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"Darken Rahl! Darken Rahl! Darken Rahl!" The chanting of his soldiers boomed within his palace. Candles were lit and the moonlight shined in through a glass window. The man smiled from his throne, rising a hand to calm them down.

"My brothers..."He raised his glass, "Let us celebrate this great year of serving the Keeper. When our deeds are done, he will reward us greatly. I have to honor of hosting this event! With that said, enjoy the feast!" With that the room rose up in uproar, music played as men drank themselves drunk. Darken Rahl smiled as he watched the lively feast.

"Tonight's wonderful hmm Cara?" He turned to look at the Mord-Sith standing next to him. It was the duty of a Mord-Sith to obey her master, no questions asked. She turned to look at him then back at the soldiers and replied, "If that is what my lord thinks then that is what I think as well." Lord Rahl smiled and took a sip of wine from the cup. "Oh Cara don't be like that, you may voice your thoughts to me. She gave him a stern look and said, "My Lord, my thoughts are private, I do not wish to convey them to you."

He was quiet for a second then smiled. Cara and her Sisters of Agiels are truly fearsome and beautiful yet, they are in my control. It's a dream come true. Deep in thought, he was startled by screaming as the windows were blown apart.

"On your feet men!" He stood up, sword drawn. Some of the men stumbled to grab their swords, others just laid on the floor, out cold. "Fools...over dosed on the wine." He growls.

"My lord, you were the one who said enjoy the feast" Cara reminded him, her two Agiels posed for anticipation.

"I did?" Rahl looked at her confused. "You sure?"

"My lord I am a Mord-Sith, not a recorder. I do not write down every single word you say on a little notebook."

Rahl nodded his head and stared at the shattered window. Growling could be heard from the outside. The soldiers who could stand, edged their way closer to the door. Suddenly, something shot out and some of the men screamed as they were lifted out through the smashed window. Scared silly, the remaining soldiers backed up quickly as the screams were silenced.

Nothing stirred anymore. Outside there was a mournful howl, then it vanished quickly, the patter of paws disappeared into the night. Lord Rahl, Cara and some of the sisters rushed out the door and saw the dead soldiers, their necks were broken.

"Guard the town, no one is going to leave tonight." Rahl's face was gloomy. "This is not the Seeker's idea nor the Confessors...it is something much more powerful." He turned on his heels and walked back inside, the guards and mord-siths rushed off to do his bidding. Unknown to anyone, Cara looked closer and saw animal tracks, obviously the creatures but she also noticed some human tracks as well. They formed a pattern as though the animal morphed from human to beast as it escaped.

"No way...you are actually alive?" She found some scraps of clothing littered by the bodies, they weren't from the dead. An idea took form in her head and she looked up at the moon.

Where are you? Why are you hiding from me? As if to answer her thoughts, she heard that howling noise again, this time she is sure.

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