"Apophis impact in T-minus one hundred."

"Roger ATLUS control this is 0570 check for green."

"0570 all systems green, ark launch protocol initiated.

Cryogenic preparations commencing. Initiate nanotrite injection."

"Check, cryogenic life support systems online. Subterranean launch injector ready, 97% nominal."

"All arks secure, initiate burial sequence."

"0570, check. Targets confirmed, diagnostic ONIC complete and ark personnel entering stases. This is 0570, signing off."

"Under stood 0570, go for burial. This is ATLUS control signing off. May we live to see another day."

A loud beeping sound was heard reverberating through the ark. It rumbled as it woke from its long slumber under ground as it broke surface. The sand settled and the booths inside the ark let out. Eight men and four women stepped out still dazed by the cryogenic stases. One named Oliver "Salvage" Pullen stepped out with the others. He turned around to look at his reflection in the glass of what has been his home for the past 107 years.

The group was briefed…well, briefly. What Salvage remembers is a man speaking of nanotrites that gave him unnatural healing abilities and merging his DNA with a pok'man or something. He had no idea in hell what that is or what it means. But thanks to the strangely clean glass, he now knows. He seemed to have two large gray fox ears on top of his head. He then examined himself further. On top of the ears he has a puffy tail and canine teeth toped off with fangs.

Everyone around him seemed to have the same appendages. A loud ding made everyone stop and turn his or her attention to the glowing monitor. An electronic woman's voice came over the speakers. She had them check their basic motor functions. After confirming that they could all nod, the nanotrites were activated. This made Sal very light headed for a moment. A voice came over the speakers, this one a mans, identified himself as the president. After giving a speech, the locks on the door disengaged and he wished us luck. The first one out was a military commander. He waved them out and they followed. They didn't get too far, only about 100 yards to a very rocky area.

Sal's enhanced hearing caught a rustling of dirt and he jumped behind a bolder. His companions weren't so lucky. Five heavily armored and heavily armed men jumped out and opened fire, killing all of them. Four of them started kicking the bodies to confirm their deaths. The other one made his way to Salvage. He appeared around the corner and aimed his gun at Sal. He closed his eyes and waited for the masked killer to take his life like the others. Seconds ticked by and nothing happened.

He opened his eyes to find the armored man in a pool of his on blood with a crossbow bolt through his throat. Standing over him was a man with red hair pointed backwards with sideburns down to his jaw. The man ad claws at the end of his hands that shined in the harsh sun. This man appeared to be an ark survivor.

"Come with me if you want to live," the man said.

"Yes terminator," Salvage joked shyly.

"Smart ass," the man mumbled.

The strange man motioned for his fellow ark to follow him, so he did. The man led Sal out from behind the bolder and to a heavily armored vehicle. Sal gaped at the four decapitated bodies of men who might have been his end. The man yelled for him to get in the passenger side seat and he did. Taking one last look at his fellow arks, he closed the door.

"Damn shame that I couldn't save your friends," the man said.

"Yah," Sal replied, voice still horse from a century of inactivity.

"My name is Nicolas Raine," he said sticking his hand out, "The men that attacked you were part of an organization called The Authority."

"My name is Oliver Pullen, but you can call me Salvage," He replied.

"Salvage?" Raine asked.

"I'm an engineer," He explained, "A master at making anything out of nothing."

"Good the resistance can use someone like you," Raine said.

"The resistance?" He said.

"The resistance is a movement that works to destroy the authority," Raine said.

"Good, the authority must pay for what they did today," Sal said, clenching his fist.

"I'm glad you think that," Raine said, "Sense they want you dead, weather you like it or not welcome to the resistance."