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Summary- Marriage can be a bitch especially between a human and a saiyan prince, but their love is unique.

Pairing- Kagome/ Vegeta


A Saiyan's Wife


"Your an ass" Kagome shouted downstairs towards her husband, who slammed the front door shut.

"Love you too," she heard vaguely before the door had shut.

Kagome fumed at how ridiculous and pissy her husband was being just because she decided to make some food for the guys as a way of thanking them for helping her move boxes.

Her feet padded across the bathroom floor, her hips swaying as she moved into the bedroom lifting up another moving box.

She moved ones already labeled to the side stopping when she came upon one not labeled.

She opened it moving things aside when she came upon a photo album.

She sat down on the bed flipping through the filmy pages. Most of the picture were from when she first came to this world and first met everyone.

It was right after they had defeated Cell and she had just returned from her three year journey fighting against Naraku in her home world.

It was love at first sight between her and Vegeta; well more like lust at first sight.

Their relationship had been purely physical, but along the way his grumpy, arrogant prince self wormed his way into her heart, although it took nearly three years before he popped the question, which grumpily she had to admit was only when he found out she was pregnant.

But they worked on their relationship and eventually she got him to use the L-word come their wedding day.

She wasn't like most girls, Bulma and her kept a friendly relationship and she even babysat Trunks from time to time.

She was nothing like Chichi either, she was alright with Vegeta and their ten year old son fighting, they were Saiyans it is what they do.

She worked and took care of the home, and expected her family at the table by seven for dinner.

She smiled when she heard the door downstairs slam shut. Kagome smiled placing the album back in the box, walking out of the bedroom.

Vegeta was standing at the bottom of the steps a frown on his face, he moved with lighting speed in front of her in a flash, his arms coming around her waist

She wrapped her arms around his neck. "What took you so long," she asked reaching up to give his a chaste kiss.

"Our son was a slow flyer on the way to school today," he growled, kissing her greedily. His hands ran up and down her sides.

"Hmm, well now that your home," she said slowly inching towards the stairs.

"You have to finish unpacking, while I go out with Bulma," she yelled the last part already out the door by the time she finshed her sentence.

When he came out of his stupor he growled racing outside only to see his wife about a mile away riding with Bulma on her motorbike.

He growled in frustration before smiling; just wait till she gets home! He thought with devious smirk on his face.

END. Short but sweet!