This is my first fanfic. It mostly revolves around an OC, but the other characters will be very prominent.

Ch. 1

In a Car and (Hopefully) On Our Way

Wade Michiko DeBris wasn't really proud of her name. Wade was a boy's name, after all. After her older brother, her parents really wanted another boy, but instead, they got her. So they tried to pretend. She enjoyed a middle name like Michiko, however. An odd middle name was another thing she and her brother shared. His name was Roger Elizabeth.

She narrowed her eyes at the road angrily. Roger. Half the reason why she wanted to get herself out and into the world, half the reason why she wanted to curl up in her bed in the fetal position and sleep for days.

"Oh, look, Finding Nemo." Marc London changed the channel on the TV in the backseat. She had made him sit back there. She needed peace. Having him in the driver's seat all the way to New York would be as peaceful as a fresh and early crack-of-dawn smoke alarm being set off. "You look angry."

"I'm just thinking about things."

"Bad things?"

"Just things."

"There are lots of things in this world, Wade."

"This is why you're sitting in the backseat like a five-year-old."

"And watching Pixar movies. I'm getting memories of just sitting in the back, waiting for the day God would make my parents normal as I prayed over them singing 'Don't Stop Believin'' off-key."

Wade chuckled. Leave it to Marc to make her feel at least a little better.

"I see a smile." He nodded towards her. "So what do you really expect to find out here?"

"Well, a career. Maybe a boyfriend."

"Whoo! A boyfriend! You rascal! Maybe he'll even try to hold your hand! Ooh, how scandalous that would be!"

She rolled her eyes. She knew what he meant: her mother back home would never let her have a boyfriend. Well, not since Patrick Wesley, who threatened Roger with a knife one time at dinner.

Good times.

"But mainly a career. There's a new musical, A Streetcar Named Murray."

"What's it about?"

"It's about a naïve farm boy and the things that happen in his life, including witnessing domestic abuse, losing his family's fortune, and of course, for that Max Bialystock touch, an encounter with strippers."

Max Bialystock was a very well-known producer, along with this other guy, Leo Bloom, who Wade hadn't heard of until recently.

"I've gotta work with Bialystock." Marc clapped several times quickly. "When do I start?"

"First, you've gotta audition."

"Right. Almost forgot about that."

"Well, don't. Talk about a naïve farm boy."

"I did not live on a farm."

"Your locker in high school looked like farm animals had come into it and ransacked it."

"High school was full of farm animals. Now, what should I audition with?"

"Well, it's sort of a drama in some ways. How about something from-"

"West Side Story?"

"Yeesh," Wade rolled her eyes, "you sound like my brother." She remembered the Thanksgiving that they had flown to New York, rung the doorbell to his place, and had heard "I Feel Pretty." Wade had suggested that maybe the next time they came, they'd just knock. That song just gave her headache. She didn't know how Roger could stand it. Or maybe Carmen had picked it out and he'd just had to deal with it. Wade bit her lip.

"Okay, all right, I'll knock it of." Marc flicked his wrist as if to wave the thought away, to kiss it sayonara. "You're no fun anymore, Wade."

She sighed. Maybe she was being a bit uptight. "Okay. When we get to New York, you'll check into the hotel and then walk the short distance to the theater. I'll be there, waiting for you at the auditions. I hear they've already cast the part of Murray DuBois."

"Fine by me." Marc nodded.

Wade entered the theater and looked in amazement. It was so big and exciting. She and Marc had picked out their audition songs in the car; since it was a new musical and no one knew the songs yet, they'd decided to pick them freely. He'd chosen "Santa Fe" from Newsies, since he was trying to be "risky," but Wade just thought he was looking to not get the part of Samuel Kowalski; she'd picked "Another Suitcase In Another Hall" from Evita to represent Sophie Kowalski's shattered soul.

She looked to one side of her. And there they were.

She immediately got excited. Was it true? Yes, it was! They were there!

They turned around to face the girl who had just entered the theater. Max Bialystock himself and Leo Bloom! There was another blonde woman next to Mr. Bloom that she didn't know.

She turned her head a bit further and met the shocked looks of the others.


She felt dizzy. It couldn't happen. Not like this. Not like this.