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Chapter One

"Sakura Haruno I am pleased to inform you, you have successfully passed all the qualifications to become an ANBU. You will get your tattoo within the next week and will be informed of your team within the next few days, any questions...none good. Congratulations Sakura I'm so proud", I looked up to the face of my mentor who was giving me a small smile that very few got to see. I'm proud to say I'm one of those few.

"Thank-you Shisou", I gave her a small bow before the two ANBU walked me outside. They vanished off to Kami knows where and soon I was tackled by a orange blob.

"SAKURA-CHAN WHAT HAPPENED", questioned a panicked Naruto. Ingress being dragged to the Hokage's office by a pair of ANBU freaked him out. Sasuke came up behind him and didn't look a hair out of place but the look in his eyes told me he'd been worried too.

"Well let's just say I once again out-rank you", I gave a small smirk as Sasuke gaped and Naruto stared at me trying to process what I had said.

"What you mean you're an AN-", he didn't finish his question because Sasuke smacked the back of his head.

"How stupid are you dobe? You can't go blabbing to the world that kind of information. Geez no wonder you're not an ANBU yet", Sasuke scoffed while Naruto glared at him. I didn't even bother to step in. The two did this too much for me to bother to break it up anymore. Unless a chidori showed up they could beat the crap out of each other all they wanted.

"So what's your excuse teme, I mean Itachi was an ANBU at 11 and your already 17 an-", once again Naruto was cut off by a hit to the head. I winced a little but I knew he'd deserved it. Everyone knew Sasuke was touchy about Itachi. They loved each other but their rivalry was still going on after all this time. It was actually kind of ridiculous. I'd only talked to Itachi a handful of times. Whenever we went to the Uchiha district he was either busy or he didn't bother trying to talk to his little brother's teammates. He seemed kind of stuck up, but as captain of the top ANBU squad in the fire country he had good reason to be.

Naruto got up off the ground and launched himself at Sasuke. The two began to scuffle and if it hadn't happened a thousand times before I might have been embarrassed at the looks I was getting as my teammates behaved like children. A small poof next to me alerted me that I was no longer the only sane member of Team Seven present.

"So they're at it again", came the bored voice of the copy-nin. I could tell by the distracted tone in his voice that his nose was probably shoved in an orange book but then again it always was was. He gave a small giggle letting me know that he was reading one of the notorious 'romance scenes'(porn). I rolled my eyes as the idiots around kept doing what they'd been doing for the past five years.

Acting stupid.

"Alright enough. Guys break it up, guys, guys. SHUT THE HELL UP!", all the boys instantly looked to me with fear in their eyes. Even Kakashi took a step back. Sasuke and Naruto broke up and dusted themselves off still shooting glares at one another. I couldn't help but feel agitated. I mean really how old were these guys, we weren't genin anymore could they at least act their age.

"Sorry Sakura", the boys muttered. Kakashi merely gave another giggle as he went back to his porn.

"Hey Sakura why don't we go to Ichiraku's to celebrate your promotion", considering the whole village knew I was a jounin I knew that with Naruto's yelling the entire village would know I was an ANBU before sundown. Trust Naruto to completely ignore subtlety. I loved him to death but Kami he was a baka.

"I don't know we go their everyday how is eating their celebrating", I asked. It was the truth we ate their so much that it was the first place people checked to find us if we weren't home. They checked there before the training grounds. Naruto still ate their breakfast, lunch, and dinner and usually he would try to drag us to at least one meal there several times a week. After training, before a mission, after a mission, when we were bored, when we were way too busy to be eating ramen. It was definitely a staple in our life and excuse me for wanting something a little more special (and better tasting) than ramen.

"But eating ramen is a celebration. It's the best thing in the entire world", Naruto struck a nice guy pose in such good imitation of a few green spandex owners that we all shuddered in mild disgust before Naruto went back to his normal standing position.

"Well what about the new grill place. Ino ate there with her team and she said it was pretty good. And you know Ino she hates most food and she liked that place so it's got to be good. And she even said Choji was full with one meal that's got to be a record", I told them trying to get my way out of ramen for the 5th time in a week. Naruto gave a sad pout face and looked like he was about to argue when Sasuke decided it was time to interrupt.

"Why don't we just go to my place. My mom's been complaining that she hasn't seen you guys in a while and we can actually talk freely there", Sasuke suggested. I lost smirked at his expression when he talked about what his mother wanted. He's such a momma's boy. Naruto constantly teases him about it but Mikoto has him whipped too. How funny a 40-year old woman has two of the most powerful ninjas in the fire nation completely whipped. You've got to admire her for that.

"Awesome. Your mom is like the best cook ever, no offense Sakura-chan", Naruto said sheepishly. I didn't mind I had a soft spot for the Uchiha matriarchs cooking as well.

"No prob but shouldn't we ask first. We can't just show up and expect her to feed us right", I looked to Sasuke for support. If Naruto had his way he'd just storm in there and demand food. Naruto was not known for his manners so I was hoping Sasuke would help me out.

"No its fine I doubt she'll complain", and with a shrug the Uchiha started his way towards his compound. I sweat dropped at the fact no male in my group thought that asking permission might be considered more polite. I started to follow the two boys when I noticed Kakashi wasn't following.

"Sensei aren't you going to join us", I asked puzzled. Usually he tagged along to these dinners but today he just seemed unenthusiastic.

"No I'm going to take a walk maybe read a little", I felt a wave of sadness wash over me knowing that he was probably going to the memorial, but I knew he had to do it do I just gave him a small smile.

"Alright well I'll see you tomorrow at training, try to show up on time", I scolded him half-heartedly. He gave me a small salute before poofing away. I stood there for a minute before an annoying blonde snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Sakura-chan come on I'm starving and momma Uchiha is waiting", Naruto whined as he started dragging me down the street. I slapped his hand away and started walking down the street with Naruto skipping behind me.

"Don't call my mom that dobe", Sasuke told Naruto. Sasuke walked beside me and Naruto walked in front of us.

"Naruto's pretty enthusiastic isn't he", I laughed softly. Sasuke smirked a little as he watched Naruto walk in front of us.

"He's an idiot", but the little smile on his face gave him away. I knew that the two treated each other like brothers underneath their (petty) rivalry.

"Yeah well he's our idiot", I said with a fond smile. We continued walking and soon came up to the Uchiha district. Many of the members gave strange looks to our blonde teammate but gave a small bow to Sasuke. I smiled at many of the ones I recognized from the hospital. Many of them waved to me and gave me a small bow as well.

"Geez Sakura-chan it's like you're already an Uchiha", I blushed a deep red and Sasuke turned his eyes to the floor. Over the years my crush on him had turned more into brotherly love but now that Naruto no longer had feelings for me he was set on getting us together. It was embarrassing but it was kinda sweet how much he wanted us to be happy.

"Shut up dobe", unfortunately Sasuke had the emotions of a teaspoon and thought he was trying to embarrass us not make a kind effort. Then again I'd been about to smack the back of his head so maybe we were on the same page.

"Whatever just make sure to name your first son after me", Naruto suggested innocently if it was even possible I got more red. Naruto noticed Sasuke's eyebrow twitch and took off towards the main house with us right behind him.

"Like hell I'll name my kid Naruto", Sasuke scowled. I gave him a look of disbelief that he hadn't denied we'd ever have kids together I was about to retort to both of them when someone beat me to it.

"Wait Sasuke your having a kid why didn't you tell me doesn't your dear mum deserve to know", there stood a pouting Mikoto at the door to the main house.

She looked a lot like Sasuke. Dark hair, dark eyes and her hair reached all the way down to her back and even at 40 she made men's jaws drop much to her husbands chagrin.

"I'm not having a kid", growled an angry Sasuke. Mikoto gave him a look that made his blood run cold and he quickly muttered apologies while I tried not to laugh.

"Dang Sasuke she's got you whipped", Naruto yelled as he let out a peal of laughter.

"Naruto that's not very nice say you're sorry", Mikoto scolded. I watched the happy expression disappear off of his face and his shoulders hunched.

"I'm sorry te-Sasuke", muttered a very sad blonde. Sasuke gave a small smirk but immediately put on a sober expression so his mom wouldn't know how extremely entertaining this was to him. I didn't bother trying my amusement as I watch Naruto give a small, growl in Sasuke's direction after Mikoto turned around. I rolled my eyes at the two boys and walked into the house behind Mikoto. The boys followed soon after and argued quietly while us women pretended to not hear them.

"So Sakura how's the hospital going, your head of the ER wing right", Mikoto asked kindly as we made our way into the living room.

"Yes but I'm going to be going back to missions full time now", Mikoto immediately brightened up.

"Really well that's good it'll be nice that someone smart will be on my boys team, they tend to get in trouble a lot", she said throwing a knowing look in Naruto and Sasuke's direction.

"Actually I won't be on their team I just got promoted", I admitted as a shocked look crossed her face. The boys stopped arguing and looked in our direction wondering what Mikoto's reaction would be. I felt the wind knocked out of me as she embraced me in a huge hug.

"Congratulations I'm so proud. I assumed you'd get promoted first but I didn't know it'd be this soon", she gave me a broad smile as she pulled away.

"Wait you thought she'd get promoted before me", asked a put out Sasuke. Even after all these years he looked cute when he pouted. Even Naruto looked down but before I could defend myself Mikoto beat me to it.

"Well unlike you two she isn't reckless and that tends to put prospective sponsors off of picking you", Mikoto scolded. She then got up and went over to the kitchen. The boys stood there putting until the smell of salmon reached our noses.

"Mommy Uchiha what are you making", asked Naruto as he stomach growled. Sasuke hit him for calling his mom that then listened for his mom's answer.

"Onigiri", Naruto cheered while Sasuke scowled.

"Why are you making nii-sans favorite when he isn't even home", Sasuke complained. His mom chucked a rice ball at him but he just caught it with his mouth and continued scowling.

"He's supposed to be home today, as a matter of fact he should have been here hours ago", I could detect the worry in her voice but Sasuke just scoffed.

"He's probably writing his novel of a mission report and giving it to the Hokage", Sasuke said rolling his eyes.

"Actually my team was ambushed on the way home but your concern for my safety is touching out otouto", I turned around to found myself nose to nose with Uchiha Itachi.

And he was way too close to me on this couch.

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