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Rated: M for Monospinny

Warnings: blood, sexual content, attempts at drama and dark themes. You have been warned.

Sora hummed a soft tune to himself as he stepped out of his apartment. Just as he was about to turn the key he heard his new neighbor exit the apartment next to him. The brunet had only seen the man briefly as he moved in with his scant belongings last night. He was taller than Sora and had silver hair and strange turquoise eyes.

The man caught sight of Sora.

"Oh, good evening," he said and extended a gloved hand. "I'm your new neighbor. I don't think we've met. I'm Riku."

The brunet beamed, took the offered hand and introduced himself. "I'm Sora. Sorry, but I have to go. Work, y'know."

"At night? Must be tough," Riku commented lightly as he casually placed his hands into his pockets.

"Yeah, but it keeps me from going hungry." Sora shrugged. His eyes lit up excitedly as an idea came to him. "Hey, what are you doing tomorrow night?"

Riku thought for a few seconds. "Nothing much."

"I've got a night off tomorrow. Wanna come over for dinner—just as a welcome to the apartment sort of deal!" the brunet clarified, his cheeks tinting red. "I make a really mean chicken alfredo pasta."

A charming smile curled on the silver-haired man's lips. "Sure. I'd love to," he said. "Eight o' clock all right?"

"Yeah, eight's perfect." Sora grinned. "Well, I'll see you then, Riku!"

Again, Riku flashed that knee-buckling smile. "I look forward to it, Sora," he murmured.

Sora whirled around and nearly skipped down the hall in excitement. Riku leaned one shoulder against the wall, watching the brunet with unabashed interest. He almost didn't even notice the light footsteps that approached him from behind.

"Wow," said a haughty voice. "You. Are. An. Idiot."

"Don't be unkind, Xion," Riku said without looking at her.

"You could have taken him now, if you wanted." The short-haired girl crossed her arms and huffed. "I've never seen anyone go through such lengths to get a simple meal. How long has it been since you've started stalking him, Riku? Two weeks?"

"Patience is a virtue," the silver-haired male singsonged.

Xion huffed. "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to play with your food?" she countered.

"Sora is worth it," Riku replied simply, thinking of those large blue eyes, chocolate-colored hair and delicate face. The silver-haired male turned to his friend and grinned broadly, a sharp canine gleaming momentarily in the dim incandescent light. "Sora is definitely worth it," he added.

Xion, too young and impatient (at least when compared to Riku's age) to comprehend his rationale, simply shrugged her confusion off. "Well, I'm gonna go grab something to eat. Wanna come with?"

"Hmmm," the silver-haired vampire hummed thoughtfully. "I suppose. Something light. I don't feel like satiating myself tonight."

"Saving some room for tomorrow, I bet."


Sharing a quaint smile, they walked out of the building and into the night. Riku could feel his fangs aching already; hungry for the ambrosial blood he knew Sora's throat would yield.

He couldn't wait for tomorrow night.

Riku knocked on the door at 8:00 PM sharp. Moments later, he heard Sora rush to the door and open it.

"Hi," he said, a little breathlessly. Riku's excellent eyes caught how Sora's gaze lingered just a fraction of a second longer at his collar and he congratulated himself on choosing his dark, v-neck long-sleeve.

"Evening," the vampire greeted coolly. "Care to let me in?"

"Of course, of course. Please come in," the brunet said, stepping aside to let Riku through.

"Thank you."

Sora's apartment was similar to Riku's in size and shape: one bedroom, one bathroom. The kitchen was on Riku's right as he stepped through the doorway. The human skittered to the pot on the stove and checked the contents anxiously. From the smell, the silver-haired vampire could tell it was pasta noodles.

"Sorry, but I was expecting you to be a bit late," Sora admitted.

Riku quirked an eyebrow. "You thought I wouldn't keep my word?"

"Nah, I thought you'd to be too cool to come on time," the brunet smiled sheepishly and replaced the lid of the pot. "Dinner will be ready in ten minutes."

Riku slid into a chair at the lackluster table, which was identical to the horrendous kitchen furniture that had also been placed in his apartment. He drummed his fingers lightly on the surface, enjoying how Sora squirmed with excitement.

"So, have you… been in Radiant Garden long?" Sora asked, nervously stirring the pot with his back to the vampire.

"A while," Riku said. "I had traveled a lot before a decided to stay here."

"Ah," the brunet nodded and flashed a bright smile. "Same here. I actually moved in about a month agomyself. So are you… I mean, do you plan on staying in town a while?" He lifted the pot and began to empty the pasta and water into a strainer.

"I'm considering it," the silver-haired male said, appreciating the dark denim skinny jeans Sora was wearing. "Those pants make your ass look divine, by the way," Riku commented flippantly with a grin.

The pot slipped out of Sora's hands and his cheeks flooded with a luscious, dark, red color. Riku laughed smoothly as the brunet managed to regain hold of the kitchen appliance. The vampire loved teasing the human far too much. Riku was especially fond of those delicate cheeks and the way they blushed.

"I apologize," the silver-haired male said, keeping his expression light-hearted. "I didn't mean to startle you so badly."

"No, it's all right I just… u-um," Sora turned away in embarrassment. "You surprised me."

"Ah, I see." Riku placed his fingertips together thoughtfully. He watched the brunet carry on, a marked anxiousness in his movements.

"I take it people don't flirt with you often," Riku commented.

Sora paused for a moment as he mixed the pasta, sauce and chicken together. "Is it that obvious?" he mumbled self-consciously. He turned and set the food on the table.

"A bit," the silver-haired male replied, rising from his seat. "Where are the plates? I'll get them."

"No, let me," the brunet said quickly, gesturing for Riku to sit back down. "You're the guest. I'll set the table."

The vampire smiled and settled into his chair once more. Riku wondered how long he could push these pleasantries. The silver-haired male rather enjoyed this simple dinner. He couldn't remember the last time someone prepared food for him. It felt nice, quaint, and rather nostalgic of the human past he had thrown away long ago. Riku didn't even mind going through the motions of eating despite the fact that any human food tasted like ash in his mouth.

When they finished, the vampire raised an amused brow as the brunet pulled a wine bottle out of the refrigerator.

"How romantic," Riku commented with his most suave smile. Actually, alcohol was the perfect means to entrap his quarry and, judging by Sora's petite figure, Riku wouldn't have to wait long until the brunet was drunk.

They drank congenially in the quiet apartment on Sora's couch, chatting idly about the cities they've been to. Riku smoothly cajoled Sora to down glass after glass as the night wore on. Oh, Riku drank a fair share, but an extremely high alcohol tolerance was one of the perks of vampirism. The poor human had no idea what he had gotten himself into—had no suspicions as he drank himself into a haze in front of a clever predator.

After five glasses, Sora was hardly in any state of mind to listen to anything. Riku smirked and made his move. He pried the wine glass out of the brunet's hand and kissed him deeply. The vampire smirked as Sora moaned beneath him and clumsily kissed back.

'What a thoughtful prey,' Riku mused as he delved his tongue into the human's mouth, his hands on the brunet's hips to keep him from pulling away. He felt Sora's soft, warm hands on his chest, shyly exploring his body on their own, hardly daring to go below the vampire's waist.

Sora broke away suddenly, gasping for breath.

"S-sorry…" the human panted, his cheeks flushing a dark red from wine and lust. "Sorry, I'm… I'm not usually like… this." He averted his gaze.

"It's all right, Sora," Riku murmured, brushing his thumb tenderly along the brunet's jaw line. "Just relax…"

"Bed. P-please…" Sora begged, clinging onto the vampire's shirt. Who was Riku to deny such a request from his darling host?

The silver-haired male gathered the brunet into his arms and moved to the bedroom. Once Sora was laid down and made comfortable, Riku found himself preoccupied with the brunet's neck. Lulled into a pleasant daze by alcohol, Sora tilted his head back to allow the vampire better access. Riku pressed his nose against the base of the brunet's neck, inhaling the scent of sweat and paupu body wash, and brushed his lips against the hot skin. Immediately, Sora tensed at the contact.

"R-Ri… ku…" the brunet gasped, his hands snapping to the vampire's arms to steady himself.

Riku grinned. Sora was just too cute. The silver-haired male kissed and sucked the human's exquisite neck. Riku's tongue tingled as he found the throbbing pulse of Sora's carotid arteries.




Each heartbeat synced with the dull ache of Riku's canines, but the vampire strangled back the impulse to bite. He wanted to wait until Sora's blood was the most sublime: the moment when the human was toppling over the edge in orgasm. But… maybe… just a taste. Sora's blood smelled absolutely delicious. Just… a little… nibble—

A strong hand gripped his neck and pulled him down. Amidst his momentary confusion, Riku heard the gentle twang of metal and found himself flat on his back on the bed, his wrists tied above him to the metal bed frame with some sort of wire while a triumphant Sora straddled his waist.

"Wh—what…?" Riku sputtered, stunned.

What the balls just happened?!

Sora placed a finger to one side of his lips and giggled. "Too easy," he murmured, his voice deprived of the timid innocence it held just a few moments ago. "You're really stupid. Oh well, at least you're pretty."

"What did you just say?" the vampire growled.

"I said you were stupid," Sora repeated, prodding Riku's forehead. "Stuuuupid. Want me to say it again?"

The sheer audacity of the brunet was so appalling Riku's mind nearly went blank with rage. He kicked out uselessly.

"You piece of shit!" the silver-haired male snarled. "When I get out of this I swear I'm gonna fuck you into next Tuesday and then kill you!" He bared his fangs menacingly but Sora was completely composed.

"Go ahead and try to break that wire, I dare you," the brunet said, coolly. "It's specifically blended to withstand inhuman strength."

Riku's eyes widened. "You're a… hunter?"

"Bingo," Sora quipped. "Well, I also supply the supernatural spellwork market from time to time for extra cash."

'Idiot!' Riku reprimanded himself harshly. 'Idiot! World's biggest, fat-headed, stupid idiot!'

He had been lured into this trap so easily! Played by a wide-eyed, pretty mask of innocence! Oh, Sora was clever little bitch, Riku had to give him that much, at least. The phenomenally-executed shy virgin performance, the gall and courage it took to let a vampire so close to his neck, the patience that rivaled his own… The hunter was probably even watching him those weeks Riku was watching the brunet, eventually coming to the conclusion that Riku was a vampire, and that he was just the vampire's type. All Sora had to do was wait.

"Let me go, you filthy little—"

With surprising strength for such a small human, Sora dug his fingers at each side of Riku's mouth, forcing his jaw to stay open and still.

"Yeah, yeah," the brunet muttered inattentively. "Open wide."

Sora pulled out a pair of pliers—presumably out of his ass because Riku was absolutely certain he hadn't seen the tool lying around anywhere—and yanked out one of his canines.

The silver-haired male howled in pain, bucking and flailing for all his worth. He tugged at his wrists until he felt the wire bite sharply into skin, but even the metal bed frame was unyielding as Sora was.

"You've no idea how much a vampire fang is worth on the witchcraft market," the hunter said amiably as he dropped the bloodied tooth into a small glass.

"Motherfucking bastard!" Riku roared, tasting blood. "Just wait 'til I get my hands on you, bitch! I'm going to—AAGH!" The vampire broke off into another agonized scream as the brunet wrenched out another fang and deposited it into the glass.

"Oh, calm down," Sora said, waving the threats off. "You'll get a new set by dawn."

The vampire snarled, planted his feet on the bed as leverage, and lunged at him. What exactly he thought he could accomplish—fangless and tied up as he was—Riku didn't know; he just knew he wanted to rip the fucker to shreds.

Predictably, like a dog being yanked back on a collar, the vampire was thrown back into the bed by the steadfast strings. The sharp pain slicing into his wrists and forearms was Riku's only consolation. The bed didn't even shudder at his attempt. The brunet must have had it bolted down or something. Just how much forethought did Sora place into this plan?

"You mustn't struggle so hard, Riku," the brunet chastised lightly. He bent over him smirked. "Your pretty skin will be ruined."

"Go to Hell!"

Shrugging off the threat, Sora sat back leisurely and lifted the glass to eye level, examining the two bloodied fangs.

"Hmmm…" the brunet hummed. "Oh, wow. You're old, aren't you? I can tell by the dentition. About two-hundred and seven years, plus or minus a decade?"

Riku simply glared. Though he had to admit Sora was quite correct.

The brunet went on. "Not bad, not bad. These are nice, very well-formed, but the younger fangs pack a better punch in spellwork unless it's an extremely old set. I mean, over five-hundred years old."

His aloof mood deflated slightly, which made Riku feel slightly pleased.

"Well, what about your friend? I bet she's younger than you." The hunter grinned as his casual comment wiped the smirk off the vampire's face. "Oh? She is, isn't she? That's promising."

"Stay away from her," the silver-haired man growled.

Sora threw his head back and filled the room with his pretty laughter. "Ah," he sighed when his laughter subsided. "It's not every day you get to hear a vamp actually voice concern about another living—oh, excuse me—non-living thing. Thanks for that, Riku." He tilted his head to the side with a easy-going expression. "All right, I won't go after your friend."

"Well, what do you want to do now, Sora?" Riku asked like he wasn't tied to a bed frame and kept against his will. "We could paint our nails, bake cookies, catch a movie, or you could let me go."

Sora hummed thoughtfully. He took Riku's chin and tilted his head in a few angles appreciatively. "Well, the only thing I really wanted was your fangs and it'd be a waste to kill the rest of you. I might be inclined to release you… eventually," the hunter added slyly.

Sora rolled his hips against the vampire's, his sharp observation skills catching the poorly-concealed flash of lust in Riku's eyes. The brunet grinned. "It's been a while since I've had a man in my bed. Fuck me, Riku."

The vampire sneered. "I think I'd rather chew my own arm off."

Sora jutted his lower lip out into a haughty, disappointed pout. The next thing Riku knew, a hot, skillful hand slipped underneath the waistband of the his undergarments and squeezed. The silver-haired male nearly went rigid with the sharp zing of pleasure. The feeling was good, but Riku wouldn't yield to it. Determined to salvage whatever pride he had left, the silver-haired male snarled.

"Hands off or I'll fillet your skin, human!" the vampire hissed.

Sora met his hostility with a wicked grin. "Keep going. Death threats turn me on," he murmured.

He wrapped his fingers around the flaccid member and gave it a few slow, confident strokes. The hunter's eyes lit up as Riku fidgeted, the vampire's unnecessary breath hitching in his throat. Continuing his ministrations, the brunet raised his free hand, which now held a long knife that he seemed to have materialized out of thin air. With several controlled swipes, Riku favorite shirt was in shreds around him.

"Beautiful," Sora murmured, setting the weapon down and running his other hand over the rippling, stony muscles. His fingers circled one of the vampire's dusty-pink nipples before he bent down and latched on with his mouth. Immediately, he felt the little bud perk and harden under his limber tongue.


The brunet's royal-blue eyes flicked up to Riku at the strangled sound, catching the traces of cracks in the vampire's defiance. With a devilish smirk, Sora continued with new vigor. The silver-haired man's body jerked as he strangled back the impulse to moan.

Grinning, Sora released his hand to discard his denim jeans and shirt. As the hunter threw his head back in the moonlight and raised his lithe body up on his knees, Riku was suddenly very acutely aware that Sora had neglected to wear underwear, the little devil!

Catching his eye, Sora wet two fingers thoroughly in his mouth and then slowly—painfully slowly—his hand drifted downward, his thumb dragging along his flushed, tanned skin until it disappeared behind him.

Riku bit his lip hard, trying to keep himself silent and impassive as the hunter leisurely rubbed careful circles over his puckered entrance. The vampire's sharp eyes (which had no problem seeing perfectly in the dim light) eventually fell on Sora's growing, needy member, his enhanced sense of smell gratefully inhaled the brunet's sweet pheromones…

Gods, the cunning bitch was an expert at making him crazy. On the verge of almost begging Sora to hurry up, his complaint was cut short as the brunet pushed his fingers inside. The sweet gasp was so soft, but it seemed to fill the nearly quiet room. Sora arched backwards beautifully, his face in ecstasy. Riku's eyes went wide, drinking in every aspect of the brunet's expression as Sora pumped his wet digits inside of him. The vampire felt hyper-aware of how sweetly the moans poured freely from the hunter's lips, how hot his supple skin was, how desperately he rocked sensually into his fingers. Then, carefully, Sora lowered his hips, just enough so that their rock-hard cocks were a millimeters from each other.

"Not enough…" the hunter murmured in a lusty whisper. "Riku, please…?"

Why was it that even though Sora was the one who was pleading, Riku was the one scrambling to obey? Why was it that this human was so in control of everything? More importantly, why was Riku not bothered by that at all?

A charming, pretty smile curled on Sora's lips as he rolled his weight to the balls of his feet and lifted himself up. He gripped the vampire's shaft and coasted himself down on it. He gasped as the thick member pushed passed the ring of muscle. The flesh was cool, as vampires tended to be, but it wasn't altogether unpleasant.

Meanwhile, the human's hot, tight orifice nearly had Riku reeling. The vampire's hips quivered, eager to thrust wildly into the slick heat until the silver-haired male broke, but Sora held Riku steady as his cock slid deeper into him. Once vampire's pelvis met the brunet's backside, Sora immediately began to move. The hunter mandated the rhythm, keeping it agonizingly slow. Then, once he was comfortable, the brunet rolled his hips in circles, sending powerful waves of pleasure coursing through them both. Sora moaned blissfully as Riku planted his feet on the bed to gain leverage and thrust, skillfully timing his hips to meet the human's.

It was nothing Riku had ever experienced before—alive or dead. They moved faster, more desperately. Sora cried out as Riku's member hit him deeper, harder. In response his greedy inner muscles clamped tighter around the vampire.

As their movements became wilder, the empty sockets where Riku's fangs had been began to throb. He could hear Sora's powerful heart hammering, signaling he was close to release. In fact, the vampire could almost taste it in the air.

The blood… He… he needed it.

"P-please…" Riku whimpered, the inhuman pleasure and his hunger driving him mad. Had the vampire retained any shred of his pride (or sanity for that matter), he would have been mortified at what he had been reduced to. "So-Sora, please—Blood. Thirs...ty."

Sora craned his neck, the moonlight catching his matted cinnamon-brown hair and sweat-gleaming face, making him look gorgeous.

"Maybe next time," the hunter said with a cruel smirk. "If you're good."

What was it about that sadistic comment that threw Riku into his orgasm, he didn't know—at least, at that time, he didn't. All he knew was his climax overcame him like a whip, shattering him into pieces as the world dissolved into white.

Riku woke up weak and weary. With the combination of insufficient meals and his recent exertion, he could barely move. He did realize that at some point his arms had been cut free, though with the lack of blood (and consequentially energy) he still bore the scars. The vampire rolled his head to the side, his peripheral vision catching sight of an old alarm clock indicating it was 9:07 AM. Startled, Riku managed to sit up halfway before fatigue and pain forced him back onto the bed.

"Relax," Sora said, dressed in a simple set of cotton pajamas, as he walked calmly into the bedroom. "The curtains are closed. You won't be burning up in here, Riku. I'd rather avoid having to explain your ashes to the landlady."

Riku snarled. "I'll kill you for what you've done to me!"

"Wow, someone totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning," the brunet said, more amused than anything as he walked towards him.

Immediately, the vampire tensed. Riku dug his palms into the bed, trying to push himself up but he was too weak. All he managed to do was maneuver his body into a half-sitting, slumped position. To the silver haired male's complete surprise, Sora sat next to him and offered his arm.

"You should eat," the brunet said. "It's customary for owners to feed their pets," Sora added with a grin.

The hunter's absolute arrogance was so mind-boggling, Riku saw red. The silver-haired male opened his mouth to make a biting comment, but Sora cut him off by placing his wrist right under the vampire's nose. Riku picked up the intoxicating scent of blood underneath the sun-kissed skin. He couldn't resist.

Sora, who was no stranger to vampire bites, hardly flinched when the vampire's new set of fangs sank into his wrist. The hunter felt Riku's limber tongue lapping at his skin and the gentle sucking motion of his mouth as he ushered blood down his throat. Once Sora felt that the vampire had received a sufficient amount of sustenance, the brunet dug his thumb and forefinger into each side of Riku's jaw.

"Enough," Sora said, prying the vampire's mouth from his wrist.

Riku reluctantly complied as he licked his lips, catching a few stray drops of blood. Already he felt strength returning to his tired limbs. Then, suddenly, Riku's hands snapped to Sora's throat. The brunet didn't look surprised, in fact, he didn't even look miffed.

Their eyes locked onto each other. Neither the vampire nor the brunet moved, save for Sora's calm, rhythmic breathing. Then, at last, Riku wrenched himself away. With movements a normal human wouldn't have seen, the silver-haired male snatched up the blanket from the bed, wrapped it around himself, threw the hunter's door open and left.

Sora smiled in amusement. Dusting himself off and cracking his neck to the left a bit, the brunet hopped into bed. He rolled onto his left side (his preferred position of sleeping) and sighed contently.

Riku would be back soon enough.

One week later, at around 6:30 PM, Sora was woken up by the shrill ringtone of his phone. Yawning, the brunet stumbled out of bedroom and into the kitchen. He found his dingy phone on the counter and squinted at the caller ID on the sharp LED screen. The brunet flipped the device open a moment later.

"Hey Cid, how's it going?" he mumbled, scratching his abdomen idly.

"Sora! Got some intel for you, brat!" Cid, his usual informant, announced. "Some poor fucker shot himself in the head over in Wonderland."

The hunter rubbed his eye. "…And?" he prompted, hoping there was more to the case than that.

"He used a shotgun. Three times."

"Eh?" Sora was more preoccupied with pondering what to eat for dinner. He was quite sure he still had some leftover pizza.

"Jesus fucking Mary and Joseph, boy!" The brunet couldn't help but smile at the blasphemous slew of profanity. "The goddamned man motherfucking shot himself in the head three times with a twenty-one gage shotgun! Get your scrawny ass over there and check it out, numbnuts!"

"Right. I'll be there," Sora managed around a yawn. More than likely the cause was a demon, which would be a promising challenge. And demon blood was always sold for a pretty price on the market.

Sora snapped his phone shut and looked over his shoulder. "Want some pizza?" the brunet asked.

Riku stiffened slightly and didn't answer. He had no doubt that the brunet had detected his presence the moment he intruded the apartment.

Completely at ease with showing his back to a vampire, Sora waltzed over to his fridge and helped himself.

"Well, what are you doing here?" the hunter questioned, deeming the pizza still edible after a quick sniff. Sora took a big bite out of his dinner as he glanced at Riku, who continued to remain silent.

"You're much paler than usual," the brunet stated. "You haven't been feeding." It wasn't a question. It was an observation; a comment.

When Riku finally did speak, it came as a mumble. "…bland."


"Everything tastes bland," the vampire repeated. "Even the blood from sources I usually enjoy seems unsavory. All I keep thinking of is…"

Sora chewed dutifully on his mouthful of food as he waited for Riku to continue. He watched the expressions on the vampire's face with curiosity.

"…is you."

What was interesting was that the silver-haired male didn't say "your blood." The hunter set his food aside and glanced at the vampire.

"Come here," he said.

Much to Sora's delight, the vampire obeyed without question. The hunter gripped the collar of Riku shirt and tugged him down onto his knees, exhilarated that the silver-haired male gave no protest.

"You like it when I dominate you," Sora stated.

Riku averted his gaze. The brunet backhanded him with his free hand.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you, vamp," he ordered.

Sora bit back the impulse to laugh at the sight of the vampire's flabbergasted face, with his beautiful, sharp turquoise eyes wide and his snarky mouth slack. But Riku lifted his gaze to him as commanded.

The brunet grinned. "Good boy."

Gods, Riku nearly shuddered with pleasure. All right, maybe he really did like being subjugated. Or maybe it was just Sora he liked; Sora and his unruly mouth, Sora and his bittersweet, sensual cruelty, Sora and his boundless cockiness that seemed to roll off him in waves.

"Well…" the hunter continued airily, "…I've got a case in another town, but I suppose I can spare one hour." His smile quirked up at one corner. "Maybe two, if you're good," he added.

Kreyana requested for a Sora/Riku vampfic. She was kind enough to give me free reign over the fic. :)

Okay, so I support the lore in which the vampire sucks your blood and then gives you the your-blood-vampire-mix –blood in order to turn a human into a vampire. So thus: Sora isn't going to turn into a vampire.

I originally was going to make Sora one of those vampires that feed on other vampires (the anime, Trinity Blood, uses the term "crusnik," but I don't think there's an actual term) but I actually liked the concept of a human dominating a vampire a lot more.

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