Title: gather all your tears, keep 'em in your pocket

Author: NinthFeather
Rating: PG

Characters: Feldt Grace
Summary: Feldt Grace comes into her inheritance.

WARNINGS: Angst and spoilers for Feldt's backstory, the end of the first season and the beginning of the second.
Disclaimer: Unless having a plushie replica of Exia counts, I do not own.
AN – This isn't a songfic, exactly, but the title is taken from The Band Perry's "If I Die Young," and that song was a large part of my inspiration for this fic, especially the line used in the title. Thanks to StormyMonday for beta-reading!


~gather all your tears, keep 'em in your pocket~

In stories, the orphaned heroine often carries around a photograph or constantly wears a locket because "it's all she has left of her parents."

All Feldt Grace had left of her parents was Celestial Being, so she wrapped it up in quiet promises and the last remnants of her heart and put it in her pocket.

An armed organization isn't like a locket or a photograph. It's a lot heavier and much trickier to hold onto. Taking care of it requires more than being careful not to bend it, or making sure to polish it every few years. Feldt learned all of these things as time passed, but still she held on to her one-and-only inheritance.

But she couldn't hold on to it forever, because there's one more thing that makes an armed organization different from lockets and photographs. Armed organizations are made up of people, and people change, and people leave.

Celestial Being was no exception. Some of the people changed quickly, others slowly, a few not at all. Some of the people left by accident, others on purpose. Some died, some gave up, some wandered away. Some came back. Some didn't.

Even Feldt changed. She changed from a quiet, shy, mousy girl to a strong, reliable young woman. She loved and lost. Her best friend died. But she remained. Not unchanged, but certainly unmoving. She stood by Celestial Being, without fail.

Not because it was all that she had left of her parents. The Celestial Being they had left her was gone, lost somewhere between the appearance of the Gundam Thrones and Lockon's death. What was left was a new Celestial Being, one that Feldt and her comrades had rebuilt from the fragments of the old with little more than determination. This Celestial Being wasn't her parents'. It was hers.

Feldt doesn't carry anything around in her pocket anymore. She has what she needs, in her mind and her heart; memories and ambitions, knowledge and emotion, and, above everything, the other things her parents left her, the ones she didn't even realize that she had until her first inheritance, Celestial Being, was falling to pieces around her.

Feldt Grace's parents gave her dedication and persistence and loyalty, so she carries them around in all of her actions for the whole world to see.