Just a quick idea that crossed my mind and had to write it. Might continue as a multi chapter story, might not.


Small toes dipped into the water as their owner reluctantly entered the hot tub. Her eyes were seemingly black in the darkly lit back porch of the Vega residence as the moon provided little light in its freshly cut fingernail shape.

Jade looked exactly how Tori had always pictured her whenever the pale girl would enter her thoughts, with pale skin parted briefly here and there by dark shades of black. Her raven black colored hair, equally black painted toe and finger nails, and a black bikini, completed the beauty's ensemble. Her skin looked almost white as the youngest Vega observed Jade's entrance into her newly acquired hot tub, taking note of the scowl Jade sent her as their eyes caught.

Only halfway in and already Jade was regretting her decision to stay. "Well, don't just stand there, Vega. Just because I'm the only one that actually showed up to your proposed get together doesn't mean the night has to be a bust."

Tori had mentioned her new tub to her friends during lunch earlier that day and asked if the rest of the gang wanted to have a small party. Jade had quickly agreed, as Tori knew she would, out of her love for hot tubs. She had almost turned and walked out of Tori's house upon learning that the rest of their friends had bailed for other plans, but was convinced to stay when Tori reminded her that they still had a play to rehearse for together. As much as shetold herself that she loathed being around the tan girl, currently in a rather small white bikini, she also didn't want to fail the assignment.

Tori stood in silence, attempting to gather thoughts quickly enough to respond so as not to make their situation awkward, but failed as nothing came to her. She wasn't scared of the evil Jade, having gotten used to that side of her, but was instead in fear of any awkwardness that might still linger from the last assignment they had been assigned together. The one that Sikowitz had decided they needed to fake date in order to strengthen the chemistry between the two. But the nervousness currently bubbling up in Tori came not from the date, but the fact that the play had required the two of them to kiss, just as a husband and wife might.

Jade slid the rest of the way in the water as she too tried to get past the thick as steel awkward feelings in the air. She knew that things might turn out a bit different between the two of them, especially since they had practiced the kiss at least three times before doing the actual play, placing the current kiss count at four. Thinking back, Jade started believing that maybe Tori had enjoyed those kisses. She quickly moved as to strike hurtful words at Tori but was cut off before she could speak.

Tori gripped the side of her arm with the opposite hand as she scrunched her shoulders inward and spoke far quicker than she had intended. "We don't have to practice the kiss for our new scene." Of course, they had been paired up again in another scene that required them be a couple. Both girls hadn't ignored the fact that maybe Sikowitz was just a huge pervert. "I mean, since we already sort of did that for the last play and all." Tori spoke in a slower and some how more nervous tone.

"Relax, Vega. I wouldn't hold it against you if you wanted to kiss me again. I am me, after all." Jade's head raised in confidence and a smirk appeared, feeling as if she had once again succeeded in degrading her tan friend.

Tori took a few strides toward the large tub and crossed her arms, gaining her own confidence. "Gross. I just figured that you wouldn't be able to stand kissing someone you hated. Besides, neither of us are gay so I thought I would save us from the nausea that would be sure to follow us kissing again." She finished her mini-rant just as her waist line met the hot water, having entered it as soon as she started speaking.

"I don't seem to remember you being very nauseated after the last four times. One might think you actually enjoyed it." Jade's elbows extended back to rest on the top of the tub walls as she spoke.

Tori finally sat down and chose to simply roll her eyes at Jade's comment. The two sat in silence, both reinforcing the notion that neither had much in common. Aside from the red that appeared on their cheeks from their previous conversation on kissing each other. Jade's eyes flicked about as she tried enjoying her time in a hot tub only to be plagued by some unknown source that caused her to feel uncomfortable.

After a while Jade decided to speak and came out sounding as awkward as Tori had when she first spoke, speaking far quicker than she intended. "I think we should practice the kiss." Her eyes went wide as she attempted to salvage her pride, as Tori looked on in shock, and tried explaining herself. "Only because our last… kissing… scene was nearly two months ago, and this scene is quite different from that one."

Tori's lifted a shoulder up a bit, seeking comfort in its closer proximity, as she mumbled her own thoughts. "Yeah, we want it to look genuine right? The more we get used to it the better it will be." She searched Jade's expression for affirmation. "Right?"

"Right." Jade responded with a firm nod. "Just don't fall in love with me, Vega. You might not live to see another day if you do."

The girls slowly approached each other before lazily speaking their lines and soon began to lean in. It was the briefest of kisses, lips smacking for just a moment, before they leaned away and examined the others face for anything they could find there. Both had noticeably achieved to hide whatever expression they wanted to make and they slowly sat back and away from each other.

Tori broke the silence first. "So that was… good. I guess." Disappointment evident in her words.

"Good? That was horrible. The one we shared as husband wife was much more believable." Jade was crossing her arms again, obviously having grabbed at the first thing she could think to try and put down Tori, while rebuilding her emotional walls. But much to her dismay Tori responded in rebellion, sending Jade's words backfiring. The tan girl sprung forward and gripped Jade's face with her hands on both sides. Their lips collided and Tori deepened it as much as possible. Once Jade gave in and melted into the kiss along with Tori they knew they would easily pass this assignment. Tori pulled away and smirked.

Ignorant to the fact that her knee was placed between Jade's legs Tori began to speak. "There. How was that? Good enough?" She sat back, her knee rubbing Jade's leg as she removed herself, and crossed her arms.

Jade gulped while trying to fight the massive war the butterflies seemed to be waging in her stomach. "That was," She cleared her throat. "better." Her eyes met Tori's for just a moment before the girls allowed the awkwardness to descend upon them once more. Then Jade found herself compelled to words again, surprising herself with her statement. "But I think it could be better. We're both attractive, one of us more than the other, of course, so we could probably have every guy in the room hit the floor if we tried hard enough."

Tori's eyes narrowed and pigs flew. "You realize that not only did you call me attractive, sort of, but you actually suggested that we have a kiss so steamy that we knock boys out of their chairs right?" She scoffed and began to ramble off more thoughts. "Not saying I'm against the idea, I just find it odd that Jade West would actually propose such a thing. Or should I? I mean, you do like to torture people, and causing the guys to have massive mishaps in the middle of class would-,"

"Shut the hell up, Vega." It was Jade's turn to spring forward as her hand grabbed at the back of Tori's head and pulled. Her knees landed on either side of Tori as their lips met and they instantly picked up where the last kiss had left off. Jade's tongue immediately inserted itself into Tori's mouth without much resistance and joined together with hers. Tori wrapped her arms around Jade's neck and felt pale hands land on her hips. The kiss was fast and sloppy at first but soon slowed and began resembling something more along the lines of passion. It lasted for minutes until it was finally broke and both girls gasped for air.

Neither smiled but both stared. Slowly Jade removed herself and placed her ass gently where it was before the kiss. "So, now that that's settled." A long pause was had as Tori rubbed the back of her head in attempt to remove the rush of emotion bubbling within her stomach. "I say we don't do that again until we enact our scene. Some people might think we were a couple with kissing like that." Jade feigned an expression of disgust as well a shiver.

"Right, wouldn't want that." Tori's laugh was mild and nervous and they fell into a silence for quite sometime before it became to much for Tori. "Wanna' practice some more anyway?"

Jade's answer was instant. "Yup."


So there was that. Again, might continue, might not. Tell me what you guys think.