It was a nice Saturday morning.

Takato and Guilmon had went to go visit his cousin Kai. Henry and Terriermon went to

"Hopefully no evil digimon try to desrtoy the world this time we go here," Terriermon said

(Note that Battle of Adventureres digimon movie)

Yet the real exciting stuff was happening back home

Rika and Renamon were currently battleling yet another evil digimon that was attacking their city.

This evil digimon was known as Copycatmon. A two head cheetah like creture with a cenataur like body

"You pathedic girls will never stop me!" one of Copycatmons heads said

"Or me," the other head said

Yet still, Copycatmon was just a champion level digimon. , Rika and Renamon didn't even have to biomerge to beat him.

"No!" Copycatmon said as he got attacked by Kyubimons fox tail inferno attack

"I'm...not finished...yet!" one head said

"Me...either!" the other said

"Swap Baster!" both heads cried

Just then Rika and Renamon got hit with a pair of pink energy beams

Copycatmon burst into data, defeated

A few short moments later the tamer and digimon recovered from their enemies attack

Only to discover a horrible suprise

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