Untitled Preview

Reader x Germany

AU : Undercover Scouting Mission to France

"And (name). You will be working with Germany for this project."

Shit. Not Him.

The tall blonde boy walked forward from the crowd of people, a downcast look on his face, his usual sparkling eyes now a more dull blue.

"Commander. I would rather go on this mission alone." You say, making the surrounding crowd go silent.

Commander Falkhayne walked over to you, not taking his stern and evil eyes off of you for a second. "You receive the honor of being the first woman to be a member of the German Army, and you have the nerve to bitch about your new mission!"

You hold your gaze with him for what seems like a minute when the Commander raises his hand. You feel a sharp stinging pain on your right cheek. You don't flinch even in the slightest, obviously infuriating Falkhayne. The troops leave the briefing room, isolating you with Germany and Falkhayne.

"Billige Hure. Sollten wir zehn Männer fick dich, das ist alles, du bist gut für." He mutters as he leaves the room, slamming the door behind him, leaving you with Germany.

"You!" You cast a finger towards him, not even giving him the privilege of looking at him. "What did that piece of shit say to me?"

"P-Piece of shit? You mean the Commander?" he asks, sounding more stupid then ever.

"No." you reply quickly. "I meant the lamp. Yes the fucking Commander you twit!"

"I won't let you talk to me like that. You're just a girl. A cheap whore, just like the Commander said." Germany states quietly.

You walk up to him, grabbing his chin and pulling it up to make eye contact with you. "Oh yeah, pretty boy? Just a cheap whore? Does the fact that a woman can kick your ass piss you off? Can't call for your mommy, even if you could, I doubt she would come to help you. You are destined to be just as much of a failure as your father was, German troop who spent his time singing songs and telling stories to his bunk mates as they slipped rat shit into his soup. A disgrace of a man."

You make it to the edge of the room when you hear him start running towards you.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

He almost reaches you and swings at you, his left hand just missing your neck. You duck out of the way and keep dodging his blows with ease.

Stupid AndSlow.

"You can start trying whenever you like." Your taunts put the boy into a rage, his face contorting, a vein popping out of his forehead.

"Okay, I'm bored." You say with a sigh.

A quick spin and a vertical kick later and the boy is beat. He doubles over in pain, grabbing at his torso, when you take him by the hair and pull him to the edge of the room.

"What an embarrassing story to tell your family, the fact that you lost in a fist fight to a cheap whore." you say, walking out of the door and leaving the tall boy crying in the corner of the room, his blonde hair still bunched in your hand.