To many the definition of this word varies, some say it is forsaking the will of god, others call it the wilful desire to cause harm. While most would agree that to sin is to go against the dictates society lays down and setting your own standards. I've never been one to follow correct procedure, let's face it in the world that I Nolan Ross inhabit I am a social pariah. A billionaire well connected outcast but still beneath the notice of these parasites that migrate to the Hampton's each year. (unless they need a loan)

Nolan could admit watching them rip each other to shreds was one of his favourite activities. But not all the people he had met here were evil, some were truly unforgettable. There was Jack Porter a good man in a bad situation, Weighed down by responsibilities to his alcoholic father and his younger brother. He could be truly happy if only he could once place himself above another.

Then there was David Clarke, the best man he ever met. He had not judged but listened to the younger man, unlike so many before him. Nolan had no problem admitting that everything he had today was due to the faith put in him by David. It had been the hardest thing in the world to stand aside and watch his friend fall, but at the time he had been in no position to fight for his friend.

But now things were different he was rich, powerful and connected. Amanda now had a support buffer for when things got too complicated, if only she would accept his help. She was a broken little girl desperate to return to a time where her father was still with her. But that's the thing fairy tales are just that, make believe. Real life's harsh and cruel, people see an opening and push until something breaks.

That's why we never take the sensible route, as individuals we always want the bigger payoff. Why take the safe route when the path to destruction was so much more entertaining. The wreckage of Amanda Clarke would be spectacular but not celebrated, by me at least. That's why he kept Jack around, he would pick up the pieces once Emily/Amanda finally allowed herself to grieve.

Nolan smiled to himself, how did his life ever get so complicated? He was a billionaire genius with a revenge crazed sociopath to take care of but that wasn't his biggest problem, not by a long shot. No the award to his biggest stressor went to Maya Grayson wife of Patrick Grayson. She should have been his, but he all but forced her into the arms of another. While she like a chameleon morphed into something they both claimed to despise.

No the truly unmissable show would be put on by him. Nolan wasn't one to play fair and by the time he was done everything would be restored. Emily Thorne was not the only one capable of revenge. It was time Nolan Ross dished out some of his own.

Review and make a sad little girl very happy.