Sort of Filler episode, enjoy never the less.

Chapter Eight

"Next time, I'm checking my surroundings first." Naruto muttered, as he stood chained to a chair, with Tantos and Ninjatos pinning his clothing down.

"So, figliolo, explain to your mother *why* you didn't come back from a D-mission turned A-mission?" as Elena Giovanni queried that, she started sharpening a katana.

"The Godfather knew there was a high chance of Zabuza of the Hidden mist to be there, Kaa-san! So I had to deliver a letter to him!" as Naruto whimpered that, he closed his eyes, just in time to feel all the blades retract and disappear, as always, into one of Elena's sleeves.

"I've already given my piece of mind about assigning you A-level missions to both the Hokage and the Godfather, so now it's your turn." Naruto felt Elena grabbing him into a chokehold, and then proceeding to slam him on the ground.

"If you ever, dare, again, to make your mother worried like this, know that not even the Godfather himself will save you from my wrath, CI SIAMO CAPITI!"

"Hai...understood." as Naruto groaned, he was helped back up, with a sigh from Elena, who turned to prepare dinner.

"My hair will turn grey by the time I get in my thirties. I know it." As the Giovanni woman sighed, she started to cut the meat.

"By the way, get upstairs, wash yourself from the dirt of the trip, and then get back down here, you have to tell me everything that has happened, got it?" as she *asked* that gently, she still held the knife pointed at Naruto, while making the necessary hand gestures to make him *understand*.

"Yes Kaa-san!" as Naruto dashed upwards, dropping his backpack in his room, he left out a sigh in relief: his room was just as he had left it, without any sign of being tampered with or anything similar.

He recalled with a shiver the time Leonarda had installed hidden cameras into his room, and when he had found them out, he had to do the most embarrassing things to get all the tapes back.

This time, he actually double-checked every inch of the room, before proceeding to unpack, grab a towel, and head for the bathroom, just to be tackled half-way by Elisabetta, who, having grabbed his right leg, exclaimed.

"Onii-san! You're back!"

"Hai!" Naruto replied with a chuckle, "What, thought I'd kick the bucket at my first mission?"

Elisabetta actually frowned, and shook her blond head, "Onii-san is strong! When I grow up I want to be like you!"

"Aww…" Naruto would have melted right there from the cuteness of his little sister, but he resisted said urge, and ruffling her hair, left her to go take a bath.

When he left the bathroom, half an hour later, he had a completely different hue of skin, and this time was greeted in the kitchen by the familiar sight of Francesco, reading a journal, as always, but folding it neatly just to wave at him and make a small grin, before clapping his hands in anticipation for dinner.

"So Naruto: how was the mission?" With that, simple sentence, Naruto nodded and began describing in earnest everything that had happened, from the beginning till the very end.

As he finished speaking about what he said to the Hyuga Head clan, Francesco stood up, in silence, and went to bang his head against the wall.

"What?" Naruto looked perplexed, "Otou-san, I couldn't just let him treat his own daughter like that! Now he's going to change, right?"

"Naruto, the fact that you're thick-headed means that you haven't gotten through…you basically gave your word to that man. You realized that, if he keeps it up, you will have to go through with your words? Tell me, do you *really* think you're going to defeat Hiashi?" Naruto grinned at those words.

"No worry Otou-san, I stick to my word till my very end."

"Yeah, that's what worries me. Well…the night is young: you're coming with me then." With that said, Francesco moved to the window, and Naruto, swiftly, followed his father's footstep out and onto the rooftops, while Elena rolled her eyes over at them not using the door, and Elisabetta waved goodbye to them.

They dashed towards the Giovanni's training grounds, where Francesco stopped just on the most outside ring.

"Tell me, Naruto, what is the first thing you do when you target an enemy?" as Francesco asked that, he threw a Kunai at Naruto, who caught it and smiled: sparring session with his father was his second most favorite pastime.

"Know his moves with the Preziosi." Naruto dashed straight at Francesco, who blocked with his own Kunai, "Target his precious with the Salvatore." Naruto jumped in the air, to spin-kick Francesco, who, however, ducked and the threw his right fist upwards, to have it blocked by Naruto's left arm, sending the boy back on his feet, "Destroy his shield with the Spacca." As Naruto conjured three Kage Bunshin, he sent them to the sides of his father, who chuckled, "Find the dent in his armor, with the Falcone." As the two Kage Bunshin attacked his father's side in simultaneous with the one in the front, Francesco jumped backward just slightly, but enough to have them three hit each other and disperse.

"Kai," Naruto muttered, dispelling the Genjutsu, it was true, they had hit each other, but his father wasn't there from the beginning, "Pierce through his heart, with the Giovanni." Naruto muttered, lowering himself on the ground to avoid a crescent moon leg kick, "leave a message, with the Galante," and then jumping to the front, to avoid a roundhouse kick that made a small cloud of dust rise, Naruto finished, "Show your numbers, with the Briatore", throwing his Kunai at what seemed nothing more than empty air to the side of the field, only to be echoed by a *tlunk* of metal against metal.

"Well done." As the Genjutsu dispersed, once more, Francesco walked forward, both Kunais in hand.

"But you forgot the most important thing," Francesco said, with a wide smile, "You must..."

"Keep it simple." Naruto replied, "That's the way it works the best. Tear through the heart without preparing for hours, seek the weakness and root it out swiftly, do not linger in doubt but strike. Escape if it's needed, return when ready. Complicated plans don't work or have too many risks. Simple things work with little risk."

"Perfect once more, now, tell me: what's the difference between an enemy, and a friend?"

"The enemy is easy to discover, the friend is difficult to discern."

"Better trust family, or a friend?"

"If I have to make a choice, they are both wrong." Naruto replied, earning himself a knuckle on the head, with affection however.

"Good, what makes the family strong?"

"The bonds we have with one another." Naruto replied once more, as he followed his father that had started walking on top of one of the outer pillars.

"What makes it weak?"

"Distrust, feelings of superiority or inferiority, there is no strong member, there is no weak link, we are all strong the same, but in different ways." Naruto grinned, "Some however have little duties than others because they're damn lazy!" as he said that, he jumped backwards, landing on another pillar, just in time to avoid a Kunai barrage directed at him.

"Oh you're going to see who's lazy now!" as Francesco charged forward with a grin, Naruto jumped backwards, just in time for the man's fist to become open palmed, land on the pillar's surface, and use the momentum to spin a kick, that sent Naruto backward against a middle circle pillar, that started to crumble, and brought Naruto to swiftly jump on another one by the side.

"Expect the unexpected!" Francesco yelled, as Naruto suddenly felt his hair being pulled upwards, and he being thrown towards the inner circle.

"Fear not the darkness, but what lies within." Naruto managed to land just inches before actually entering the inner circle, using chakra to keep himself afloat the otherwise scorching hot mud.

"Are you trying to teach me a lesson? Kai!" By the time Naruto dispelled the illusion, it was too late: his father's palm was already at his face.

"Gangrel's Dark Style: Sinner of the Night!" with that, Naruto was pushed straight against the rocky central pillar of the inner grounds, in the straight center, as spears of rock began slowly floating in front of Francesco.

"Well, you know the drill, Naruto." With that, Naruto barely managed to remove himself from the encasing he had ended up in, and muttering curses, he dashed towards the middle ring, the rock spears dashing like they were trying their hardest to impale him.

"TAJU KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" as over a hundred clones appeared, the majority of them got destroyed by the traps, that unleashed volleys of Kunais, falling debris, or worst, explosive tags, as they however acted as principal pin-cushions, Naruto himself managed, albeit with difficulty, to squish through two falling pillars, and get back into the *safe* zone.

"Are you trying to kill me Otou-san?" Naruto yelled.

"I'm still waiting for you to take out the big guns Naruto! You haven't seen me serious yet!" Francesco replied.

"But I know only one stance!"

"Then you'd better learn the second quickly, because the night is young!" With a chuckle, Francesco dashed forward, as, in the sideline two people stared at the destruction that was going on in the Giovanni's training ground.

"Father, is he the Wiseguy Francesco?" a young girl, with pale lavender hair, and golden eyes queried her father, who had raven black hair, and dark blue eyes.

"Yes, the *Lance of Longinus*, the piercer of hearts for the Godfather, he's your uncle, on your mother's side."

"I see, what about the boy?"

"Oh, it's his son, Naruto Giovanni, he's just a picciotto recently made, too, but he shows promise of greatness that much my eyes can tell."

"So, he's my cousin!" the girl chirped, giggling to herself for some unknown reason.

"Yes, so, let's go down there and say hello, got it Eleonora?"

"Hai, Father!" Eleonora, the lavender-hair girl, replied, moving just two steps behind her father, who, dressed in large trench coat, with a violin case on his back and a wide trimmed hat, stood chuckling in his tailor made suit, before yelling out loud.

"Chi non muore si rivede!" the next moment, the man grabbed his daughter by the side, and jumped sideways, to avoid a set of rock lances, that landed precisely where moments before the two had stood.

"As always, he's a bit moody."

Naruto didn't know who had spoken those words, but he knew for a fact that his father was now outright pissed.

"Naruto, training time is over." With that, Francesco had actually dashed at a speed barely perceptible, to reach the man quickly, with Naruto on his tail.

"Aurelio." Francesco muttered, when he stopped in front of the man, and squared him from head to toe.

"Francesco." Aurelio muttered back, making a grin and slightly moving his head to the side, to reveal the neck.

"I come in peace." He added, as a joke.

"You should have come in pieces." Francesco replied with a slight growl.

"Oh come on, you know she's going to forgive me once more."

"It's the fifth time: you'd better have a good reason this time around."

"Otou-san! Who's the man? And the Girl?" as Naruto reached them, he slowly came to a halt next to his father, his eyes narrowing as he stared at the two.

"He's no-one in particular, Naruto." Francesco replied, dismissing the issue, "Be nice, and go back home first, tell your mother I'll be late."

Naruto would have wanted to refuse, but then he nodded, "Yes father," before dashing away.

"Good kid, rare to have one so obedient." Aurelio muttered.

"Yours is in the business?" as Francesco queried that, looking at the young girl, Aurelio nodded.

"Yup, Dead-man walking, like I am."

"That reminds me the reason I hate you so much. Why her? Your eldest one was the best pick."

Aurelio shrugged, "Business is Business, there's always a need for Dead-men, and she's going to grow a Femme Fatale, I tell you".

"This is another reason I'd more than gladly carve a hole in your skull: You're the only father I know who wouldn't care less to send his own blood to a life of sin."

"For the family, Francesco," Aurelio muttered.

"Yeah, but let me scowl when it's closer than I'd like it to. So, what did you want?" as Francesco queried that, he stared at the girl and sighed, a pity.

"The key," Aurelio replied, raising his right hand in an open palm.

"You know the rules, Aurelio…I need the Godfather's permission," as Francesco replied that, Aurelio sighed heavily.

"He's going to kill me and then let me speak."

"You're at fault: we all told you that a dead-man walking shouldn't have the Godfather as the Best-man, but you claimed it wouldn't matter. You know he's royally pissed to having to attend your funerals?"

"What can I say? He's the one who hands me the work to be done!" with that, Aurelio shook his head, and started walking behind Francesco, heading towards the Corleone's compound.

"So, the kid has done any mission recently?"

"Yeah, a *delivery* one," Francesco replied, shrugging.

"Used to blood already?"

"Yeah, he…" Francesco threw a kunai to the side of the streets, only to hear it clank against another one.

"Ops, sorry I'm here, seems I got lost in the road of life." Kakashi-sensei spoke, as he emerged from the shadows, his right hand behind his neck, as he slowly brought the Kunai he had used for defense back in his flak vest.

"Kakashi Hatake, if I am not wrong. Aurelio, can you wait a moment? He's my son's squad leader."

"Not a problem Francesco," with that, Aurelio moved to the side of the road, his daughter following him silently.

"So," as Francesco spoke, he moved closer to the silver haired Jounin, "what brings you here, tonight?"

"I actually have the same question as your friend: when did Naruto get *used* to blood?"

"Oh, that's simple, you could have asked directly, you know." As Francesco shrugged, Kakashi sweat-dropped, maybe he *had* seen too many thrilled and noir film lately.

"The Briatore work as butchers, the civilian side of it, and since pocket money is something we scuff upon unless earned: he's been working as a butcher in the Briatore compound in his free time. He's used to blood alright." Kakashi actually sighed, he had, kind of, expected something like strange bloody ritual with kittens or forced intimidation, this was something...well, normal.

"I see…I've got another question though if you're in a hurry…" Francesco shrugged.

"Aurelio can wait: he's been dead for a couple months already."

"Hey!" with that, the man growled in silence.

"…don't want to know that." Kakashi said, raising his arms in a sort of *I surrender to this nonsense* thing, "Anyway, what was your other question?"

"Did you really tell Naruto…about everything? He looked completely unfazed, and didn't utter a single word about it." Kakashi replied, worriedly.

"Obviously I told him everything, but you see…that would have affected him, if he had stayed alone, all this time, with people hating him for something he didn't do. Right now, he's got family and he's no longer hated, why should he boast about his past, or about what he is, when he already knows we do not care about it?"

"But his dream is to become the Hokage, so that…" Kakashi replied, but earned himself a chuckle.

"You think he'll ever become the Hokage? He's in the family, if he were to become the Hokage the Konoha's population would revolt. There is integration among us, Kakashi-san, but we are open-minded, the same cannot always be said with the rest of the shinobi of Konoha, and Naruto knows that, but that won't stop him from trying never the less."

"And when he fails, what are you going to do then?" Kakashi replied, puzzled.

"When he fails, I'll make him the head of the Giovanni family, if Ma' Giovanni won't be around...but knowing her she'd survive the end of the world. I trust my son to reach great heights, Kakashi-san, and I'm proud of him every step he takes, Konoha lost a great Hokage, the moment it insulted him and threw it away. The family earned himself the most prized member: he's kind, caring and gentle, the Spacca love him, the Briatore consider him one of their own, the Preziosi heiress is head over heels…albeit it's more like heel over-head, with him, the Salvatore spoke nicely of the boy, from what a little bird told me, and no matter what, there's nobody who hates him in the families. Can the same be said of Konoha?"

Kakashi sighed, the man was right.

"So it's our loss…I kind of wonder why you decided to take him in, out of everyone." Francesco chuckled.

"Actually, he should have gone with the Briatore family, but Ma' Giovanni insisted that he was precisely what I needed to put a head over my shoulders. Turns out she was right, as always."

"It's getting late…I know I'm dead, but I'd like not to be completely dead by the time we reach the Godfather!" with that, Aurelio made his presence *known* once more.

"I heard you Aure!"






"I'll be going!" with that Kakashi dashed off, leaving the two men to walk side by side, while saying their respective *nicknames*.

*Next morning*

Naruto yawned, as he stretched, feeling something…soft, next to him in bed, he opened an eye, as he heard a soft feminine moan coming to his ear. He opened the other and jumped out of the bed, pointing at the naked form of Leonarda.


"Aw, I got found out." With that, she made a small tongue gesture, and dispersed in a cloud of smoke.

"Wh…what the hell," Naruto muttered looking at his window, that had been unlocked in the night, probably by Leonarda herself…but he wasn't seeing her dashing off half naked through the roofs, so that could only mean…he felt someone place both her hands on his eyes, as he felt something soft on his back.

He flushed red, as a voice whispered behind him, while sensually biting on his right ear.

"Guess who I am?"

"A WHORE!" the reply came from the door opening in an instant, with Elena dashing in throwing a set of Kunais.

"Mother-in-law!" Leonarda dodged to the side, as Naruto simply jumped out of harm's way to the corner of the room.

"You filthy damn corruptor of sons, today this ends!" as Elena grabbed her katana, Leonarda, now fully dressed, jumped out of the window, not before sending a flying kiss to Naruto, that was however caught by a kunai and sent to bleed in a corner of the room.

"Naruto!" Elena snapped, bringing Naruto to attention.

"Yes, Sir?"

"Dress up! Today there's the feast for your first mission at the Corleone's mansion, we have lunch there. You sent the invitations?" as she asked that, she raised one of her Ninjato in a menacing pose.

"Yes Sir!"

"Good! Go and warn them of the time: Two O'clock, and of the place. Scattare!"

"YES SIR!" with that, Naruto dashed off, creating three Kage Bunshin to go and warn each of the guests.

He, on the other hand, would have headed over to Ichiraku's ramen for breakfast, a light one, though, if something smelling good hadn't actually caught his nostrils.

A sign, slightly swinging thanks to the wind, read:

"Baker's bakery,

Spacca's secret treats"

Going against his better judgment, Naruto sighed and entered.

"Ohi! Orange flashing light coming through!" The exclamation, coming as a sarcastically light salute, was from one of the baker's helpers.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Costanzo," as Naruto said that, waving to the baker's aid, the boy, with blond long hair that reached his shoulders, and sparkling green eyes, grinned showing off his *Adonis* like complexion.

"So, feast at lunch, right? Your team is ready to get a treat they won't forget?" as Costanzo asked that, Naruto chuckled.

"Yeah, I'm sure they have no idea what *really* is waiting them."

"Well, I suppose you'll have your usual then." As Costanzo pointed that out, he grabbed five white bread buns and two pieces of focaccia, "and off you go, you animal." With that said, Naruto grinned.

"I say you simply don't understand the intrinsic gustative design that is bread and focaccia," as Naruto replied that, he grabbed the carton bag and readied himself to pay, with his wallet, but received a stern hand sign of *no* with Costanzo raising his palm open wide.

"Anyone who manages to eat that thing, is worthy of the respect of every baker in the world."

"Your father isn't going to be happy if you give off food without having the customer pay though." Naruto replied, shrugging.

"Father would probably have you eat through the entire store free of charge, if it would just prove the point that your stomach has actually an end, Naruto." With a set of laughter, both boys waved each other goodbye.

As Naruto took respective bites out of one of the bread buns, and the focaccia, he sighed, throwing two forward at the hulking mountains of muscles that were coming his way.

"Ahah! Without even asking!" Gianni exclaimed, grabbing one, while Giacomo, on the other hand, gave the thumb up to Naruto, while grabbing his own bread bun with his teeth.

"Well done picciotto! You showed some balls with the limb stuff."

"Yeah, nice work! Are you heading somewhere?" Gianni queried.

"Nah, I learned this nice Jutsu: Kage Bunshin, it consumes a lot of chakra, but it's really useful, as it creates clones with their own memory, so each of my clones go and does something, and then later on when it disperses I get their memory back: so right now I'm strolling, killing time until I get all the replies," as Naruto shrugged.

"Oh…good!" with that, Naruto gulped, as both hulking mountains grabbed him, one by each side, and, laughing like madmen, not that they were sane on their bright days, they carried him for half the compound.

"Now Guys, you know I don't swing that…why are we in front of a tailor?"

"Galante's silk,

Leather and coats"

"Oh NO, NO NO AND NO!" as Naruto tried to run, he simply got held harder, as the two men brought him in.

"If it isn't Naru-chan!" Naruto froze and gulped down.

"Maybe we overdid it Gianni."

"Yeah, I didn't know Grandma Galante was in at this hour." Gianni replied.

"We're sorry pal. Really." Giacomo muttered his condolences, Naruto turned around, sighing, as his cheek was pinched between the index and the thumb of a really thin elderly woman, with a pair of small round glasses, and white as snow hair. She smiled softly at the boy, before grabbing her pincushion and her pins.

"So, you're ready for your picciotto's uniform? Tell me Naru-chan, sleeveless coat or trench coat?" as she started pinning pieces of clothes on him, Naruto stared with a murderous glare at the two Spacca brothers, who had, most generously, decided to leave him alone to face his destiny.

Grandma Galante, whose name was Graziella, was the matriarch of the Galante family. Useless to say she had really bad eyesight, but kept being the tailor of the family, and, worst of all, nobody was sane in his mind to usurp her position as tailor, because, while not being able to see a thing, she was the most deadly force of the Galante family, so much that the battles to get to Mass on Sunday, at the church were an actual fight between Ma' Giovanni and Grandma Galante, and everyone else, even the Godfather, usually waited for them to sit first.

Between a rock and a hard place was always better than between the two grannies of the families. Grandma Galante…well, she was the worst out of the two, in a clearly positive sense.

"Trench coat."

"But Naru-chan, a trench coat and a katana is cliché, it doesn't suit you. Let's go with a sleeveless coat."

"It's not a katana, it's a twin flying Naginata, what about a Black one?" Naruto hoped.

"No, what about fiery red?"

"Grandma…I'm a ninja. Fiery red is not a ninja hiding color."

"Oh…fine." Graziella rolled her eyes over, "Dark orange."

"That's even worst."

"Who's the tailor between us?"
"You are, Grandma."

"Good! So it's bright purple."

"NO! Please, Grandma, no!" as Naruto exclaimed that, Graziella grinned to herself, chuckling.

"And dark blue it is."

"Fine," Naruto sighed in relief, there were times when you didn't know if she was being serious, or simply under the effect of old age dementia.

"Then, let's see, how about a long sleeveless jacket, but to go with dark blue, I'd say some color is needed. Bright pink?"


"Hard to please huh? I like challenges…then how about stint dark green?"

"Fine by me."

"Good. Now the shirt…no, not any shirt would do, if they wound you and your shirt is exposed, you want to show your style even to the shinigami."

"…fine. How about a white one?"

"Why not? It's a shirt, no-one is going to see it."

"But you…You just…never mind!" as Naruto rolled his eyes over, Grandma Galante turned to the trousers.

"Dark leather ones."

"They're creaky."

"Bright leather ones."

"It's the leather that's creaky."

"You ain't going around my turf in baggy pants." Graziella snapped.


"Fine leather trousers, of a nice grey shade, and voilà, you're perfect! Now I just have to build it: I'll send the bill to the Spacca brothers, aren't you happy you got a new suit?" as she queried that, Naruto sighed.

"Yeah Grandma…can you remove the pins now?" with a smirk, Graziella grabbed two pieces of metal, and, while channeling electrical chakra into them, started rubbing them together, and immediately, the pins flew off Naruto.


"Thank you Grandma!" as Naruto was about to dash away he stopped, turned around, gave a quick peck on Graziella's cheek, and then left definitively.

"What a nice boy. Not like some of my nephews who can only speak about *Beyblades* and stuff like that, mah…nah, I like my nephews too."

As Naruto dashed out, thinking he was over all of his duties, one of the clones dispersed, telling him that Kakashi sensei was going to be there without problems.

The second one dispersed five minutes afterwards, telling him that also Sasuke was going to be present.

That's when he heard a whisper coming from a nearby dark alley.

"That's cliché. You know?" as Naruto grinned moving slowly towards the dark alley, a boy in a wide trench coat, and a wide trimmed hat that covered most of his features, coupled with a white mask that had no sign whatsoever, stood silently waiting Naruto, hand-signing him to get closer.

"Oh my, the scary pedophile of the alleyway, nice to see you too, Arnoldo," Naruto chuckled as the boy's gestures actually mimicked that of an angry man who wished to claim he was *not* a pedophile.

"Chill down, so, what's the matter?"


"Can't come?" Naruto was worried he wouldn't be able to come, it was a pity, but the life of the Salvatore was like that.

"Not that. Byakugan present."

"Ah…right, the Byakugan can see through your mask, right?" Arnoldo nodded.

"Can't you come without, as a fake Giovanni? Nobody from my team has spent a lot of time here, they won't know." Naruto queried.

"Possible. Elder or younger?"

"I'd say to use your own age, you can use the name you fancy the most, and just present yourself first, so I know it's you…and not actually a cousin I didn't know about till then."

"One and only."

"Yep, that entrance rocks!" as Naruto raised his hand for a high five, Arnoldo returned it with a silenced clap.

"One day, you're going to clap it hard, I know it," Naruto pointed that out, before he waved goodbye to one of the Salvatore's kids, and left to run towards the training grounds of the Giovanni, might as well get some more training under the belt.

That's when the final clone dispersed, bringing in the memory of a really scared Hinata and a really angry Hiashi. Naruto knew this wasn't going to end well. Especially because Hiashi had stated he would make his displeasure *vocal* in front of the godfather.

Naruto had no choice, he changed course and directed himself towards the Godfather's mansion.

Normally, he wouldn't have, but the point was that, Hiashi, in his mentality of head clan, had been wrong. If he, Naruto Giovanni, did something while calling upon the Giovanni name, it was Ma' Giovanni who had to answer of his actions, not the Godfather.

So, he had to point out that mistake, before it turned badly. Challenging the Godfather meant that one had to challenge all the family heads before, or it result in a bloody bloodbath...Hinata wouldn't forgive him for having his family kill her father.

"The Godfather is busy right now. Can it wait?" the Godfather's secretary, a man with short dark hair and hazel eyes, who wore glasses on the tip of his nose, stood there, with his delicate features, and kind of thin attitude, but collected and poised. His hair had been held in a sort of wave pattern thanks to gel and brilliantine.

"Mario…it's the Head of the Hyuga clan…he's kind of pissed I gave him my two cents last night…and he wants to challenge the Godfather." Naruto muttered.

"Did you give out the Corleone's name?" Mario replied, narrowing his eyes, but softening the gaze when Naruto shook his head.

"No, I went there as Giovanni, it was personal so I gave my name. I just wanted the bastard to stop hitting his daughter till she got bruises all over."

"The gentleman in you, huh?" Mario chuckled.

"She said I was her drive…" Naruto blushed, "so I couldn't let her go in that way."

"Oh my, direct girl," Mario grinned, "as long as it's not as bad as Leonarda's case."

"She's actually pretty shy, Hinata, my team mate, that is."

"Oh thank Kami, if you were speaking about Leonarda I'd have to ask if she slipped you some mind altering drug." Mario placed a hand in front of his mouth to hide his widening grin.

"So…what do I do?" as Naruto queried that, Mario thought about it for a moment.

"Well, I suppose they'll come over for the feast, right?" Naruto nodded.

"Then I'll have Donato Preziosi and Corrado Galante taking care of it," as Mario said that with a slightly evil grin, Naruto paled.

"Listen…he's the father of Hinata, please, not the *from straight to gay* in five minute thing, please. Hinata wouldn't forgive me."

"Oh…come on, it's the two best talkers of the family, I say in the time they get here, Hiashi would gladly offer Hinata's hand to you."

Naruto fiercely went to blush a nice crimson red color.

"I…I don't know. It's the godfather who arranges marriages."

"Yeah, but only if you're a desperate case, like your father was: as lazy as hell if you didn't tell him what to do…usually you just date a while and then talk to the Godfather about making it *official*" Mario explained slowly, and Naruto nodded.

"Thanks for the help Mario! Need anything?"

"Nah, I'm fine. Go and rest easy, Mario Corleone the one with most hair of the family, will solve it all." With that joke as an ending, pointing out the fact that he was the only one with hair still on his head, while the others had gone bald or near bald, Naruto waved goodbye, and dashed off once more.

He'd train, have a quick shower, then head over to the Corleone's mansion and wait for the feast to begin.

That was the plan.

A pity he was literally taken by the neck by a certain Romano Preziosi, father of a certain Leonarda Preziosi, and dashed straight through the entirety of the Corleone's compound, the Briatore compound, and finally deep into the heart of the Preziosi compound.

The Preziosi compound was an ensemble of houses with gardens, on which every garden had a different group of plants. Ranging from beneficial to harmful, from innocent to hallucinogen, from consumed as is to needing treatment before becoming powerful neurotoxins, the Preziosi were the ones who worked with poisons, and thus they needed to know what their enemy was going to drink or eat, or where he was going to be. A *regular* of the compound was a certain *Snake mistress*, Anko, and for that reason there actually was a dango stall nearby. Just for some extra cash.

Truth was, Anko usually passed by the Spacca bakery to buy gnocchi, as it turned out that Dangos were simply that, *gnocchi* on a stick, albeit made with a different type of flour and flavor…when she had learnt that, Anko's one-way trips to the Preziosi compound became just a tiny bit longer.

"So…why am I being brought like a bag of potatoes?" as Naruto queried that, Romano smiled, dropping him off near the pier that gave into the Preziosi's private and small lake…filled with tunas. There were carps, in there, once. Then since carps weren't that good to eat, everyone motioned to have tunas replace the carps.

"You have time to spend, I need fishes, we fish, and everything is fine."

With that, Romano simply handed over a fishing rod to Naruto, and, taking his own, they both began to fish.

"It's nice...but the fish are smart," Naruto whispered after a while, as he could feel the fish toying with him, slowly taking bites without actually ending on the hook.

"Yeah: it turns out there's a big old and creaky carp in there still, which refused capture. We think it's training the other tunas to be smart." Romano pointed that out with a smile, and Naruto stared back surprised, before shrugging.

"So, why bring me here?"

"You know, you're a picciotto now…you've started missions, you could die in any of them, you know that?"

"It's the duty I chose. I wasn't forced into it. I could have gone to work in Ma's chemist shop, I think the Spacca wouldn't have minded me working as a baker, father too said he wouldn't have minded me opening a ramen stall, as long as I didn't eat all the ramen I was supposed to cook and serve," as Naruto pointed that out, both grinned, "I never had a choice before, it was always *monster* here, and *demon* there, I was hit, thrown out of shops or worst, and so the only place where they couldn't outright refuse me was the ninja academy. That's why my dream had been of becoming the best ninja, to have the other recognize me as the one I really was…then Francesco came along, and I was offered choice, and a family…though you have to explain to me why Leonarda is so clingy to me."

"That, I do not know myself." Romano replied, nodding, "but then again, your dream is to become the next Hokage, to protect everyone. Why is that? Shouldn't you just crush those who have offended you?"

Naruto shrug his head.

"No, you see, if I do that, I'd be no different from what they called me, *monster*, by proving them wrong, they can feel shame, and teach their own children not to fall for the easy mistakes, of taking one for granted. Oh right, how's Zabuza doing by the way?"

"Haku-chan, the hunter-nin" as Romano began, Naruto's eyes bulged.

"It was a woman?"

"Yes, it was."

"Okay, continue."

"Haku-chan is in the Preziosi compound, she's skilled with the medical herbs, so she's staying there for the moment, until we formalize everything, while Zabuza-san should be within the Spacca's family compound. They told me he's actually a nice pitcher."

"With the sword he swings…" Naruto replied with a chuckle.

"Yeah." And with that, they both fished until they caught nothing.

"There are as many tunas as there are sand grains on a beach, and we couldn't catch one!" Naruto muttered to himself, as he ran his way to get ready.

When the time for the feast actually arrived, Hiashi was slightly blushing, while the two most beautiful looking men ever seen before were surrounding him: one had pearly white skin and dark raven hair, with sparkling violet eyes, while the other had golden hair and clear grey eyes, his skin slightly tanned and Hinata was watching the scene worse than puzzled: horrified.

"Then there's this cream that…"

"but with your skin…"
"I'd rather…"

"Hinata-chan!" Naruto waved at Hinata, who dashed towards him and grabbed him tightly in a hug.


My heart belongs to Naruto, my heart belongs to Naruto, my heart belongs to Naruto. As the Hyuga girl kept thinking that, Hiashi finally snapped out of his entrancement, just to say to the boy.

"This time, only, I'll close an eye…and I might tone down her training…a bit. That's all…"

"Please stay for lunch…"

"…it won't be a problem…"

"I have to go!" Hiashi yelled, dashing off.

Both men chuckled to each other, before giving a double high five to Naruto and heading inside.

"Everything's fine?"

"Naruto-kun! I…Yes." Hinata blushed, separating herself from the boy she loved and adored. She had come dressed in her usual attire, and even Naruto hadn't *suited* up.

"Yo!" Kakashi said, appearing behind them with a smiling eye.

"You have to teach me the trick for having your eye smile, sensei." Naruto replied, as Sasuke arrived minutes later, grinning quite happily.

"Hya Teme!"

"Hey Dobe, I must thank the Spacca guards, they stopped the fan girls from following me here…you know, I'm starting to like your family." As Sasuke said that, Hinata, Kakashi and Naruto froze on the spot, surprised.


"N-Nothing Sasuke-teme."

"Yeah, Naruto-dobe, so, where's the free food?"

"Right this way!"

Five hours later, two knocked out cold Genins, one knocked out cold Jounin two hundred slightly filled bellies later, Naruto chuckled as he saluted Costanzo.

"They didn't know what to expect, right?"

"Yeah…they won't wake up even for the toast, I suppose."
"Oh well…" with that Costanzo grinned, as he turned his gaze, as did the rest of the people on the various tables, towards the main one, where the Godfather stood, standing up and raising his flute filled with champagne, while the kids had apple juice and some had red wine.

"Well then, this feast is for all those who did their first missions as Picciotto, please, stand up." As the godfather said that, a dozen of boys stood up from their seat, and the Godfather smiled bitterly, before continuing.

"It's saddening, but out of you twelve, probably half of you will die by the end of the decade, for that, I apologize. This is the sad rule of the family: sacrifices are to be made so that the family may grow stronger. Know this, however, and keep it in your heart, always. The walls may fall, and the houses may crumble, people may die and the sky may be set ablaze by the final hour, but no matter what, family is what lies deep in one's heart." With that, the godfather raised his flute, as did everyone else.

"Amen" came as the wholesome reply.

Author's notes

Added a bunch of Ocs? Checked.

Showed some more *family time goodness*? Check.

Added mysterious sub-plot? Check.

Explained why Naruto was unfazed of death? Check.

Hope you all enjoyed.