Tori sat all by herself in her own living room with the television on and a nearly finished Popsicle in hand. Her eyes didn't land much on the screen, though, and she mindlessly licked away at her cold snack, looking mostly at the floor in front of her. Lost in thought, glasses sliding down her nose and a loud television, Tori didn't hear the knocking at her front door.


A voice boomed loudly through the door and Tori jumped at the sudden screech. She grabbed at the nearby remote and turned the television off, quickly standing up and turning in the direction of her visitor. The stick in her hand was still raised and she almost didn't notice that all of the frozen, flavored ice was gone until she was halfway to the door. Realizing that she must have been licking at the bare stick for a few moments, she glanced around, shrugged, and then tossed it behind her with the intent of picking it up and throwing it away later. Soon enough, the door was opening and a very somber looking Jade with hands on her hips was revealed.

"Hey," they both said at the same time. Tori laughed shyly and Jade simply rolled her eyes, trying not to smile but failing anyway.

The sun was already making its descent and night was quickly approaching, and the girls hadn't seen each other all day. They had both said "I love you" barely two days prior, so the gap, however small it may be, away from each other seemed torturous. And the way that they had left things the previous day hadn't helped things either.

"Look," Jade finally began, breaking the momentary awkward silence and moving along with what she came to say. "I'm not ashamed of you, okay?"

Before Tori could even begin to think of a response, Jade was moving forward in a rush, planting her hands on Tori's cheeks and their lips together. It was a surprise to Tori and her body tensed up at the sudden movement, but within seconds she was relaxing and returning the kiss in kind, matching Jade's intensity. It was a long kiss, only breaking once Jade decided that it was good enough and she backed away.

Tori's eyes fluttered slowly open and she gulped, licking her lips and fixing her glasses before landing her eyes back on her girlfriend. "What was that for?"

Jade's eyes were flicking all around the Vega household in search of something and when they hadn't found what they were looking for, the girl sighed. "Damn."

"What is it?"

"Well," Jade shifted awkwardly, a blush reddening her cheeks. "I just really wanted to prove to you that I wasn't ashamed to be with you."

Tori was mildly confused, but thankful that the girl still wanted to be in the relationship as much as she did. "By planting a passionate one on me?"

"I figured that someone else would be here with you. You know, your family or even some of our friends."

Tori's huge grin began it's spread across her face and Jade immediately felt uncomfortable at the level of sappy romantic crap. "You'd do that for me, Jade?"

"Yeah, well," Jade began with more awkward shifting movements. Tori closed the gap between them and wrapped her arms around Jade's neck and pressed their bodies together as the Goth finished. "Just don't get used to it."

"Sorry, baby, the only other person here is my dad and he's in his room."

Jade's face scrunched in disgust and retracted away from Tori's. "Yeah, I don't like that."

"Like what?"

"Calling me baby."

"What?" Tori struck confusion again as her hands began to play with the ends of Jade's hair. "You call me Vegz but I can't call you something cute?"

Jade gave a huge shrug, lifting up Tori's arms and she noticed the minor giggle that came from Tori at the act. "Oh, you can give me a nickname, just as long as it isn't something that can be classified as cute."

"Fair enough," Tori responded with single nod. "Like, what, then?"

Jade began to hum a "hmm" and she let her eyes trail to the ceiling in thought. Her shoulders began to move up and down as she shrugged repeatedly, bouncing Tori's arms and sending the girl into adorable laughter. She let her vision snap back to Tori and a smirk appeared.

"How about," She kissed Tori's laughing mouth and the laughter increased. "We spend the rest of the day together," another kiss and it was hard to tell if Tori would even comprehend what she was saying after. "as a more proper date, and you can figure one out then."

The shoulder shrugging stopped and it took an agonizingly long time for Tor's laughs to die out. But, that didn't stop it from keeping Jade's face locked in a smile until she was finished.

"Deal," finally escaped Tori's lips in an almost whisper.

A "proper date" was mutually agreed to be needed after what they had experienced the day before. After Cat showed up, the girl simply wouldn't leave, no matter how many hints they dropped about wanting to be alone. Although, it was admittedly hard to get their point across when the girl didn't know they were together. Most people might think it would be obvious, though. She did know that they had kissed before and that Jade liked it, and with the two being inseparable lately, it should come as an easy guess.

But, Cat isn't exactly the brightest kitten in the litter.

The happiness surrounding the two girls in the moment got the better of them and they were quickly back to another passionate kiss. Tori was the one to break it this time and she released Jade altogether as she did so.

"So, proper date, huh?" she said, grabbing Jade's hands in her own.

"Yup," Jade took advantage of the hands clasped around hers and she whipped around Tori, leading them to the red couch. "And technically, all a date requires is for two people to spend time together, preferably in a romantic sort of way."

"Mhmm," Tori nodded.

They reached the couch and Jade sat down, patting the seat next to her. "So, why don't we just hang out here again. You might not have realized it, but every time we spend time together like this, it's just… perfect. We don't need to do anything else."

Tori's butt plopped on top of Jade's hand before she could move it and she responded with, "You're right."

"You're gonna' regret that," Jade said, glancing down at Tori's offending cheeks pressing her hand firmly to the cushions beneath. Her hand twisted around so that her palms were resting against the squishy bottom and she pinched, receiving a quick and painful yelp from Tori.

Tori was lifting up as quickly as she could to escape the pale hand under her, but before she could get away, an even quicker Jade was crashing into her and landing them both lying down on the couch.

"See," Sitting atop Tori now, Jade grabbed the girl's hands before they could return the pinch and held them pinned to the couch. "Isn't this much more fun than some stupid restaurant? You can even make us something to eat."

Tori laughed a playful laugh despite her position. "I don't know if I would say fun. Painful, maybe. And why do I have to make the food? You do it!"

"Well, I'm not one for stereotypes, but it would make sense for me to do it."

"Wait, really?"

Jade's lips parted only slightly and a sultry look took hold of her expression. She leaned into Tori, breathing warmly on the girl's face, and just barely let her nose brush Tori's cheeks. "You are the man in the relationship, and I the woman."

"What!" Tori squirmed as hard as she could and nearly managed Jade off of her, but found herself in over head when Jade held tight and she soon gave up. "I am not! If it has to be either way, then you'd be much more of the man than me."

And then, Jade was finally letting go. She lifted up and backed away from Tori, smirking victoriously and folding her arms. "Prove it, then. Make dinner."

"Fine, I will!"

Jade snickered as Tori got up off of the couch and started to go around it towards the kitchen. But, she didn't even make it halfway before something struck her mind and she stopped, twisting back around.

Tori groaned childishly before speaking. "Did you just trick me into a stereotype about women?"

"Yes, now get in the kitchen where you belong, woman!"

In an instant, Tori was at the backside of the couch, leaning over it and hovering her face next to Jade's. Now, the tan, aspiring pop star was sure that her response was going to be clever and even put Jade in her place. She even had a malicious look to match the Goth's. But, to both girls displeasure, Mr. Vega appeared.

"Hey, girls," the manly voice spoke not far from them.

Tori bolted away from Jade just as fast as she had gotten next to her, if not faster, and faced her father. "Oh, hey, dad."

He gave the two a curious look as Tori fidgeted nervously with her finger tips and nearly stood on her tiptoes, with Jade simply looking elsewhere and trying not to show the blush in her cheeks.

"So, what are you two up two?" he asked innocently, heading into the kitchen.

"Oh, you know," Tori laughed her dorky nervous laugh and Jade tried not to scoff at the obviousness of the body language. "Just hangin' out."

"Oh, yeah?" The man reached the refrigerator and opened it, pulling out a glass bottle of orange soda.

After seeing his daughter's nod, he decided to add, "I've noticed the two of you together often lately. Let me guess; Tori was as stubborn as always and wouldn't let up until you agreed to be her friend, Jade?"

The two Vega's looked to the black clad beauty on the couch, Tori's eyes slowly trailing nervously to her, and waited for the response. A response that didn't immediately come.

"Jade?" he asked.

"Oh," Jade finally snapped around and let loose a harsh breath. "Yeah, something like that."

"You're not planning on murdering her, are you?"

Tori's eyes snapped wide and she was instantly looking back at him. "Dad!"

"I'm just kidding, sweetie," he said, already heading back to whatever secret hiding place he had emerged from. "Have fun."

And, under her breath, Jade muttered, "Oh, we will."

Tori was on the verge of getting whiplash as she once again snapped around, this time back to Jade with an angrily surprised look.

"What?" Jade shrugged the question.

"What do you mean what?" Tori found the couch again, pressing her palms to the edge and leaning into it. "Imagine if he had heard you, Jade!"

"So? It's not like it would have alerted him to our status."

The same sort of anger felt the day before began it's rapid build up in Tori and she wanted desperately not to go down that path again. She searched hard within her mind to calm herself before things took another turn for the worse and one of the girls ended up at the others doorstep, apologizing for something that never should have happened in the first place.

Finally landing on a realization, Tori spoke. "We need to tell everyone about us."

"Wait a second," Jade started, confused and twisting her body all of the way around on the couch so that her knees were on the cushions. "You were about to get angry with me for almost letting the secret loose, which I had actually come here to do in the first place and that you were okay with, and now you want us to-"

"Alright then," Tori's farther was once again coming out of nowhere and interrupting them, and Tori realized that he had come from the direction of the bathroom this time. "I'll see you later, Tor."

Slowly, Tori turned back towards her father. She was actually starting to think she would get dizzy from all of her twisting and turning. "Where you off to?" she asked him.

"Date night with your mom. She didn't tell you?"

Both girls watched the man approach the door, glass bottle still in hand, before Tori was responding. "Not that I remember, no."

"Then why the orange soda if you're going to eat with your wife?" Jade contributed.

He looked down at the bottle in his hand and smiled, looking back to Jade just after. "We don't have to eat somewhere to be on a date. I'm going to meet up with her and then we'll see where the evening takes us from there. Much more fun that way."

Jade smiled victoriously at Tori as the man added a final, "See ya girls," and headed out the door. Tori simply crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out at Jade.

"Don't smile like that. It's unbecoming." Tori said.

Jade smiled wider, lifting as high as she could on her knees to match Tori's height. "Don't pout adorably like that. It's cute."

"And we all know Jade hates cute."

And Jade actually laughed. "Don't you forget it, either. Except bunnies, though. Bunnies get a free pass on cuteness."

Tori let her arms separate and she leaned back into the couch, her face approaching Jade's. "I'll never fully understand you, will I?"

"Probably not."

Their lips met, quick and with a single peck. Tori's arms wrapped themselves back around Jade's neck and Jade's hands found Tori's midsection, her forearms resting on the back of the couch. They kissed again, longer this time and when it was finished, Tori simply looked into her girlfriends eyes, slowly building up courage to go through with her original thought.

"We're just going to end up arguing again and again if we don't come out," she finally said.

Jade began to think the issue over, taking her time and thinking about it thoroughly. Her smile fell and ultimately, it came down to if she felt being with Tori was worth whatever shame, embarrassment, or other negativity might come from it. But, then again, she also felt that there would be no shame or embarrassment if she was with the person she loved, and Jade felt that she truly had come to love the unique girl in front of her. It was, after all, the entire reason that she had come over this night in the first place.

"I know," she finally whispered.

"I mean," Tori sighed, pressing her head to Jade's. "I just don't want this to end. I love you."

Another whispered, "I know," and Jade was smiling again.

Tori joined in with that smile, but Jade's changed, returning to its favorite devious form as she said, "And maybe you can show me all of that love in your room again now that no one else is here."

Tori quickly bit her lip before finding her bearings. She slapped lightly at Jade's back before responding. "Down girl. We still haven't decided on who to tell first."

At nearly the same time, something towards the front door caught both girls eyes. Their heads quickly snapped in that direction, finding that a very stunned looking father was standing in the open doorway.

Nobody said a thing. They were all frozen with wide eyes and heavy breaths. Slowly, Mr. Vega reached to his right and grabbed the keys that he had forgotten off of the wall. Once he had them, he raised his opposite hand with a pointed finger in preparation to speak, but found himself at a loss for words. He continued to stand frozen with those same shocked eyes and an open mouth before suddenly turning around to leave, shutting the door behind him without a word.

Jade spoke first, looking back to Tori just as Tori looked to her. "Well, that was easy."

Note: Okay, super long note time.

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1. I thought I would pull it back to the first kiss the girls shared that wasn't hidden under the covers of "rehearsal" back in like, chapter five, I believe it is.

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