The eldest Grayson was feeling particularly maudlin, he couldn't help it being close to these people brought out the worst in him. Let's face it their wasn't a deviant personality trait that his darling step mother couldn't uncover and exploit in any person she came across. He had been dead set against coming to the Hampton's but Maya had insisted, literally forcing his hand for the first time in their marriage, he just didn't have the heart to say no after his multitude of sins.

After so many years he cared for his wife, but still wasn't in love with her. I mean realistically how long could a relationship based on lies last? Still it irked him to be sidelined by his own wife, she owed him everything. Moving a way keeping his family at arms length was all for her benefit. But did she appreciate it? No the little whore came running back here the first chance she got. Back to that pretentious upstart Nolan Ross. But he had faith in Victoria she had broken her twice before, maybe third time was a charm. He didn't want to go down that road again but would if necessary.

Granted the sole purpose of the marriage was financial control of the Kutner estate but he felt as if he was owed more. The pampered princess had everything, while he could barely buy a breakfast burrito without ok ing it with half a dozen people. He went from being the Grayson prince to being de throned by his baby brother. His mom had died and he'd lost his position without even realising it. These days Victoria was his only in.

Patrick was angry again it seemed like a recently that's the only thing that registered with him. The spate of recent character assassinations didn't bother him as much as his wife's reaction to them. She was gleeful, the most jubilant smile would grace her lips every time another blow was delivered to the evil illite. The quite and unassuming rose he was tasked with caring for was mutating. She was becoming something new, breathtaking but ultimately uncontainable.

Patrick Grayson watched on almost absently as his brother Daniel clocked his one time friend, the righteous indignation on his face was priceless. Defending his lady love and protecting the family honour, it made him sick. Baby bro wasn't so brave before the good doctor had come and talked Tyler down. But wasn't that just the Grayson way, hit a man when his back is turned. I mean this was the family that didn't even forgive the children of their enemies.

That's when he decided as he watched on like a outsider, his mother had faded without leaving any real mark on the world but he would not fade into obscurity.