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In the Shadows?

Merlin stared at Gaius as he tried to take in what he had just heard. Moira and Gwen had apparently vanished into thin air. The Castle was bathed in daylight but the rest of the Kingdom was still in darkness and they had no idea why.

"Morgana." Arthur said slowly as he stared at the shattered glass around them. "She has done this."

"Arthur." Gaius ran a hand over his face. He was exhausted. "We have no way of knowing it was all her doing. Moira was with me. Her loss is entirely my fault."

"No." Arthur rested a hand on his shoulder. "Wherever Moira is Gwen is with her. In that at least I can take comfort."

"Yeah." Merlin smiled slightly at his mentor. He knew Gaius would do everything he possibly could to get the pair back to Camelot. It didn't stop Merlin worrying about the old warlock. He knew he would take Moira's disappearance to heart as much as Arthur and Elyan.

"What happened?" Gwaine asked. He seemed to be the only one able to keep his head.

"Moira was supposed to be with me but she sneaked away and found Gwen. I heard the women talking. Strangely it seemed that Morgana was afraid of Gwen. She was certainly wary of the child." Gaius leant against the wall. "I heard Gwen tell her that she was not to come for her by using her family. Morgana said she didn't have one. Not really. Taunted her."

Arthur closed his eyes for a moment, his fists curled at his side.

"Does my father know of this?"

"I don't know." Gaius looked aghast. "I haven't left here since the mirror cracked."

"This mirror." Arthur bent and picked up one broken shard of glass after another. "It was my mother's. My father told me it had been in her family since my great-grandmother had been given it by a suitor. It was a birthday present. The suitor became her husband and the house of Pendragon has had it since my mother married."

"It is a family heirloom." Leon nodded. "But what significance?"

"She used it to taunt my father. My mother treasured this. It was the only possession she brought with her when she married. It was the only actual material she cared for."

"Oh." Percy shook his head. Gwaine rolled his eyes.

"Your mother, Ygraine."

"Do not insult my mother." Arthur's voice was low.

"She lived in a time when the Old Religion was embraced." Gwaine continued. "You know this and I know this. Could this mirror have been treasured because of more than just sentimental value?"

"NO." Arthur snapped. "My mother was not a witch!"

"Of course she wasn't." Gaius shook his head. "I knew Ygraine personally. Watched her grow as a young woman. All she cared about was being a good wife to Uther and having a child. She wanted to be a good mother above all else. You know Gwen reminds me of her in some ways. They are both loyal beyond all reason and eager to see the good in people."

"Even when the good is very well hidden." Merlin smiled slightly. "I have to go."

"What!?" Merlin rounded on Arthur as he spoke.

"I know staying here will do no good. I have an idea. If it goes wrong then I'm dead and we have not lost anything. If it goes well then there is a very good chance I'll have information that will bring them back to us." He ran out of the door.

"What was that all about?" Percy asked as he watched the young warlock run down the stone steps.

"With Merlin I often find it is better not to ask." Arthur smiled slightly. "Now, where are they?"

"Camphor." Gaius whispered. "I should have known Camphor and Brimstone."


"I think both Moira and Gwen are still in Camelot. I think infact they are still in the same room as we are." He smiled at the confused looks all around him.

"The Old Religion had a dimension shift spell. If Morgana knows of this, and the presence of both brimstone and Camphor suggests this." He picked up a pinch of black powder as he spoke. "Then I think she has banished them. They are here. But unable to see or speak to us. The reflection of the glass at the time the spell is cast will have hurt Morgana. I'm guessing Moira turned the mirror to turn the spell back on Morgana."

"But it didn't work?" Elyan asked.

"Yes, yes it did work. Moira has been listening to her apothecary lessons. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

"Gaius?" Arthur folded his arms.

"What I mean to say is, Morgana had a taste of her own medicine. The reflection would have cause the spell to fly back at her. Now while in theory this would mean she was banished in reality some of the reflection hit the brass light fitting, where the big candles are housed and the whole room and it's occupants would be dragged in."

"So Morgana has been banished too?" Leon stared at Gaius who nodded sadly.

"In defeating Morgana they have sacrificed themselves."

"No." Arthur stared at the old man. "No. I'll find them. I don't know how but while there is blood in my body I am going to keep looking until I bring my family home."


Merlin walked into the cave as quietly as he possibly could. A loud sigh could be heard from deep inside the cavern.

"Young Warlock."

"Hello." Merlin addressed the dragon.

"You honor me with your presence. Why are you here?"

"My friends. Arthur."

"I told you." The Dragon blew a trail of smoke from his nose. "You are to keep Arthur alive. If he dies then Camelot itself will die."

"His fiancé and the child he is a guardian too have been taken."

"The serving girl and the child." The Dragon paused. "Are nearer than you think. Save them. Bring them home or Arthur may die with wounds no man can take."


"Look where you would never thinks. Use your heart not your mind. Bring them home before Arthur dies of a broken heart and the witch brings the darkness forever." The Dragon snorted once more before resting his head on the ground. Merlin stared at him for a moment before turning on his heel and running back to the castle. He had to find Arthur, he just had to.


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