okay so onec there was this girl and she was like totally haot, mkay? and she wa like, really talla nd she had like triple d boobs and she had hair that was PURPLE AND BLUE. and her eyes were liek gold until she got really angry and then they were like black and red and stuff or when she was really happy and then tyhe were pruple and bleu lyke her hare BUT one was purple and one was blue and when she kissing a boy or having hot monkey smex they're like green. TOTES KOOL RAIT? she's liek the best OC EvER!


Hy, my name is Lina Hyena Dragon-Tamer SilverFox Puddle Butterly Kaguya. Im Kimimaros little sisetr but eh deosnt no that. we Were seperated wehn everyone in our family go tkillled by evil Kiri cibilians amd know he thikns im ded and stuff. i have or keki gnkai n stuff but i cant use it wel yet. i can just make my boobs bigger and do all the stuff Kimimaro can, but tahts not ladlyike to do so i dont.

i mis my brother but i found my way to konoa a few montehs ago and I met this totatlly awsome guy named sasuke and we like fell in love and he proposed. of course were only twelve so we have to wait to get married. i no wat ur thinking; but were ninja sho w eshudnt have to right? old enuff to kill old enuff to drink old enuff to hav sex, ryte? but were not old enuff to get marid so we hav ta weit.

my is turnd green yestrdy! it ws the first time bere, yo no? I dont no how it happened but it happened when sasuke kissed me! it felt really nice and then he took off my-






Agent Quartz's chest was heaving from exertion. What kind of exertion, you ask? Well, said exertion mainly consisted of his repeatedly stabbing a terrible story in the face (which, due to lack of plot and genuine character development, had a blank face akin to a noppera-bo) and screaming at his boss (the author, AKA- me) for several minutes in unhinged fury.

"Why? Why would you write something like this? Phoenix, are you going to answer me, my lady?" The sarcasm in his penultimate words was staggering.

"I'll thank you for killing it when you did. It was about to get into a lemon, and I've never even written a kissing scene before. I kind of want my first one to be special. By the way, are you sure you're alright? You're generally pretty stoic and apathetic to everythi—"

"THAT! That is a travesty of writing! Never write something like that again! I want it burned! You hear me? BURNED."

Phoenix (in other words, myself, the author) blinked at her subordinate and tilted her head. "Nah. I think I'll post it as a Troll-fic or Parody or something. I just have to wait for my account to become unblocked from the mess with the Kyuubi story, and it'll be good to go."

Quartz stared at her, blowing a gray hank of hair, the only gray hank among the brown, out of his face. "I hate you so much right now."

Phoenix smiled cheerily at him. "I know!"

She sauntered off to her computer. Quartz glanced down at the murdered story and stabbed it a few more times, trying to hit as many vital (and plenty of non-vital) areas as possible.

"Good," He murmured. "That should do it."