Premises: The mafia described is the one taken through the idealistic ideas that were born together with it, (post-feudal Sicily) not the one were kids get dissolved in acid (look Wikipedia for more). Keep that in mind. Second point: these are Italian-American Mafiosi styled, and the clan/bloodlines are organized on a Vampire the Requiem/masquerade mix-mash, but only the references are taken, it is *not* a crossover of the two, there are no vampires in here.

It is my first attempt at a Naruto fiction, though please be nice of beginner's mistakes of any sort on the use of jutsus/similar. And also…well, review? (End chapter for dictionary)

First Chapter

Naruto Uzumaki stood proudly, at age six, with his spiked blond hair and diabolical grin, on top of the fourth Kage's head, nestled at the far right, or left depending on the angle of view, of the mountain that surrounded for one fourth the village of Konoha. He was grinning because his objective had been completed perfectly during the night, without any ANBU squad or any interruption from Iruka-sensei or Hokage-Jiji. So, he was there, waiting for someone to wake up and realize that yes, the monuments now sported a beautiful new makeup of red and orange paint. Dressed in his orange jumpsuit, he certainly wouldn't be easily missed: if the people kept talking on his back, then now, maybe, they'd speak to him in the front, even if it were more insults and yelling about a demon.

Francesco Giovanni, of the blood clan Gangrel, was being late, as always. Not that it mattered to him in the slightest, as the combined marriage he was going to be forced in by the godfather wasn't actually pleasant in his ears, nor in his eyes. Sure, he could have refused, but he didn't want to make the daughter of one of the godfather's councilman upset, and an upset daughter usually means an upset father. So, when he left the Giovanni's small apartment complex in the Corleone compound, he was already thinking about a way to be damn late, but not so much as to be punished. Looking with a glint of hope upwards, towards the sky hoping for god's sign, he saw a shocking sight: the Hokage's monuments had been defiled, and since he certainly hadn't known of any of the Corleone's honorable men to do it, then it simply meant that somebody had played it as a prank, rather than as an intimidation. Still, it could turn detrimental to the Corleone, and thus to the Godfather, and being the first one awake, barring the half-asleep guards of the night shift, that were just then returning home, he grinned slightly, at the thought of having found an excuse for being late once more.

Naruto watched as the city began bustling with life, as he was sitting down on top of the fourth's rocky head, while whining.

"Why aren't they looking up? I mean, it's the Hokage's monuments!" he muttered, then started rummaging through his pouch, maybe a loud noise, like a set of firecrackers, could work? As his search produced out a small red firework, a shadow loomed over his back.

The blond-haired boy felt himself being pulled upwards with relative ease by a strong grasp, and pushed backwards, towards the dirt road that had been leveled behind the heads, to grant safe passage for the workers when they built atop the mountain.

"So," a crisp male voice spoke, belonging to a stocky, but well built, man with short raven hair and brown eyes, his skin slightly tanned by the sun, a long leather coat opened up to reveal a suit, that certainly seemed to be tailored for a special occasion, with a bright red tie, his leather shoes were also polished, a fact that Naruto came to realize because the strength of being pushed back had brought him down on his ass, "What is the meaning of this?"

The man asked as he pointed with his right hand that seemed to have an old golden watch on it, to the empty cans of paint, Naruto had never seen the man before, but he knew that, since he didn't have the same skin complexion as the others in the village, he had to be one of the Corleone's henchmen.

The boy had heard the story from the owner of Ichiraku's ramen, Teuchi, in a whisper: basically, after the Uchiha had been deemed traitors, for having tried to overthrow the Kage, it had been decided to punish them all and remove them from the city, but in doing so, a need for a new sort of police had come into play, the Corleone's Godfather, that was how they called their family leader, had offered to protect the village, in exchange for a small money prize and the permission to settle down in the village with his family. The Mafia, how they called themselves in the ensemble, or *Cosa Nostra*, our thing, had settled in from the land of Iron, renowned for their usually strictly neutral aspects.

Naruto gulped heavily, not knowing what to say, he had thought about either Iruka or an Anbu to track him down in a chase run around the city, the fact that a Mafia guard had found him was a different thing all together. Those guys were scarier than the Uchiha, not because they were strong di per se, but because they had no qualms in bringing retribution, some times without even resorting to speak with the Kage about the matter. He could run, certainly, but he couldn't hide, or escape, as once the man reported him, and his description, he'd be mercilessly hunted and then probably grabbed in the night and brought in for excruciating tortures, regardless of his age, since such was the reputation of the Corleone's.

"I asked you a question." The man muttered once more, moving closer to him with a small jump that however enabled him to cover a slightly bigger distance, thanks to having placed Chakra in his feet.

Mafia members weren't banned from entering the ninja academy, but many simply preferred their *civilian* training and their family ones, this didn't mean that there weren't ninjas among them, or that there weren't among the Konoha's forces, just that Naruto knew that he was now screwed, even the chance of running was barred out immediately, triple-barred with red and black markers.

"I…I wanted to play a prank on the village." Naruto muttered staring to his side and clenching his fists, there, now he was going to get a sound and strong beating and then be brought to a swift and excruciating Mafia justice, he simply knew it.

"And nobody detected you while you were coloring the monuments?" Francesco asked curious, now, either this village of ninjas had a very relaxed attitude, being it a peace period, or he actually had to talk to the Brujahs for what the hell they were guarding, if they couldn't even see a damn mountain getting colored over the night. Sure, they had no byakugan, or sharingan, but for the love of god, it was a damn mountain!

"I'm good at hiding…" Naruto meekly replied, but shivered as he saw the man raise a hand, and instinctively moved his arms to protect his head.

Francesco stared at the trembling kid, heck, yes, the Corleone's had a reputation, but that didn't mean it was true, false news circling around the village had been the Daeva's side work, as a strong reputation was usually more than enough to stop the petty fights around the village, still there wasn't a reason for him to hit the kid.

"I see, how about you calm down now, piccolo? It's not like I'm going to hit you for what you did...though I am bringing you in to the Hokage's office," as Francesco said that, Naruto's eyes widened in surprise, especially when the man extended a hand to the kid, and muttered, "Now get up, let's dash it before someone else comes around..." as Naruto nodded, grabbing the hand, both the boy and the man didn't know just how much that meeting would change the future of Konoha.

What Giovanni discovered, however, was that the boy was quite able to prank him with an electrical shock form one of those stupid April's fool day things, as he discovered when both palms met, taking in the moment, the blond-spiked boy began running, hopelessly, because after recovering from the shock, Francesco was already on him, grabbing him by the neck with his right hand, and then dashing from there towards the Hokage's office.

In the Kage's office, Hiruzen Sarutobi had just received from an ANBU with a pig-faced mask the report on a defiling of the kage's monuments, together with the fact that a certain Naruto Uzumaki was found missing from the orphanage, and that, following this being the second transgression of the sort, he was going to be expelled from it. Obviously the Hokage knew that the reason was completely and utterly different from that, but couldn't help but sigh at the fact that the young boy would pretty soon have to change home once more. As he dismissed the ANBU, he had already made two plus two, coming to the realization that Naruto was the probable culprit, having taken on a prankster attitude as an answer to the people bullying him. He sighed as he shook his head, muttering to himself.

"How did it come to this? What should I do, fourth?" as he asked that, he stared at the monument from his window, defiled as it was, it looked like the fourth had gone through an excessive use of mascara and cherry-blossom lipstick, though this did make the Third Hokage chuckle for a moment, he reassumed a serious face when he heard the door being knocked, and his secretary, a young ninja woman called Akane, enter with her always serious face and raven hair tied behind her in a ponytail sort of way. She was wearing the usual one piece outfit that practically covered her entire body from the neck to well under the knees, and with a chuunin flak vest and the Konoha headband used as a belt.

"Hokage-sama, there's one of the Corleone's men who wishes to talk with you, he's with the…" the secretary didn't want to finish the sentence, but she spat out an angry, "the boy," and then bowed her head waiting for the Hokage's answer.

"Let them through, then." Probably the reason the ANBU hadn't captured the culprit immediately was that the new police force had done it first, at least, that was the trail of thought of the Hokage, as the secretary excused herself and led the two men in.

Sarutobi knew of Naruto, as Naruto did know of the Hokage personally, calling him *Jiji* most of the time, but the Hokage also knew of the man that had brought him in, one of the Wicked Claws of the Giovanni's.

"So, I take it he's the culprit for the debauchery of the Hokage's monuments?" as the Hokage asked that, he lit his pipe, staring with a slightly angered gaze at the boy, being held by the neck by the man of the Giovanni's family.

"Yes, and he worked at it all night long. I mean, no-one in his rightful mind works at something like that for the entire night and doesn't get caught; I'm speaking with the Brujah's chief once I'll have more time…right now I should be speaking with the Godfather and that… woman." As he shivered at the thought, the Hokage raised a skeptical eyebrow, judging by the trembling of the man, it seemed like he hadn't at all fear of Naruto as a Jinchuriki, so, either he didn't know about it, or nobody actually talked about it to him, which would mean the S-secret and threat of death worked on the population, a too idiotic thought to even consider though, so it was more probable he either knew and didn't care, which was strange, or he feigned being calm and that was strange too.

"I see, well, you can let go of the kid then, I'll take it from here." As the Hokage said that, Francesco coughed slightly, letting the boy gently on the floor, where he stood back up and massaged his neck, held in the iron grip of the man for a while.

"Well, since I might be a bit late, would it be possible to have a…paper stating it? So I don't get hanged by my feet from the Don's window?" as the man asked that, the Hokage sighed and nodded.

"Speak with the secretary; we have a set of them without a name because of Kakashi-sensei, so we keep a lot around, already signed and all."

"Sweet!" as Francesco said that, putting his hand into a fist and bringing it closer to his body, before starting to do a strange swing-swing dance, while moving outside.

"He's strange, Jiji, really strange." Naruto said, looking at the man leaving wide-eyed.
"Naruto-kun, why are you still pulling off this sort of pranks? What happened?" as the Hokage asked that, he knelt to get at the same eye level of the boy, who turned his gaze sideways, and muttered:



"Fine!" he pouted rolling his eyes, "I was in class, and they kept throwing at me chalk pieces and erasers, so I yelled at them that I'd show them how a real prank was to be pulled at someone."

"So you pranked the monuments?" the Hokage muttered.

"I hoped it would be enough to make them stop. Last time I clogged the bathrooms of the school, they didn't harass me for a week." Naruto replied, before biting his tongue, "I mean! It's not like I had anything to do with it, it's just that, if it had been me, then I wouldn't…"

"Yes, I understand. I think a suitable punishment will be needed never the less, Naruto."

Francesco whistled happily, as he entered the Corleone's garden, just to be, obviously, grabbed by a double set of spiked chains and brought straight upwards, from where he was, all the way to the second floor of the compound, in the most up-beat and destructive way for his suit ever, as he repeatedly smashed against the walls of the mansion as he was brought up. As the wounds weren't grave enough, however, he was kindly invited to sit by the Don's wife into a comfortable bean filled cushion, with his knees. The small room they were in was one of those suitably prepared for marriage arrangements, he'd speak with the Don's wife, while his *wife* would speak with the Don himself, then the clan's head would decide for a yes, or a no.

"So…as you may, or may not know," The woman spoke carefully making her chained sickle rotate, being a Ninjutsu expert in the art of said weapon, she had no problem making it spin without harming in, but she did take a liking in casually cutting off edges of his hair, "the girl is my niece".

Maria Grazia Corleone was the current and only wife of the Don Gianfranco Bruzzo Corleone, and the tale of how they met referred to the times of the land of iron way of proposal, by fighting it off to the near death state. It was said that the only way the Don managed to actually defeat her was to trick her with his most famous Genjutsu, but the content of what the woman saw was something that the Don himself never told, even to others, nor did Maria Grazia, actually.

"She's the youngest of the children of my late deceased sister, who had two sons, and one girl, who is now a fine woman, and who I expect you to treat with gloves and respect," as she said that, she just so casually let the sickle fall down straight in front of him, and just so casually in between his legs, but the man hadn't flinched, heck, he was already paralyzed by fear, he wouldn't move even if his life depended on it, " You certainly have already received her picture, isn't she a beauty?" as the Don's wife asked that, Francesco's mind raced towards that sort of scarecrow like photo he had been given two years before, about a sort of square-faced monster born only out of the worst nightmares, something that not even the Devil himself would have the stomach to create.

"Yes." He replied with the most stoic face he could muster, he had to think of this as a mission, a mission to save his own life from a most horrible and utterly devastating death.

"What did you like, in particular, about her face?" as the Don's wife asked back with a gentle smile, Francesco was sweating heavily, thinking if he could dash out of the window and run his way back to the land of iron and to his great grandfather, hoping he was still alive and available to hide him.

"Eyes." He muttered once more, hoping it was the correct answer.

"You really liked her blue eyes, didn't you?" as Maria asked that, Francesco sighed.

"They were green. Her hair was auburn, and she had a slight case," as slight as defining the Konoha's mountain as a small hill, "of acne," on all of her face, "she had a jovial smile," half of teethes knocked out and the other half deformed, "and yes, I actually looked at the picture."

"Good! Then you're simply anxious because you can't wait any longer, right?" as she said that, Francesco sighed, bowing his head.

"Yes, Madame."

"Now, now, if I'm the wife's Aunt, you'll have to call me Aunt-in-law, right?"

Auntinlaw? Huntin law? Hunting Law, hunt in low…never.

"Yes, Aunt…in-law" making sure to leave a certain amount of time between the first and the second part of the name.

"Good! Now just wait here while I go and talk with my husband." As Maria left the room, while taking back her sickle that she just casually began to rotate again, Francesco sighed in relief once more, staring out of the window, at the clouds moving lazily by, and kind of asked God why he had to go through this.

"Oh Kami, just let it be quick." As he muttered that, he heard a giggle coming from the other side of the door, and as he narrowed his eyes, he silently shook his head, and stared at the door.

"You can come in." he said with a clear voice, what he hadn't expected was a long-haired blond woman, with a slender frame, to come in nearly in the immediate, and falling down straight on her face, which revealed, once she got herself back into a sitting position, that she had clear green eyes, and a porcelain like face. She wore a sort of two piece green dress; the lower part being a dark green gown, while the upper one being a bright and covered in golden frills top, which kind of made her prominent qualities result a bit more, accentuated.


"So you're Francesco." As the girl said that matter of fact, with a determinate gaze and a stern look, Francesco changed his idea, maybe he was still in time for starting to run.

"You must be Elena, right?" as he asked that, after having nodded at her question, he tried his best gentle smile, but when he got nearly hit in the right leg by a small Tanto, all he could do was swiftly move to the side his leg, to avoid the short sword carving deeply into his muscle. She was swift, that much was certain.

"When I ask a question, I want a yes or a no, not a nod!" she snapped at him.

"When I ask a question, I want to be answered, not to be nearly killed." As Francesco replied that, he actually jumped backwards, and out of the window, and while falling downwards, he spun so as to have his feet touch the wall, and then jumped, just in time to avoid a barrage of small swords that ended with precision where he would have landed.

"Come back here you arrogant man!" the girl yelled at him, as she jumped down too, her gown slightly torn enough to grant her mobility, and the fact that she had removed her shoes to avoid sprained ankles.

"This was my best dress!" as she yelled that, she produced from one of her sleeves a Ninjato, and after throwing three kunai at the man, charged straight through to him, yelling.

Francesco sighed, as he swiftly finished the hand signs for the trademark Ninjutsu of the Gangrel bloodline:

"Claws of the Wild-Jutsu!" the effect of the said ninja technique was quite simple; it conjured Kunais sealed inside of the man's knuckles, and with a slight Genjutsu made them look like protuberances from their original digits, in such a way that the enemy usually ended up baffled as to why a set of claws actually managed to hit them from afar. Still, the reason he conjured that was for another reason than wounding the woman, he was pretty sure had he tried anything at all to graze her he'd end up dead, or at least half dead, and thus he disappeared into a puff of smoke when the first kunai hit him, as a replacement jutsu took effect.

"Where are you hiding!" Elena angrily muttered, "I am not going to marry a coward!"

"Who said anything about marrying a psychopath like you!" the voice came from behind one of the trees in the garden, so, as the woman charged straight towards it, she concentrated her chakra on the tip of the sword, to unleash one of her techniques.

"Shinkuken!" as Elena yelled the word to release her Kenjutsu technique, the next moment a strong wind blade departed from the tip of the blade, slashing through the well-kept garden of the Don, and cutting in two the tree behind which the woman thought Francesco was hiding.

To no avail, however, as the man didn't even seem to be there.

"Oh WHERE ARE YOU! WHERE DID YOU DAMN HIDE!" as she screamed once more, attracting even more people, she heard a whistle coming from behind her, and up above.

Sure enough, from the same window he had jumped down, there stood Francesco Giovanni, smiling at her and waving at her, while even sending her kisses with his hands.

A set of small dotted holes had appeared along the mansion's walls, were, unknown to her too concentrated on a slight Genjutsu, Giovanni had used his claws to climb back up, it might have been a dirty trick, but, after all, all is fair in love and war.

Naruto sighed, as his few belonging became even fewer: every time he moved from an orphanage to another, he lost something, like a spare set of clothes, or underwear, or a bag, and it never reappeared. Though just so casually another children was gifted something from the orphanage's headmistress the following days. As he was sitting in the park not knowing precisely what to do or where to go, the new orphanage had yet to be assigned, he saw an interesting scene taking place in front of him: a group of Genin were in the process of picking up the weeds that were literally growing in the park, but instead of doing the work seriously, they were playing ball. He watched them play in silence, hoping he wouldn't be disturbed or forced to leave anytime soon, as all he had at the present was the bench on which he was sitting down to catch his breath, and the small backpack next to him.

After a moment, in which he had taken his gaze downwards, to stare at his feet, a heavy object hit him straight in the face, sending him backwards. One of the Genins had kicked the ball strongly, but also with a bad aim, and had literally taken straight in the head the poor kid, whose nose had clearly been broken by such a brute display of force.

"Look at that! It's the demon child!" one of the Genins whispered to the other.

"Did we break his nose?" another one whispered.

"Who cares? Let's just get back my ball." The third one, and the one who had actually kicked the ball, ran to grab it, ignoring the clearly wounded kid who was letting go of a flow of tears while sit on the bench, his hand a mess of blood, tears and snot, as his nose was in a burning pain.

The Genins swiftly ignored him, instead going back to *play ball*, but, after a couple of minutes, they decided to play a new game to better control their chakras: enhance their feet with chakra and try to hit the demon kid.

The first blow actually missed Naruto, but it did squish his backpack, breaking anything it could possibly have inside, and sending him on a run away from the Genins who, however, swiftly pursued them while passing the ball one to the other.

As Naruto ran, holding his bleeding nose, he had no idea where to go to avoid the Genins, as if he ended up in the streets, they might mob him once more, and if he instead ran towards the Hokage's office, he might make it even worst. His only hope was to find a mafia guard, no matter how much he feared them, they were the only ones who actually dispersed the mobs and didn't look at him with anger, though indifference was more of a practical term. He could live with indifference, as long as he managed to get away.

The ball hit him with the strength of a brick on his lower left leg, shoving him on the ground, and making him scrape his hands and knees, as blood began seeping out from those wounds too.

Then the Genins were on him, and all he did was cover his head and wait for them to strike at him until they were tired, but as he trembled, he suddenly realized that nothing was happening, so he carefully looked behind him.

He had entered the Giovanni's compound in the Corleone's sector of the city, and as the Genin had pursued him in there, they had been swiftly dealt with by two big baseball bat-wielding brutes, who stared at them with a sort of angered look.

"Now listen here." The first of the two said, tapping with his bat on the ground, and making a small crater.

"This is the Giovanni's compound." The second replied, his muscles actually bulging as he did the same thing as his probable brother. They both had brown light hair that was tied behind them in a sort of pineapple way, scars and stiches covering their arms that were out in the open, as they were wearing some sort of short-sleeved red suit, and short beige pants.

"No ruckus is allowed in here." The first of them said, and as the Genin began nodding and moving backwards, the second lightly touched the ground, deforming it into a sphere of rock, that he threw high in the air.

"Batting Style: First STRIKE!", as the first said that, he actually slammed his baseball bat straight against the rock sphere, that flung itself forward, splitting into a set of smaller pebbles, that hit the back of the running Genin like a salt-charged gun would, sending them on their way with the parting gift.

Then the second turned to Naruto, who was shaking visibly, and stared at him with a puzzled expression for a moment.

"Hey Giacomo." He said to his probable twin/brother.

"What is it Gianni?" the other guy replied, turning around to stare at the boy.

"Should we bring him to Ma' to get checked?"

"Yeah, I don't think a broken nose is going to fix itself alone." As Giacomo said that, putting his baseball bat on his back, he moved closer to Naruto, who scared tried to fumble backwards.

"Easy now, youngster, we're bringing you to the Corleone's medic, don't be scared, we don't eat children," Gianni mentioned, moving with more ease towards Naruto, and, when both men grabbed him by the shoulder, the two brothers stared at each other with a slight grin.

"At least, we don't, but I don't know about Mother." After having said that, they both began moving deeper into the compound, not minding a trying to escape Naruto, who still was thinking that he'd have more chances getting into a Konoha shop, from which he usually ended up being thrown out, rather than freeing himself from the two men's grip, but still, he had to try.

"So, as I was telling you, it was HER fault." As Francesco finished recalling the past events, Maria Grazia decided that maybe, just maybe, she wouldn't neuter him, yet. On the side next to him, Elena was slightly growling, sharpening a set of kunais, and just so casually playing with them.

"Listen Frankie," the male voice that spoke to Francesco was that of the Don, Gianfranco, and possibly the only man in the family, not considering his own mother, of course, that could use that nickname, "I'm pretty sure it was all one misunderstand among the two parts…so, how about we get this over with a solution that works for everyone? You'll be officially engaged for a period of a couple of years, and then, afterwards, you'll marry if you want to, or we'll produce another pair of candidates…this should also make Guccino," saying those words, Elena rolled her eyes over muttering something about an idiotic father, "calm down."

"I'll speak with him myself, as a Consigliere, I'm sure he'll understand." As Maria Grazia said that with a small smile, Francesco was about to do his swing-swing dance of victory, but refrained from doing so, instead bowing his head in understanding.

"I understand, Don Corleone, and do not worry; I'm sure everything will turn out fine." If he managed to keep out of touch for a couple of years, that was, maybe taking in some missions for the family? That would work.

"Then you are dismissed Frankie." As the Godfather said that, Francesco stood up, slightly bowing his head once more while muttering:

"Baciamo le mani," before jumping out of the window, and dashing away from roof to roof of the compound.

"So, what was your impression of him?" Maria Grazia asked her niece, who looked at the man's back while he was jumping out of the window.

"He does seem to have a head on his shoulders, and if he came here never the less after seeing that horrendous photo, he certainly must be loyal to the family…still, I know nothing about him except what you told me, I could stalk him a bit, now that I think about that." As the woman said that, she stood up, and, after hugging her aunt, left from the window too.

"Stalking instead of talking? Just who did you arrange that poor boy's marriage with?" as Don Gianfranco asked that, his wife replied with a small grin:

"Someone who could push him up to great deeds, at least, that's what I hope."

"He is *not* going to become the next Godfather, nor the Head of the Giovanni's family," as the godfather spoke that abruptly, he stood up once more, moving to leave the room with haste, "on the day when his parents married, I swore to his father that I'd never throw him into the den of the sharks, and I will keep that promise." He muttered clenching his teethes, before leaving.

"Ma'!" as Francesco yelled that, he descended swiftly on the street in front of his house, a two stores high, which had, on the ground level an herbalist shop, while on the upper level a medical clinic, small and not comparable to Konoha's hospital, but still useful in emergencies.

"Francesco!" the reply came simultaneously by two brutish individuals, who, behind the counter of the herbalist shop, had just finished packing up a powdered medicine for an elderly woman.

"Gianni, Giacomo, what are you two doing here? Where's Mother?" the man asked as he entered the, always in disorder, shop, filled with strange plants, powders, and herbs of various types minced in always different recipes.

"She's upstairs, tending to a boy that was being bullied pretty heavily, poor sod got the short end of the stick by three bullies." Giacomo muttered shaking his head.

"You didn't kill them, did you?" Francesco asked back, as he saluted the elderly buyer that left the shop, with an "Arrivederci."

"Nah, but we did teach them a lesson, they probably won't be able to sit down for a while," Gianni replied with a wide grin.

"Good. I'll go upstairs then." As he was about to leave, however, the two big men both placed an arm around his shoulders.

"Now, now, not so fast…how did the meeting with the horrendous square-faced monster forgotten by Kami go?" Gianni grinned so widely together with Giacomo that it seemed like the smile went from one face to the other.

"It went well, except she tried to wound me, neuter me, kill me, but got taken aback by a slight Genjutsu use." Francesco replied, producing however a small grin, "however I promised mother I'd speak with her first guys, and as you know, Wiseguys always keep their promises."

"No keeping you then, you'll tell us later at the Ichiraku's ramen." Giacomo said, as both he and his brother gave him a strong pat on the back, sending him on his way, but after a moment they suddenly turned around, and then stared at each other.

"Did I just imagine a strong killing intent?" Gianni asked his brother, who shook his head.

"Strange it's gone, I felt it too." He whispered back. Since, however, nothing happened, they both shrugged and got back to their work in the shop.

Francesco climbed the wooden stairs in the back of the shop that brought him up to the first floor, where he knocked on the first door to his right, and realizing it was opened, he entered just in time to see Ma', as she was called by everyone, treating a broken nose and a dislocated leg from…

"You're the boy!" Francesco exclaimed moving closer, as he swiftly received a hit in the stomach from the woman, already past her prime, with slightly grey hair and wrinkles near her eyes that were of a blue-ish hue. She didn't stand much tall, which made her hits at the stomach level even fiercer, especially because there was an unwritten rule in the family: if Ma' wants to hit you, then you get hit, otherwise you get hit twice and with a stronger force.

"Yesh." Naruto muttered, his nose having been set in position by the expert hands of the granny that was even then muttering something in a strangely thick accent of some sort to Francesco.

"Ma' told me that you've got quite a set of bruises on your body, how did you get them?" as the man asked that, he grabbed a chair, and sat down with a loud sigh of relief.

"Fell stairs." Naruto replied bitterly.

"She already ruled that out," Francesco replied with a chuckle, "You'd better not lie to her, trust me, last time someone tried, his tongue stood covered in soap for a week."

Naruto gritted his teethes, as the Ma' began applying a sort of wooden stick to his dislocated leg, sending chakra to flow through his vein to accelerate the healing process.

"I get hit by people. Thrown on the ground by people. Get picked on by people. People hate me for no reason I know of, and so I get beaten for no reason." Naruto muttered, staring at his hands that had the wounds on them already cleaned and disinfected.

"That's utterly stupid. Why would they do that?" Francesco replied, as he suddenly nodded to another outburst of strange dialectal words from the old woman.

"Ma' here says that one of our Brujah found your backpack, it had your name on it: so if you want you can go and collect it."

Another outburst of dialectal words, Naruto stared in curiosity at how the granny seemed to speak politely, even with words that seemed more insults than anything else.

"She also says that you need to rest for at least a couple of days, to avoid damaging your knee any more than it already is; do I have to warn your parents?" at those words, Naruto stiffened and stared down at his hands.

This time the old woman actually realized it without being told, and threw another hit at Francesco's head before he could do anything about it.
"Ouch! What was that for, Ma'!"

"A' Scimunito!" followed by another set of words that made Francesco nod, while holding the side of the head where he had been hit.

"Ma' here says that you can stay here how much you want." Having said those words, Naruto's eyes widened.

"Really?" he asked, hesitantly.

"Yes, she said that she's going to go speak with the Godfather himself…" having said that, he stared at the elder woman grabbing a sort of straw hat, a walking cane, and moving outside with a small purse under her arm, a shawl on her back. Then she swiftly left, as angry as only an elderly woman could ever be.

"What was she saying?" Naruto asked, not having understood a word.

"Grow older, and then, maybe, I'll explain it to you." Francesco replied nodding like he had just said a pearl of wisdom to be remembered for the ages to come.

"I see…but I'll be fine by tomorrow, really. I heal pretty fast…and the Hokage was planning to move me to another orphanage soon, so…" as he said that with a hint of nervousness, sadness, and a mixture of anxiety, Francesco sighed, and then chuckled.

"You know, nobody stops Ma' from doing something. In her times, it was said that even Mifune of the land of Iron wouldn't dare cross her path when she as angry, rolling pin in hand." Then he began laughing hard at the thought, and Naruto, not understanding, chuckled too.

"It's strange: Nobody has still kicked me or hit me, or called me demon boy or demon," he muttered.

"Why the name demon?" Francesco queried.

"Well, I was born the same night the Kyuubi attacked Konoha, so they took me as a sign of misfortune." Naruto replied, to which Francesco gave it a thought, before nodding in silence and replying:

"Then you ain't risking anything from the Corleone's boy: the majority of us arrived here after the slaughter of the Uchiha clan, as *replacement* for the security of the village. That was years after the Kyuubi attacked Konoha."

"I've got to ask, Onii-chan, why don't you have a head protector?" Naruto queried, a bit puzzled, to which Francesco stopped for a moment, before mentally shrugging and answering.

"Well, we come from the Land of iron, but the Don didn't want us to stay here as mere mercenaries, but as people that actually wanted to stay and live and grow in this land. Thus he spoke with his father, who approved of the idea he had: we'd remove the iron land head protector, and move in as *civilians*, and then, eventually, our children would enter the Konoha school and academy, thus becoming an actual clan inside of the city. The Hokage approved of this, since he got himself a police force, new shinobis and kunoichis, and an increase in the population, all in exchange of letting us rule our inner problems thanks to the Godfather."

"What's a Godfather?" Naruto asked.

"The Godfather? He's like the Kage of Konoha, only he's the head of all the families. To say, imagine an enormous tree. One wooden trunk that decides and solves disputes for everyone else, is the Godfather, then it separates into branches that are the main bloodlines: Gangrel, Daeva, Ventrue, Mekhet and Nosferatu. Out of the bloodlines, there are different families, that make the tiniest branches still, so for example, of the Gangrel side there are the Giovanni and the Brujah, the latter being the strong armed guards of Konoha, while the former as myself am, being the enforcers of the will of the Godfather. I could go on and explain it all to you, but it's a long story, and I'm sure you're hungry if I'm hearing your stomach rumbling correctly, so, since we're both free for lunch, what would you like to eat?" as he asked the question with relative ease, Naruto replied swiftly:

"Ichiraku's ramen!"

"Not you too," Francesco muttered rolling his eyes, before adding, "we'll go there tonight, if I can get Ma' to accept having you carried piggyback by one of the two Brujahs. Till then, I'll have to make lunch, anything you particularly would like to eat?" adding swiftly once more, "That is not ramen."

"Noodles in a beef soup with egg yolk?" Naruto asked hesitantly.

"That's still ramen!" Francesco exclaimed, shaking his head, "Fine, I'll prepare the Tagliatelle alla Carbonara, then we will see what you prefer afterwards."

The Hokage stared at the sudden arrival of the Godfather, who had appeared into his office forming from a strange mist, a technique unique to the Corleone's bloodline.

"I must ask, why the sudden barging in?" the Kage queried, his pipe already lit, as he stared at Don Gianfranco, he couldn't help but see that the man had a set of big violet bruises on his bald head, a strange sight, considering the Godfather probably rivaled him in power.

"I've received…pressures, to ask if you wouldn't mind letting a certain boy, named Naruto Uzumaki, to be adopted by Ma' Giovanni." As he said that, the Hokage flinched.

"Ma' Giovanni? The only woman who made Mifune change the side of the street in which he walked if she was angry?" he had to be sure.


"What happened?" Hiruzen was curious about the all ordeal, and once the Godfather explained it to him in a few words, about how the boy had ran inside the Corleone's compound after being pursued by three Genins, who had been warned not to come back, and about how he was pretty bloodied and had been brought to Ma', Ma' had taken a liking to the boy and had decided that yes, she wasn't going to let the boy be left to himself and bullied to the death by others.

"And that's why I either go back with your approval on the matter, or I get out of the city with a flying carpet. Since flying carpets don't exist, please Hiruzen: let the Giovanni family adopt the boy."

The Konoha's Hokage took a deep breath from his pipe, and exhaled a big enough puff of smoke that was proportionate to the thoughts in his head. The Godfather too wasn't born yesterday, or the day before even, he knew something was wrong for the Hokage to take so much time, usually, if there was some promising youth that they wanted to adopt, they would literally be thrown into their hands, so why was that boy different? He'd have to query the Falcone family of the Nosferatu and the Galante family of the Mekhet to find out.

"Only if the boy accepts," was the reply of the Hokage, as he took another deep breath.

"Perfect, I'll prepare the paperwork. I doubt anyone would refuse Ma'. I certainly couldn't," as he said that, he nodded in salute, and after a couple of hand signs, dispersed into mist once more, flowing out of the window with incredible speed.

Seven Years later

"WAKE UP." Naruto jumped with a scream holding his heart to calm it down, and avoid the nearly fatal heart attack in the morning.

Just next to him stood his adoptive mother Elena Giovanni, holding a Tanto and making it spin in her hand nervously.

"You're going to be late, and Kami forgives me if you're late during the exam day. I swear if…" and Naruto heard no more because he was already quickly dressing up, as fast as he could.

"Damn it!" he muttered as he lost some time tying his shoes.

"NO SWEARING FOR FU…" Thankfully he was already out of the room and running downstairs, his mother bewildering yelling just a few minutes behind him.

"Ciao kiddo!" his adoptive father, Francesco, said raising his hand in a salute gesture, as he was reading the newspaper, as Naruto grabbed a piece of toasted bread and then ran once more, out of the house directly through the window, since it was closer that way than from the door, and began jumping from roof to roof.

"Just promise me you'll never turn like any of our family member, Elisabetta." As he said that, he eyed the four year old female toddler, who, with a giggling smile, went on playing with her breakfast.

"HE …" as soon as Francesco heard his wife start yelling from the stairs, he was out of the window too, but not before having sent a kiss to his firstborn.

"Say Ciao to mommy from me, princess!" and off he went too.

As Elena entered the kitchen, she sighed staring at how much cereals had ended on Elisabetta's hair, and shaking her head muttered:

"I should have placed grates at the windows years ago."

"Dad says Ciao." The toddler said, nodding.

"Yes he does, now, next time you see him, or Naruto, tell them…" and the woman whispered something that made Elisabetta giggle.

"I'm hereeeee!" Naruto yelled as he crash landed inside the classroom, from outside, thanks to an open window.

"I see, Naruto Giovanni Uzumaki, would you kindly avoid using the window next time around?" Iruka-sensei muttered slightly pissed, but otherwise not too angry.

"I'm sorry Sensei, I overslept and it was the fasted mean to get to class." As Naruto said that, he took one of the available seats in the back, like he always did, and waited for the exam to begin.

"Good, now, as you all know, today is the day of the exam: your name will be called, and you will have to produce a specific jutsu we will ask from you. If you can do so, you'll pass, otherwise you will fail." As Iruka-sensei finished speaking, Mizuki-sensei took the spot, and added:

"The jutsu will be the same for everyone, but you are refrained from talking to others about what it is, until everyone has taken the test, furthermore, once the test is done, you will be dismissed from the academy till tomorrow, where those who have passed will come back here, to learn the name of their Jounin instructor." Having said that, the name roll was taken, and everyone took its turn.

"Sasuke Uchiha" as that name was called, the raven haired Emo of the class hell bent on revenge moved out of the classroom, and Naruto rolled his eyes.

"You know, I never understood what girls find in him." He muttered to the guy next to him, who turned out to be Shino Aburame.

"Lone dark hero. Trope of the century." The boy replied making Naruto roll his eyes again.

"Worse than being with him, would be being with him and one of his fan girls." Naruto muttered, praying to Kami that no, he would not end up with any of Sasuke's fan girls.

"hm…Naruto-kun…I-I ho-pe you will…be with team-m-mates you like." The voice came from a timid blushing girl behind him, and as he turned raising his right eye brow in a puzzled expression, he brought forth a wide smile.

"Thanks Hinata-chan! I hope the same happens to you too." Having said that, Hinata began stuttering and blushing even more furiously soon losing herself in some sort of fantasy world.

"Naruto Giovanni Uzumaki" the blond spike-haired boy stood up, and waving off the other people of the classroom, of which only Shino and Hinata actually took the time to nod at his waving, he went for the assigned class.

"Now Naruto-kun, could you create three clones?" as Iruka-sensei asked that, Naruto nodded, before making the required signs: Tiger-Boar-Ox-Dog.

"Bunshin no Jutsu" and then, the room was filled with ten perfect illusions of Naruto.

"Wonderful display of chakra, usually normal students don't get over four…how did you manage?" Mizuki asked, curious.

"My Kaa-san made me practice the entire array of the academy Jutsus till I got them perfectly. She can be really persuasive, you know?" Naruto shivered at the thought of how half the times he'd gotten himself to train to learn them, or risk an excruciating torture worse than death: cleaning swords with his mother.

"I see, well then, the exam is over, and as of now, Naruto Giovanni Uzumaki you're officially a Genin of Konoha." As Iruka said that with a bit of pride, he handed over the head protector with the leaf symbol carved on it that the young boy of thirteen swiftly took and put on his forehead immediately.

"You are dismissed for the rest of the day, I'm sure your family is waiting you to eagerly celebrate." As Mizuki added that, Naruto bowed once more and then began running, dashing directly out of the class' window, earning himself two sighs from both Iruka and Mizuki.

"That boy doesn't really like doors," they both muttered.

Author's notes

So…what do you think of my attempt at Naruto fic?

That said, this one will probably have shorter chapter than the other one I'm still currently doing ( A Demilich In Tristain) but still, it was nagging my mind to create one such fic with an intersection of kunoichi's and Mafiosi.

Italian-English dictionary section:
piccolo: Kid/little one if used as noun.

Consigliere: Not to be confused with an advisor of the Godfather, it's a rank among the Mafia given to the elders.

Baciamo le mani: We kiss the hands= We salute you with respect (parting or arriving)

Arrivederci: Goodbye

Scimunito: idiot.

Ciao: See ya.