"I really don't care for biology…," Steve said reaching into his locker and pulling out some heavy books, Bruce was leaning against the lockers, his arms folded. "I mean, it's fine and all… But hardly my best subject… Much rather be doing History,"

"Yeah because that's gonna help you in the future," Bruce quipped. Steve rolled his eyes but smiled slightly, it was rare of Bruce to actually show any sort of confidence, so he let it slide casually. Steve shrugged, catching Peggy Carter's eye as she passed. She gave him a small wave and he returned it. Bruce watched with raised eyebrows.

"Are you two ever going to go out?" He asked.

"What?" Steve looked over. "No!" he slammed his locker shut and jumped, noticing Peter Parker standing there looking up at him. "Hey man," Steve said, he pointed. "Don't creep up on people. It's not fun…!"

"Nervous disposition," Bruce smiled from behind.

"Hey, I was looking for Tony, you seen him?" Peter asked. "A parcel was dropped off at my apartment this morning. His parcel, I should say, and I checked around his but he wasn't there… Aunt May told me I should just give it to him whilst I'm at school."

"If you have the parcel, we can take it off your hands," Bruce said, shrugging slightly. "We're seeing Tony in biology."

Peter fumbled for a moment then pulled out a small parcel and handed it to Steve. "Thanks man," he said.

"No problem," Steve replied, stuffing it into his bag as Peter moved off down the corridor. A thought occurred to him as he swung his bag over his shoulders and beginning to walk down the hall. "Why couldn't he just have left it outside Tony's apartment?"

Bruce shrugged, pulling his bag over his shoulder and moving along with him. "Don't know… Maybe he just wants to bask in your weird sort of popularity…" He paused, smiling to himself. "So… You and Peggy…"

"Shut up Bruce." Steve said, but he couldn't help but smile.

"You guys would be good together…" Bruce rubbed his wrist and loosened his watch. "Have you thought about what she asked you before summer vacation?"

Steve sighed. "It's all I thought about over the two months,"

"Well, you know what I'm about to say,"

"I do, but for the sake of common courtesy, don't say it," Steve replied.

Bruce tilted his head, shrugging. "All right man,"

"Hey come on… I'm not the only one with relationship problems,"

"I know that."

"I mean look at Tony and Pepper."

"Ah, but that can easily boil down to the fact that Tony is a dick," Bruce said as they made their way up the stairs. "Everyone has problems with relationships. But Peggy is offering herself to you… Why won't you do anything about it?"

"I… We… She…" Steve sighed, holding one of the doors open for his friend. "She only likes me because I buffed after sophomore year."

"I'll admit that was a contributing factor," Bruce said. "But I'll also remind you that you two were lab partners for all of sophomore and junior year. She must have liked you before you went on your… Fitness routine…"

Steve sighed. "You're not going to drop this are you?"

"Would you rather me or Tony bug you about it?" Bruce asked, raising his eyebrow.

Steve stopped, his face mortified at the thought of Tony knowing. His eyes widened. "You're not going to say anything in front of Tony?" Steve asked.

Bruce chuckled slightly. "Calm down, I was joking. Tony doesn't need to know."

"Need to know what?" Tony asked, appearing behind Bruce and startling them both. He wasn't paying much attention, checking his cell phone for messages.

"Nothing," Steve stuttered.

Tony frowned, looking up at the jock. "When you say… 'Nothing', you mean something, don't you? I don't like secrets that much, you might as well spill before I do a background check on everything that you've said in the last two months."

"It's nothing," Steve said again, his voice cackling with fear of the threat. He knew Tony was yanking his leg but he didn't feel that it was fair of him to do it.

"Right," Tony gave him a look before returning to his cell phone. "I could check your mail if you really want…? Anything embarrassing that your mom and dad have ordered? I'll find out at the drop of a hat…"

"Reminds me," Bruce said nudging Steve. "Peter… Your neighbour Tony, for goodness sakes… Found us and dropped off a parcel that was left for you." Steve pulled out the parcel and handed it to Tony who rattled it slightly.

"Cool," Tony said, stuffing it into his bag.

"What is it?" Bruce asked.

"Nothing…" Tony shrugged.

"And by nothing you mean…?"

"Nothing," Tony smirked giving Bruce a wink.

"I hate it when you keep secrets from us," Bruce muttered, as they walked silently down the corridors. Tony shrugged in return, not caring that much. "It is a lot more dangerous when you keep things from us… I usually suspect that the U.S army intelligence taskforce is involved somehow."

"Now why would you suspect that?"

"Do you want a list?" Steve asked, opening the doors to the classroom and holding it open for everyone.

Biology was easily the most interesting subject, mainly because Dr Hank Pym was brilliant to hang around. His assistant Miss Van Dyne was intelligent and quick witted, keeping them all on their toes. She was light, small with a pixie haircut and bright yellow jeans and sort of bounced when she walked.

Bruce entered, dropping his bag down and sitting beside Clint. Natasha sat in front, and was joined much to her dismay by Tony. Tony was as he usually was, he tried to hit on her, realising it was a waste of his time before leaning back on his chair and putting his feet on the table. Clint had put his bag on the table and was napping on it.

"And what did you do during the weekend that got you so exhausted?" Bruce asked lightly, twirling his pen between his fingers.

"I killed a bear." Clint murmured, not opening his eyes.

Natasha turned sharply. "You did what?"

"By 'bear' I assume you meant a fly," Tony snipped listening absent-mindedly, not looking up from his cell phone. "God I need a cigarette," He mumbled.

"Nope… I killed a bear." Clint repeated, not looking up. He sounded exhausted.

"He's lying," Natasha snorted, rolling her eyes.

"What kind of bear?" Bruce asked lightly taking out his notebook and making a small note to remind him of something.

Clint shrugged. "I didn't ask, it wasn't so interested in letting me know what it's Latin name was..."

"Grizzly? Polar?" Steve asked raising an eyebrow and holding out his palms as he sat down after looking through his bag.

"Polar," Clint replied sleepily.

"Told you he was lying," Tony said, nodding towards Natasha with a snarky smug look on his face.

"Fine," Clint murmured. "I lied. But it was convincing though…"

"No, it wasn't," Natasha replied giving him a nudge with her finger. Clint reacted to it, but didn't look up. She rolled her eyes, flicking her hair out of the way.

Tony finally spoke up again, looking away from his cell phone at long last. "Oh my god, you two should go out."

Natasha stared at him; he shrank back into his seat and smiled as Clint looked up, blinking. "We…What?" He asked completely confused.

"You should go out!" Tony insisted. "You'd make such a cute little couple!"

"Tony, don't be ridiculous," Natasha rolled her eyes.

"Exactly," Clint was stumbling over his words. "Besides, she wouldn't be interested in-"

"Besides," Natasha cut across him. "He's gay,"

Tony, Bruce and Steve all turned to look at Clint who turned a strange shade of purple. "I'm not gay."

"Wow, you let her know before us?" Tony sighed. "Thanks for the vote of confidence there…"

"I'm not gay!" Clint cried.

"You're not?" Natasha asked.



"Oh my god," Tony breathed. "This is better than Grey's Anatomy."

"It's a sad state of affairs when I know what you are referring to." Bruce muttered.

"I…" Steve was frowning. "What's Grey's Anatomy? Is it that show that's always on at your house Clint?"

Clint's face went even darker in shade. Natasha raised an eyebrow as Miss Van Dyne entered before shaking her head.

"Urgh," Tony said. "I want them to be together more than I wanted House and Cuddy to make it work…"

"Stop watching TV," Bruce said.

Thor sighed as his brother left with a snarky remark. "I try only to be there for him," He said sitting down at the table. "Why does he treat me so poorly?"

"Maybe because… Maybe it's because he's adopted, he doesn't feel like he's really loved," Bruce tried, burger in hand. He sighed, looking at it before letting it land on the plate. He wiped his fingers and smiled.

"But I have done nothing to make him feel unloved." Thor said.

"He's a dick," Clint muttered, flicking bits of napkin into Steve's food with incredible accuracy.

"Be nice," Steve said.

"Okay, for a dick, he's rather good looking," Clint replied, giving Steve a look. "Look, Captain-Hating-Canada, he acts like a dick, he gets treated like a dick."

"You'd know all about dicks," Tony smirked, not looking up from his cell phone. God only knew what he did on it that was so interesting.

"Please be a little kinder towards my brother," Thor said as Clint turned and threw a fry at Tony's head, hitting him square in the forehead. Tony looked around, peering over his sunglasses, and ready to give a witty retort but found himself in a sparring match with Wade Wilson once more as he passed with a tray in hand, accompanied by Felicia Hardy and trailing behind them was Peter.

"Nice aim Barton," Wade smirked. "Nice make-up Stark,"

"I would like you a lot more if you didn't speak as much." Tony muttered.

"Yeah, I would like it if you had died at birth."

"Ooh, that's harsh." Tony shook his head.

"Ladies, cut the crap." Felicia sighed, moving her plates around on the tray, her eyes twinkling slightly.

"Hey Felicia."

"Stark, go choke on your spit."

"Charming. You'll make any man very pleased he married you." Tony said.

"I'm bisexual."

"Apologies; man or woman," Tony corrected himself, he looked over at Steve. "See, I am respectful to others,"

Steve rolled his eyes, sighing and sitting back as Clint pinged another bit of napkin into the sandwich. To combat this, Steve picked up the tray that sat to Bruce's left and used it to make a shield for himself. It didn't stop Clint from trying to aim over it and succeeding.

Natasha sat down beside Clint and began to take her food off from her tray. "Why the glum faces?"

"Loki," Bruce informed her. "And Wilson and Hardy. They put Tony in a sour mood."

"Oh," Natasha looked at Clint. "And you're looking grumpy because?"

"Because he loves you and doesn't realise it yet." Tony said, leaning forward, putting his chin in his hands. "It's really quite beautiful."

"I'm going to go sit with the girls," Natasha said, putting all her food back on the tray and getting up.

"Urgh," Tony sighed. "Maybe I should go talk to Pepper. Haven't spoken to her in a while… Oh and Steve…" He drawled. "When are you and Miss Peggy Carter going to go official? Or am I going to have to set you two up like I did with Natasha and Clint?"

"You have a thing for Peggy?" Clint raised an eyebrow. "Do tell."

"He has a very big thing for Peggy," Tony grinned wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"And at this point I will leave," Natasha said. "When men start talking about their sexual organs, it is time for the women of the world to sit and laugh at how insignificant they are."

"OI!" Tony cried. "The sexual organs or the men?"

She was already gone. Clint watched her leave before turning his attention back towards Tony. "You know you might want to tone it down."

"Tone what down?" Tony asked. "Wait…" he leaned forward. "Are you looking out for her?"

"No," Clint pinged a piece of napkin onto Tony's forehead. "That's… You're being ridiculous."

"Ah…" Tony leaned back a look playing smugly on his face.

"Clint, she could probably knock ten times as much crap out of anyone than all of us combined." Steve laughed, before looking at Thor nestled between Tony and Bruce and tucking into a massive club sandwich. "Well, besides the God of Thunder,"

"Is that what we're calling him now?" Bruce raised an eyebrow.

"I like it," Thor proclaimed. "But if I'm a god then you're puny mortals."

"We're sending you back to England," Clint muttered. "I can't take much more of this."