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"It feels weird to be back here," I whispered.

Edward's room back in Washington was mostly bare since he'd moved most of it into our apartment in Providence. Nothing was familiar but the bed on which we were laying.

"I know," he breathed quietly, pushing his nose against my throat.

"I miss our apartment," I said suddenly.

Edward chuckled against my skin. "One more week and we'll go home," he promised.

I had a sick satisfaction out of the way he said 'home'. While we'd only been living in our apartment for four months, it felt so much more than a home than the one I grew up in ever had. It was most likely because of Edward's presence. Every surface in our place was mingled with both of our stuff, down to the shelves in the bathroom. Since Tanya lived in the same building, she was often over with her new boyfriend, Cam.

Emmett proposed to Rosalie on October 15th, her birthday. Since we all lived so far apart, my parents had decided to throw them an engagement shower/party when we came home for Thanksgiving break.

I had escaped and was hiding in Edward's bedroom while my mother ordered the decorators and caterers around. Despite the empty feeling of Edward's room, the Cullen house was just as inviting as I remembered with its perpetual cinnamon smell, Esme's warm hugs, and Carlisle's gentle smiles.

When it came time to head over to my house, Edward and I drove over with Esme and Carlisle; it necessitated a car ride since a light snow was falling.

Rose was glowing with absolute happiness as she pulled me into a tight hug; she murmured that she loved me and couldn't wait to officially be my sister. Emmett attempted to wrestle me just as Alice saved me by jumping in my arms. Jasper was next, and I hugged his dad and Rose's mom then. Gran slipped me a drink.

The menu for the night was hors d'oeuvres and flutes of champagne. Emmett and Rose took turns telling snippets of their engagement story, while everyone listened intently. Edward held my hand throughout the entire night. As things wound down, everyone broke off and left after promising to get together the next day.

My mom and dad retired to bed pretty quickly, and Esme and Carlisle were fast to leave. Once Edward and I were left alone, I grabbed two thick toboggan hats from the hall closet, as well as gloves. Together, we walked outside and sat beneath the patio. White covered everything in a cold wonderland, leaving us shivering.

"I forgot how beautiful it is here," I sighed, my breath puffing out.

"Yeah," Edward murmured, squeezing my left hand. He did this so often it became a habit, his fingers squeezing my left hand one with his promise ring.

"It's so weird to think about this," I started. "I mean, my brother's engaged. He's going to be married." I shook my head in disbelief.

Edward smiled over at me. "We'll be married one day."

A pink stained my cheeks despite the harsh cold. "Mm, that sounds like something to look forward to."

His gloved hand caressed my cheek. "I can't wait to call you Mrs. Cullen."

I grinned. "I love you so much."

His surprisingly warm lips pushed against mine. "I love you, Bella. Always and forever."

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