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Everyone knew that Doflamingo and Crocodile we two completely different people. When they were around the other Shichibukai and admirals they just acted like they hated each other. Even when they fought against each other they wished to kill the other. Although before the fighting begun and the meeting was dismissed and they headed out the door they truly acted like themselves.

Only a few nights before Crocodile's defeat did Doflamingo slipped into his underwater office unexpectedly. Croc could've, and would've, tried to make him leave since work had to be done to kill the princess but the bird had other handy ways of persuasion. So now Doflamingo softly pressed his lips against Crocodile's neck while moving his hands wherever he pleased. Whereas Croc barely tried to put any effort in with his partner's movements due to not wishing to have love this night.

"What's the matter Croco, are you not feeling it tonight or something"? Doflamingo questioned through kisses. Crocodile only sighed, "When I'm here you can't come over here to fill your love cravings. I can visit you whenever but you're never in the mood when I come over, like I am now if I might point out". Doflamingo turned over on the bed and sighed as well.

"Well if I'm not wanted here I'll just leave". He stated. As he was about to get up a hook pulled him back down onto the bed and he looked back at the man lying down before him. "I didn't ask for you to leave I was only saying how you should call me up before you come over next time". Crocodile said. "Now if you don't mind I'll expect you to finish up what you were starting". Croc felt better having that off his chest and having his love on his chest instead. After all he knew that this wasn't the last time that they'd meet up like this.

The next morning Robin watched as both men came out of the same room. She didn't say anything at all, but all she before she left was place the morning paper in Doflamingo's hand and coffee in Crocodile's. "What an odd assistant you have there". Doflamingo said while grinning. "Never mind her". Crocodile yawned. "Anyway I expect to see you tonight after I'm off work". His love only laughed, "Maybe you will or maybe you won't, but I will be available if that's what you're requesting". The pink man walked out of his office and left his love to wonder when and where they would meet next.

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