is though. Well, let's get going.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon!

Important Information: This chapter is what I think happened before Ash and Brock parted ways with Dawn in Sinnoh to head back to Kanto. As such, this occurs the night before said event.

Speaking Patterns:

"Blah" = normal

"Blah" = Pokemon

"Blah" = thought

Chapter 1 – Night of Love

Pikachu was unable to sleep as his mind was filled with conflicting thoughts. On one hand, he was desperate to go back to Kanto with Ash to prepare for another league, as well as see all of Ash's Pokemon again. On the other hand, he didn't want to say goodbye to Buneary, his secret girlfriend. Dawn and Buneary had to leave in a couple of days for a photo shoot in Hearthome City, so they had to have one last night of passion before Ash left for Kanto. Pikachu decided to leave Ash's side and sneak out of the house to go to Lake Verity. He stared out at Lake Acuity and while he was doing that, Buneary came to the lake.

"Nice night, Pika.", Buneary said abruptly. Pikachu turned around, only to find out that it was his love.

"Oh, Bun. It's you.", Pikachu said coolly.

"Ready for some loving, Pika?", Buneary asked seductively. She then took off her vest before lying down on the grass with her small legs spread apart, revealing her vagina.

"Sure, Bun.", Pikachu answered before unsheathing his cock. Buneary decided to start by giving Pikachu a blowjob. Her tongue rotated around Pikachu's penis for lubrication. Pikachu was getting close.

"Buneary… I'm gonna-", Pikachu started to say before he cummed in Buneary. The model-to-be swallowed the treat and licked her lips.

"Delicious.", Buneary said seductively. Pikachu moved down to lick his girlfriend's vagina, which was starting to leak. As he was licking away, Buneary was getting close to her climax.

"Pikachu...", Buneary managed to say before she ejaculated all over Pikachu's face. After cleaning the cum off his face, he inserted his cock into Buneary's vagina.

"Pika, fuck me.", Buneary said seductively. Pikachu then thrusted into Buneary, pleasuring them.

"Buneary, I'm gonna cum…", Pikachu moaned before cumming in Buneary at the same time that she climaxed. They then fell to the floor.

"Pika…that was awesome.", Buneary said, exhausted from their night of passion.

"I needed one last night before I head back to Kanto.", Pikachu said. The secret couple then kissed one more time to close the journey.

That's the first chapter. Story ideas flocking my head. See you later.