Hey and welcome to my Hunger Games story! This is not one of those interactive thingies, even though it got caught up in the purge. It's my own Hunger Games that I wanted to write. I guess admins were just deleting stuff left and right without really looking, which makes sense since they had so many stories (or in some cases, author's notes) to get rid of. Since I didn't break any rules and so many people seemed to like this story and want to know how it will end, I'm putting chapters back up.

Sorry, since this isn't interactive, there's no sponsor system. The characters in it were created by my friends and acquaintances. This chapter contains a list of those characters as a reference in case you want to check back on what district they're from or how old they are.

;) Enjoy!

Another year gone, just like that.

Already it was time for the 42nd annual Hunger Games.

President Snow could barely believe it—it seemed just yesterday the Capitol was putting down revolts from the twelve districts. Now, those pathetic fools had learned their place. Peace reigned over the land, and each year, the Hunger Games reminded them of the Capitol's power.

"Mr. President, I have the list of tributes that will be apart of this year's games."

President Snow, who had steadily been clipping away at a white rose in his private garden, turned to see the latest Head Gamemaker coming towards him. The young woman had a slip of paper in her hand, which she handed to the president.

"Looks like an interesting cast this year…" Snow said, skimming the list:

District 1 (Luxury)

M: Hip Hoprock (15)

F: Chanpagne "Channa" Bordeaux (17)

District 2 (Masonry)

M: Bridon Jakkels (18)

F: Sienna "Si" Roan (12)

District 3 (Technology)

M: Jack Newman (16)

F: Gadgette Langlee (13)

District 4 (Fishing)

M: Frederick Mariner (16)

F: Bassin Zense (15)

District 5 (Power)

M: Cole Louis Miller (16)

F: Cassia Teir (12)

District 6 (Transportation)

M: Mitchell "Mitch" Anthony (17)

F: Chat Darner (14)

District 7 (Lumber)

M: Tasi Merkava (16)

F: Calista Sirrom (17)

District 8 (Textiles)

M: Abbadon Sirus (18)

F: Ash Frustlock (15)

District 9 (Grain)

M: Drake Cell (15)

F: Carasadni "Cara" Antwip (16)

District 10 (Livestock)

M: Shem Dog (18)

F: Olivia Morgan (16)

District 11 (Agriculture)

M: Caden Amaranth (15)

F: Julia Stark (15)

District 12 (Mining)

M: Carson Anthony Rivera (16)

F: Ellis Cade (14)

"Did you watch the Reapings?" The Head Gamemaker asked, "Which tribute do you think looks the most promising…?"

"I can't say just yet." Snow responded, looking away from the list. "It all depends on the arena, of course. I trust you've taken care of the preparations…?"

The Gamemaker smiled darkly. "Oh yes. And if I must say so myself, it's one of my best designs yet! The audience is going to love the theme I've come up with, I'm sure."

"Oh, yes? Care to elaborate?" President Snow returned his gaze to the white rose, clipping it thoughtfully.

"Are you sure you don't want it to be a surprise?" The Gamemaker asked, frowning.

"I hate surprises."

"Very well." The Head Gamemaker seemed slightly disappointed, but jumped at the chance to describe her arena to her leader. Her excitement was clear as she launched into the latest setting of the Hunger Games.

"Well, you see…this year's Game is going to be filled with disasters…"