As they neared a strange scrap metal structure the vehicle slowed and came to a stop in the structure garage. Raine pulled the keys out of the slot and opened his door. Salvage followed suit and was lead out of the garage and into a strange town made out of assorted metal. Raine led him through an ally way then onto a dirt road. Along the way several people stopped what they were doing and stared at him. Salvage picked up a range of emotion from the townspeople; happiness, pride, interest, and…pity?

As they rounded the corner, Raine opened the door to a building and motioned for him to enter. They both sat down at a small table and Raine looked Sal in the eyes.

"I suppose I owe you an explanation," Raine said, "First off, this town is called wellsprings and this is the home the mayor gave to me. I first came here, ooh, eleven months ago. I was released from my ark shortly before. A while after arriving here, I mat up with some of the resistance. After rescuing their leader and doing some research, we left via zeppelin to subway town. I did some more work and we stumbled across some interesting information, the location of every ark ever created. With this information, we were able to release every ark in existence in order to fight the authority. All working arks were released, except one…yours. See, your ark was covered in a layer of feltrite. Feltrite is a mineral that came with the meteor. This mineral has several strange properties, many still unknown. This layer of feltrite scrambled the radio waves and delaying them for a time. So here I am, relaxing at home when the sheriff comes and informs me of strange activity just south of here."

"Ark 0570," Sal whispers.

"Correct," Raine nods, "Come with me, I've got something for you."

Rain led him out the door and a couple houses down. He stops and unlocks the door to one of the houses just after his. They walked inside and Sal gaped. Lining the wall were blueprints for machines Salvage never even dreamed of. Shelf after shelf filled with materials. So many that, out of a rather decent sized home, the bed had to be shoved in the corner.

"Amazing," Salvage said.

"I thought you'd like it after hearing what you said about you being a engineer," Raine said, "A lot of different houses were made for any ark survivors found in the area. In other words, welcome home my friend."