Chapter 2

Clary walked through the door to the bathroom. It was a joint bathroom; one door connected it to her bedroom, the other to Jace's. She opened her toiletries bag and pulled out a hair brush to brush her hair. When she finished getting out the last stubborn tangle in her hair, she put the brush down on the bathroom countertop next to the sink and leaned into the mirror to check her teeth. Then she picked up her toothbrush and ran it under the water once before picking up the toothpaste. Before she could begin brushing her teeth, Jace walked through the door that was connected to his bedroom. His tucked in shirt had disappeared. Clary could faintly make out the thin markings all over his bare chest and back without his shirt on. His jeans hung low on his waist, exposing the lines around his hips. Seeing Clary's eyes plastered all over his body, he gave her a knowing-grin and closed the door from behind him.

"Had enough yet? Don't tire yourself, Clary. I'm not going anywhere." he smirked. Clary quickly looked up to his face, her eyes avoiding his bare, muscular body.
"I was just brushing my teeth." she said clumsily, flustered by the sight of Jace. He walked over to her and stretched his arm past Clary's waist to pick up her tooth brush. "Yea. I recommend using toothpaste next time. It could just be me, but I feel the taste of mint on a girl's mouth is much more appealing than that leftover food smell." His hand dropped the toothbrush back onto the counter and he stretched his other arm around Clary's waist to clasp his hands around her petite body. His cheek rested on the top of Clary's hair. Clary took a deep breath, smelling the faint trace of Jace's cinnamon cologne lingering on his body.

His hands un-winded from her back to feel Clary's lower waist and butt. "Hmm, there no Soffe booty shorts, but these pajamas will do." He said.

"Glad you approve," Clary said after giggling and putting her arms around his bare waist. Kissing her on the forehead, they turned to look into the mirror.

"Hey look! It's just like our first sleepover" he said childishly, his voice containing the hint of sexuality at his innuendo at the same time. Only he could put those two together and make it work. Or maybe it was just Clary. Everything he said ended up sounding sexual regardless.

"Yea, except for two things." Clary said tilting her head away from Jace's chest and into his golden brown eyes.

"Hmm. Let me guess, the first is we're not staying in the same room." He said with a trace of disappointment in his voice, and anger towards Mayrse and Robert for treating him as though he was a child.

"Mhm, and the second is...your..not...getting...any..." Clary's face getting progressively closer to his with every word until their noses were touching, then their foreheads, and finally their lips. Between breaths, Jace managed to mutter out "We'll see" to her. She giggled wrapped around in his arms.

Jace moaned under his breath, and pulled back from the kiss. Their faces still touching, Jace whispered, "You know I really did come in here to take a shower. Not that kissing you isn't the more pleasant option of the two." Jace winked at her and Clary frowned. "You know, the best option of them all, you could always just get in with me-"

"Jace Wayland!"Clary slapped his chest playfully and pulled him in for another kiss. She wished she could stay in that position forever, their bodies against each other, with no eyes watching and looking down upon them. Clary remembered the reason she had come into the bathroom, to brush her teeth, and suddenly she became self conscious of the odor she could be carrying. Wishing she could retain that pleasant aroma of cologne and mangoes like Jace managed too, she pulled back from their kiss and turned her body towards the sink. Without any words besides the smile on her face, she put the toothpaste on her toothbrush and leaned over the rose colored sink to brush. She tried to be graceful and she scrubbed the plaque off her teeth. In the mirror, she saw Jace pushing back the shower curtain and leaning over the tub to turn the water faucet on . Clary spit into the sink quickly and snapped back to face him.

"Jace turn off the shower! Your parents are going to hear it and get the wrong idea!" As always, she added in her head.

"Oh Clary, don't deny your urge to see me in my element." he said slyly.

"The shower? Water is your element?"

"No silly, being WET. Drives the girls crazy. Guys too, but I can't help that part."

"Mhm, oh yea." she said nodding her head sarcastically, wishing she could see him "in his element". Why'd he give her that mental picture? Something about Jace's smile told her that was exactly what he meant to do.

"Besides, Clary, don't even worry about what my parents are saying. We promised to behave, and they'll hold us to it. And as for Isabelle, she's just being her usual snarky jealous self at others happiness. Just wait until Meliorn arrives. I can promise you she make your little Soffe shorts look like a ball gown." he said, closing the faucet obediently. Meliorn was the fairie from the Seelie Queen's court, and also Isabelle's date for the wedding the following day. Jace crossed his arms leaning against the door to wait for Clary to finish brushing her teeth patiently. She couldn't help become aware of his eyes boring into her side and back. She rinsed her tooth brush and mouth and smiled at Jace, gesturing to the shower. "You are free to continue, she said, opening the door connecting to her room, and stepping out quietly to the sound of Jace's voice muttering "thank you." She closed the door, and a few moments later the sound of water running in the shower began again.

Crap! I forgot my glasses! Clary thought to herself, smacking her in the forehead. She had already removed her contacts in the bathroom, but was too "distracted" to remember to take out her glasses from her bag, so at least she wouldn't be completely blind for the rest of the evening with Jace's family. Thinking Jace would already be behind the curtain and that she could grab her glasses from off the counter and be out in an instant, Clary quickly opened the door. What was intended as a quiet motion, the door ended up swinging open instead and banging against the back of the wall, and plainly facing her was Jace, completely bare naked. Clary, stunned, stared for a second before smacking her hand over her eyes embarrassed. She heard the sound of Jace's laughter coming from in front of her loudly.

"Oh for the Angel's sake, Jace, can you please get behind the curtain!" He just continued to laugh, and said, "Hey now, you were the one who walked in on all of this." He didn't have to say anything but Clary could imagine him gesturing down his body with his hands conceitedly. Peeking from between her index and middle finger, she tried to locate Jace's face, and only his face. Walking towards him, she smacked his shoulder and nearly shouted to him to be heard over the running water, "Get behind the curtain, go!" he continued to laugh, but finally listened and dodged behind the shower curtain. Clary turned around, her breaths low and shallow, and felt around the counter top to find her glasses case. Regardless of the fact she could have lowered her hands, Clary continued to cover her eyes until she sprinted out of the room, shutting the door and cutting off Jace's voice singing "Drop it like it's hot, drop it like it's hot..."

Clary looked at her empty bedroom, sighed, and smiled.