The Avengers are in High School, long before they get their status as superheroes and things are either going up top, or so bad none can cope. Follow them in their last year with Marvel Characters that you may know or some that you may not know. Watch relationships burn, fall, and grow.

This is Assembly.

This is the first AU!Fanfiction I have ever done and it was made in collaboration with my sister Beth who came up with brilliant ideas. And I put pen to paper.



Something was falling out of the sky around S. Lee's School on Manhattan Island. It had hit three kids already, marking them with blue paint. Some were looking around bewildered, others were looking tearful and some of the older students were wetting themselves laughing. Bruce had gotten off his motorbike and was walking along the school courtyard, happy to be back at a place he felt accepted after a long and boring summer vacation. An arrow whizzed past his head, narrowly missing him and hitting a small pensive looking student on the shoulder.

Bruce picked up the arrow before making sure the kid was alright. His shoulder was stained bright blue. The arrow was a harmless plastic kid's toy with a piece of cloth wrapped around the arrowhead. The cloth had been stained blue.

Bruce sighed and looked up. He held the arrow aloft. "CLINT! BETTER RUN BEFORE MARIA CATCHES YOU!"

"CLINT BARTON!" Too late.

Clint looked down from his perch on the school roof. He waved at Bruce and Maria Hill, the principal's secretary, grinning from ear to ear.

"WHAT'S UP BRUCE?" He bellowed. "Oh, she looks pissed."

Miss Hill stood tapping her foot as Clint climbed down from the roof via the drain pipe and stood in front of her proudly. He zipped up his hoodie and tucked his hands into his pockets.

"You're looking good. Did you go to Malibu in the end? I heard Coulson was also there. Did you guys have a thing?" Clint asked, still smirking.

"What do you think you are doing Clint?" Miss Hill said as Bruce edged around her, smiling slightly.

"See you later Bruce!" Clint waved him away. "I was weeding out the whiny little juniors from the ones who are going to make it big."

"Do you think that's acceptable behaviour?" Miss Hill asked folding her arms.

"The education system does it on a daily basis; I just thought I'd help along." Clint shrugged.

"Right that's it, with me." Miss Hill said, pulling him inside the school. "First day back and you're already causing-" She seemed to lose herself in her mutterings as they made their way quietly up to Principal Fury's office.

It was a large room made up of pretty much glass and a circular steel desk. Beyond that, there was a separate room for Fury. Clint couldn't remember whether he liked the room or not, but the waiting room was pretty awesome.

He wasn't the least bit surprised when he saw Tony Stark already sitting outside Fury's door, with a cigarette in hand. Tony rarely changed, heavy metal t-shirt, jeans, trainers, he was now sporting a good deal of facial fuzz which made him look really grown up.

Hill showed Clint to the seat beside Tony as she plucked the cigarette from his hand and stamped it out with her heel. Tony lowered his purple tinted sunglasses, revealing that he was slightly hung-over, with dark circles encasing his eyes. To spite Miss Hill, he lit another cigarette and took a long drag.

"Jesus, Tony," Clint said. "Were you drinking all of summer?"

"Not all of summer," Tony shrugged, taking another drag before handing the cigarette to Clint. "I haven't drank since Monday."

"Today is Tuesday," Clint said, flicking some of the ash away.

"Oh bugger." Tony muttered. He stretched, leaning back against the hard plastic chair. "What did you do to get yourself in here so early in the school year?"

"I was firing arrows at some of the juniors, trying to weed out some of them, but apparently that's unethical."

"Doesn't the educational system do that though? A bit hypocritical of them…"

"That's what I thought. But then again, they don't smack the kids over the head with blue paint," Clint replied, grinning slightly.

"Ah, touché," Tony muttered taking his cigarette back.

"I could ask you the same question,"


"Why are you here so early?"

"What's the start of the school year without a lecture from my favourite principal in the whole wide world?" Tony shrugged.

"Are they going to try and convince you not to blow anything up this year?"

"I assume so."

"Are they going to succeed?"

"Now that is a probability that will not come to pass, even with all the right calculations." Tony smirked.

"Have a good holiday?"

"Not as good as Maria's trip to Malibu!" Tony called. "Loving that tan darling! Did Mr Coulson treat you whilst you were there?"

Hill bit her tongue but didn't answer as she filled in forms for some students.

"News travels fast," Tony said, holding up his fancy cell phone.

"Did you see Bruce's new motorbike?" Clint asked.

"Oh, that thing? He was very proud the day he got it. Like a kid and a puppy."

"What's the bet he'll crash it before the week is out?"

"Twenty bucks," Tony said. "Steve holds the cash."

Clint pulled out his wallet. "Damn, I've only got fifteen."

"Let him know you want in on the bet, bring in the money tomorrow." Tony leaned back and put out his cigarette on the plant pot, much to Miss Hill's annoyance. "What about you, did you have a good holiday?"

"Meh," Clint shrugged his shoulders. "It was uneventful."

"The guys and I are meeting up at the Shawarma joint a few blocks from here at the end of the week. You coming?"

"Wouldn't miss it. But please, tell Logan I don't want salad with my fries."

"Agreed there." Tony chuckled. "Oh bloody hell…"

"What?" Clint turned to see a boy with stuck up hair and thick rimmed glasses, his face pretty much up against the glass door. Tony gave a small wave before sighing.

"Peter, kid moved in with his aunt and uncle during the holidays, decided he wanted to stalk me," Tony grumbled as the kid Peter, waved and moved off. "Thor found it endearing and paid the kid to keep doing it even when we were at school."

"To be honest, it is kind of funny,"

"Oh look, there go my kidneys as my sides split."

"You love it," Clint shrugged. "It's like having a fan."

"Bitch, I don't need a fan to know how fabulous I am," Tony smirked.

"But I'm sure it doesn't hurt your ego."

"Ah, that might hold some truth," the other boy replied. "Maria, darling, can we get this over and done with? I have people to harass."

"Stark, I'm a little busy right now," Hill said stapling some things together. "And for the record, school gambling is highly frowned upon."

Tony furrowed his brow then said cheekily. "Do you want in on the bet?"

Miss Hill stared at him for a moment before pulling out her purse and handing over 20 bucks.

"Er, no," He said pointing to Clint.

Miss Hill frowned.

Clint leaned forward and took her money. "He doesn't like being handed things. It's a weird pet peeve of his." He pocketed the money. "I'll give that to Captain America."

"Is that what we're calling him?" Tony asked.

"Have you not heard what he did during the holidays?" Clint raised an eyebrow, the look on Tony's face suggested that he did not. "Well, he was at a Youth Church Christian Camp working as a leader."

"That man couldn't get more patriotic even if we wrapped him in an American Flag and made him punch a Canadian." Tony muttered.

"Now that, I would pay to see,"

"Wouldn't anyone?"

"Sir, Stark is here for his appointment and we have Mr Clint Barton here to explain why he was firing arrows at juniors this morning." Miss Hill said holding the intercom button down.

"As long as he wasn't firing arrows at my car, I don't care!" Fury said, his voice crackling from the other end. "SEND HIM TO CLASS AND GET STARK IN MY OFFICE SO I CAN GET THIS OVER AND DONE WITH!"

"Sir, Mr Coulson hasn't appeared yet."

"Since when did you start calling him 'Mr Coulson', what is your problem woman? Just send Stark in here now, and get rid of Barton."

Miss Hill looked up. "Barton, you can leave."

"Cool," Clint said, getting to his feet, giving Tony a fist pump. "See you in home rep," He moved across the room giving Miss Hill a small two fingered salute and moving off.

"Yeah, hopefully," Tony said, getting up and moving towards Fury's door as Mr Coulson, their long suffering guidance teacher bustled in looking completely floundered. He was carrying six or seven heavy looking folders, a cup of Starbucks coffee and his briefcase. He promptly spilled the coffee over Miss Hill's files, dropped some of the folders, spilling the contents and his briefcase was falling apart. Tony shook his head. "This morning has not been yours has it Phil?"

Mr Coulson gave Tony a dark, annoyed look as Miss Hill joined him in picking up some of the files.

"First day back is always the worst," He grunted. "Sorry about your work Maria."

Miss Hill waved her hands. "Don't worry about it."

"Wow," Tony said. "How good was that holiday?"

"Stark, help us now," Coulson said.

"Pfft, no." Tony replied, pulling out his phone. "You're the one who dropped them."


"Fine!" Tony picked up some of the files and put them on the desk as Nick Fury opened the door to his office.

"What is going on in here?" He asked, exasperated.

Tony turned. "Well… I'll tell you if you explain how you lost your eye."

"Maria?" Fury asked, raising his eyebrow.

"First morning back," Miss Hill explained.

"Do you have like a special eye-patch? For occasions? School meetings? Family coming over?" Tony asked.

"Get in, sit down, and shut up." Fury said pointing to inside his office.

"Oh… Someone didn't get any naughty during the holidays," Tony muttered, picking up his rucksack and moving into the office. He sat down on one of the seats and began to play with the Newton's cradle on Fury's desk. Coulson then entered followed by Fury. The Principal sat behind the desk and took the toy from Tony, putting it behind him on the shelf.

"You know why you're here," Fury said, his fingers knitting together.

"Uh, yeah… Apparently, I'm volatile, self-obsessed, don't play well with others…" Tony said, leaning back and crossing his legs.

"You cost the science department over $20,000 dollars last year alone," Mr Coulson said.

"Ah, but you're forgetting I paid that all back. In small dollar bills… In a briefcase… We should have worn trench coats and hats and met like Russian spies… That would have been cool…" Tony seemed to drift from the subject.

"That's the problem Tony," Mr Coulson said. "We can't legally expel you, or hold you against criminal charges whilst your parents are out of the country. Your mother is a top lawyer and you father owns pretty much half of America's electrical power…"

"And he is in Moscow developing Hydra Fusion systems that will support a vast ecosystem for over 100 years," Tony replied. "Truth being, I own your asses."

"Thank you for making that blatantly clear," Fury said, rolling his one good eye. "We also can't expel you because of your heart conditions."

Tony felt uncomfortable. They were talking about his heart murmur and it was intensely personal and a touchy subject.

"I take medication for it, why are you making special conditions for something that isn't a big deal?"

"We've been informed that you've not been meeting your doses." Mr Coulson said.

"Who told you that?" Tony asked. "I bet it was Bruce. It's always Bruce. Or Thor… Idiot. I can hardly blame him though, I mean, who would name their kids after Norse Gods anyway…? I'm getting off the subject." He sighed. "My heart murmur is none of your concern. End of discussion."

"Legally we can't do anything," Fury said. "But if you do anything stupid, reckless, irresponsible or dangerous that might harm other students, then I am going to make your school career very difficult. Consider this your warning for the year."

Tony stood up and saluted. "Consider me warned." He smirked.

"And get rid of that stupid beard." Fury said. "It looks ridiculous. Mr Coulson will make notes on your progress and report back to me on a week to week basis."

"Are we done?" Tony asked.

"Not quite," Fury said. "I also want you to go to the school therapist; I've made a first appointment for you." He held out a small post-it note to Tony.

"Thanks," Tony said, looking at the time and date, memorising it quickly, not taking the note.

"Tony, take the note,"

"I'll take it," Mr Coulson said, reaching out and plucking the note from Fury's hand.

"Cool, can I leave now?"

"I hate my timetable," Clint muttered as Mr Richards handed them their slips of paper.

"It can't be that bad," Steve said.

"Oh, it is that bad." Clint replied. "I hate science. And I'll get paired with that one person in class who has no clue on what we are doing so I'll have to do all the work and I suck at science."

"You don't suck at science," Steve said.

"He sucks at science," Bruce said, pulling off his glasses and tucking his timetable away in his jean pockets.

"See!" Clint said.

Steve threw Bruce a dirty look to which Bruce replied. "Better agreeing with him than have him self-deprecate for the next hour and a half."

"I never self-deprecate." Clint snapped.

"You're talking to the king of self-deprecation," Bruce said. "I know my kind. I can spot them a mile off."

"What about you Thor?" Steve turned in his seat to face the football jock.

"It is reasonable," He said, holding out his timetable so the others could have a look.

"Has Coach Marko booked you in for all those practice periods?" Steve raised his eyebrows. "He's only doing a few sessions with me before the game against the Wheeler-Nicholson school."

"Do you think we'll win this year?" Clint asked.

"Maybe," Bruce said. "If the team doesn't fight as much as it did last year."

"Which reminds me," Clint said, pulling out $20 and handing it to Steve. "It's Miss Hill's bet." Steve nodded and took the money without question.

"Bet?" Thor asked.

"What bet?" Bruce asked.

"Oh, nothing to worry about." Steve said, tucking the money into his pocket. "Are you not wanting in on the bet?"

"I am, but I only have like fifteen bucks with me today," Clint said. "Who are we betting against?"

"Thor," Steve said.

Thor's eyes widened. "Oh! That bet!"

"Yes, that bet," Steve said.

"Can I get a heads up about what this bet is?" Bruce asked.

"No," Clint said, as Tony walked into the room, all charm and smiles. Mr Richards looked annoyed but handed him his timetable anyway.

"Whassup my bitches?" Tony said, sitting beside Bruce.

"They were just about to tell me what this bet that they have is about." Bruce replied.

"Oh, the one where you crash your motorbike by the end of this week," Tony grinned. Steve, Clint and Thor looked astounded, thinking that Bruce was about to go insane with them all.

"Oh," he said, slightly complacent. "Can I get in on that bet?"

"Whose side are you taking? Mine or Thor's?" Tony asked.

"Thor's, obviously," He replied, taking out his wallet and giving some cash over to Steve. "You're no taking part in the bet?"

"Are you serious? And risk the chance of having my good reputation ruined because of a childish playground bet, no thank you," Steve said.

"Then why are you keeping the money?" Clint asked.

"Because no one trusted me," Tony said supressing a laugh. "Like I need the money… What did you do during the vacation Thor?"

"My brother and I visited our parents." Thor replied.

"'Course, your parents live out of town," Clint said. "And was Loki a little shit like always?"

"Do not say that about my brother," Thor said.

"Tis merely a jest!" Tony cried, mocking the way Thor spoke. "Kidding big guy. But even you have to admit, your brother is kind of…"

"I know," Thor sighed. "What am I to do with him?"

"Put him in a box. Then that box in another box," Clint said. "Then mail that box to yourself. And then when it arrives, smash it with a hammer."

Tony, Steve and Thor all looked at him in slight bewilderment. Bruce merely laughed. "That is a brilliant idea,"

"You're not seriously considering putting Loki into a box?" Thor cried.

"It's a joke," Clint assured him. "We're not going to post Loki in the mail. Imagine the postage costs!"

"I'll take care of that," Tony said, pulling out his phone and tapping away, lowering his sunglasses slightly.


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