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This story is about Ash getting a different starter pokemon than Pikachu and going through his journeys with that pokemon. I plan on going through the end of Sinnoh with some AU events afterwards. I don't plan on including Unova at all. In fact, I am only using one pokemon from Generation V in this entire story, and it is revealed in this chapter.

I plan on updating once every week, maybe sooner if I have a lot of chapters saved up. I am currently writing chapter 4.

Enjoy the first chapter of Blessed By Victory!

"Talk"- Regular Speech

"Talk"- Telepathy


It was a beautiful day in Pallet Town. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and several pokemon flew in the crisp air. Several people could be seen outside, enjoying life for what it is. Today, Arceus's Chosen was no different.

Seven year old Ash Ketchum eagerly looked as his mom as they stood, waiting for Professor Oak to answer the door. Today was the day he would be able to play with the all of the pokemon the lab contained. He always enjoyed spending time with them and learning everything one could know about them. Times like these were the highlight of his life, and it made him excited for the start of his Pokemon journey in three years time.

The door suddenly opened, revealing a brunette-haired boy around Ash's age. His name was Gary, who was the grandson of Professor Oak himself. His young features contained a hint of arrogance as he stared at the two visitors. Ash could feel himself getting frustrated at the boy's presence. He was pompous and a jerk, one Ash could hardly stand to be even close to.

"Ms. Ketchum, it's great to see you. I assume you're here to drop Ashy-boy off," Gary stated politely to Ash's mom, with a hint of a sneer when he said Ash's (hated) nickname.

"Don't call me that!" Ash yelled, looking at Gary's bored expression.

"Did you say something?" Gary asked, causing Ash's anger to rise even more.

"Ash, let's not get into a fight," Delia said sweetly, her voice causing Ash to forget his anger and remember his happiness.

"Okay, Mom. I'm going to play with the pokemon now. Bye!" Ash yelled as he began to run to the preserve, leaving both Gary and his mom at the door.

Delia laughed again at the innocence of her son, it was truly wonderful. She turned to Gary and asked, "Could you tell your grandfather that Ash is here and that I'll pick up at the usual time tomorrow?"

Gary nodded and replied, "Of course Ms. Ketchum, I will. Have a wonderful day,"

Delia smiled and left, leaving Gary all alone at the door. As she disappeared from view, Gary shut the door and turned to follow Ashy-boy. He was so much fun to play around with.

Back with Ash, he found himself staring once again at the beauty of the preserve. It was massive, easily fitting hundreds of both wild and trained pokemon. It had every type of habitat imaginable, capable of housing all different kinds of pokemon. Anything was possible in the preserve, and Ash definitely felt so.

"This place is so amazing. All of the pokemon, all of the experiences, all the friends I made, everything here is a dream come true. I can't wait to start my own journey! Man, why do I have to wait three more years?" Ash thought bitterly.

"What's the matter, Ashy-boy? Forgot how to breathe?" a familiar, arrogant voice called out, bringing Ash out of his thoughts. Ash turned to see Gary standing at the doorway, an annoying grin plastered across his face.

"What do you want, Gary?" Ash asked, annoyed at the kid's presence. Why did Gary have to be so frustrating?

"What do I want? Hmm, let me think." Gary adopted an exaggerated thinking pose and continued, "Oh, I want to see my self proclaimed "rival" grow a brain"

Ash's anger rose with that insult and he yelled, "I am your rival, Gary! I'll beat you someday!"

Gary laughed, amused at Ash's bravado. "Yeah, right. You, beat me? Give me a break. You know jack squat about training and battling pokemon."

Ash opened his mouth to retort, but Gary beat him to it. "Do you know what abilities are? Do you know what goes into a pokemon journey? Do you know the starting moves of each starter? Do you even know what starter you're going to get?" Ash slumped, his good mood utterly destroyed by Gary's words. Everything he said was true. He didn't have a clue.

After several seconds of silence, Gary smirked in triumph. "I thought so," He said arrogantly. He turned to leave, but stopped before he went inside.

"Grow a brain, mature, and know what the hell you're talking about. If you could miraculously do that, then you might be good enough to lick the dirt of my feet." With that final statement, Gary vanished inside.

Ash was crushed. He could feel the tears running down his face as he took in Gary's words. He was right; he didn't have a clue about anything related to pokemon. How could he accomplish his dreams if he knew nothing? How could he obtain victory through ignorance? He was an idiot and a failure.

Ash began to run to the preserve's lake, wanting to be alone when he shed the tears about to emerge. He was so engrossed in his sorrows, that he didn't notice the small, dark shape in the shadows, watching him with its bright blue eyes.

Several hours later, we can find Arceus's Chosen at Professor Oak's lake, weeping his heart out for the world to see. As his tears ran down his face, all he could think of was Gary's truthful words. He was a failure, an idiot, a kid way over his head. It made him feel sick.

As Ash wept, the dark shape from earlier watched, concern and hurt flashing through its vibrant blue eyes. It had watched Ash weep for several hours now. How could a person say such awful things to such a kind and innocent soul? The words spoken may have some validity to them, but the Gary kid took it way too far. The figure resolved to help Ash get out of this slump. It normally wouldn't have interfered, too many people would seek to abuse its power, but the figure regarded Ash as having the most pure soul any one could have. If the figure could choose who to give its power to right now, Ash would be the one it would choose.

Lifting its pure, snow-white body, it slowly approached the kid. It did not want to spook him and ruin its entire plan.

Ash stopped crying as he heard a sound. Lifting his head, he turned to see if he could see what caused it. Ash's bloodshot eyes noticed a small shape hiding behind a tree, only a startling blue eye able to be seen.

"Hey, it's okay. You can come out. We're all friends here." Ash said softly, reaching his hand out with an Oran berry he had picked up off the ground.

The figure hesitated for a couple of seconds, then revealed itself to Ash. He gasped as he saw the now revealed pokemon. It was beautiful.

It stood about one foot tall, coming up to about Ash's knee. It had beautiful snow-white fur, which turned bright red when it reached its V shaped ears. Its small arms each had three fingers, and two little wing-tails protruded from its lower body. What was most shocking to Ash, however, were its bright blue eyes. He had never seen such eyes in his entire life. They drew him in, gave him confidence, somehow assured him of victory.

The pokemon slowly approached Ash, watching him carefully to see if he did anything funny. When it became apparent that Ash would not do anything, it swiftly grabbed the Oran berry Ash was holding and began to eat the fruit.

Ash smiled as he watched the pokemon eat the berry. He liked all types of pokemon, but he adored this one. This pokemon looked incredible and even Ash could tell it had tons of potential.

However, Ash couldn't tell what type of pokemon it was. Once, he looked through Professor Oak's data in order to see all different types of pokemon he had researched. Ash had thought Professor Oak had seen every pokemon in existence. But this one, Ash was sure wasn't in the Professor database.

"What type of pokemon are you?" Ash wondered aloud.

The pokemon stopped eating and turned its eyes to stare directly into Ash's own. As Ash stared at it, he almost jumped out of shock when he heard a feminine voice in his mind.

"To answer your question, Ash, I am Victini, the Legendary Victory Pokemon"

"WHAT!" Ash yelled in surprise before returning his gaze to the pokemon. "That was you?"

Victini rolled her eyes and stated exasperatedly, "After everything I just said, you just had to ask about telepathy. Come on... Whatever. To answer your question, any legendary can do it. We just don't because we legendaries don't really meet face to face with humans we trust. Oh, it's also boring. It's fun to see humans squirm."

Ash looked at the pokemon, jaw wide open, as he took in Victini's words.

"You're a … legendary?" he asked, completely floored by the implication

Victini snorted and replied, "Last time I checked,"

Ash was instantly bombarded with feelings of shock, happiness, admiration, respect, and so many others feelings as his young mind processed her words. He was actually meeting a legendary pokemon in the flesh! Wait until he told Gary about this... The thought of the arrogant kid slightly dampened Ash's roaring happiness.

"Why are you here, talking to me? I'm not worthy. I'm just a kid way over his head..." Ash stated dejectedly, lowering his head to stare at the ground.

Victini dropped the berry and flew towards Ash, grabbing his head and forcing him to stare into her eyes. After that, she spoke rapidly, "That kid had no right to say what he said. You are not an idiot or an arrogant kid like Gary. You are a kind, innocent soul, full of fire and ingenuity. You are young, eager to impress the world with your actions. True, you may not know much about pokemon, but there is more to it than just knowledge. There's spirt, training, ingenuity, perseverance, the courage to defy the odds and obtain victory. You have those qualities in spades."

Ash's eyes began to tear in happiness and joy as she continued, "You have that potential, that spark for greatness. It will take work, it will take time, it will be challenging, but you have the ability to succeed. I believe in you." she finished, letting Ash's face go and floated a few feet away.

Ash slowly and reverently reached up and touch the spot where Victini had grabbed him. Her touch was gentle, yet firm, full of strength and kindness. That, along with her words, was exactly what Ash needed.

"Victini... Thank you. I really needed that. I may have less than satisfactory knowledge about pokemon, but that won't stop me from reaching my dream." Ash stated firmly.

Victini winked, happy at Ash's newfound confidence. "That's the spirit, Ash. Keep that spirit going and victory will always be near."

Ash held up his hand and asked, "Hey, Victini. You want to play? I have until morning, and I bet being a legendary doesn't give you much time for recreation."

Victini smirked and responded, "I'd thought you never ask". With that statement, she jumped into Ash's arms and pushed him onto the ground. As he fell, he could see her fly away, yelling "TAG! You're it!"

Ash smiled as he began to chase after her. This was going to be fun.

Several hours later, we find the two cuddling each other on top of the preserve's resident mountain, staring at the stars. Both were exhausted after their long game of tag and decided to break for the night. As they gazed and watched the stars, Ash never felt more at peace. He glanced down at the small pokemon in his arms, smiling at all of the good times they had shared in a single day. Ash had never bonded with someone so quickly his entire time. It was like they were made for each other.

Ash wanted Victini to stay with him. He wanted her to stand by his side as he accomplished his dream. She was perfect in every way. She was beautiful, she was smart, she was playful, she was strong, the list could go on and on. Even if she was a legendary, which normally stayed away from humans, Ash had heard some tales of legendaries interacting with humans on a regular basis while at Professor Oak's lab. Could this work for him and Victini?

"Hey, Victini? I want to ask you something." Ash asked. Victini turned her head to stare at his eyes and giggled internally. Ash looked downright nervous and anxious, with a little hope etched in his features.

"What do you want to ask, Ash?" She coyly questioned, enjoying the way he shifted nervously. She already knew what he was going to ask and what her answer would be, but she still wanted to milk the situation as much as she could. This was too damn funny.

"Well, umm... Victini, I was just...umm... Well, we had a lot of fun today. We just met, and we hit it off immediately. You dragged me out of my slump and reminded me of what truly matters. We work so well together; it's obvious even to me." Ash replied, earning another snicker from Victini.

"You already know that I want to be the greatest pokemon trainer in the world. And you probably already know that when I turn ten, that I will receive my first pokemon to start me along that path. I had never known what pokemon I would choose, and had never given any real thought. But today, that changed."

Ash picked Victini up to his eye level and stared at her brilliant blue eyes and stated, "You and I work so well together. You are the most amazing pokemon I have ever met. Therefore, I ask you this: Do you want to be my starter?"

Dead silence followed his words, and after several moments Ash began to worry if he said something wrong. "Well... umm, if you don't want to, well, umm... this is awkward..."

Victini held up a paw and replied, "You can stop right there, Ash. I have already made my decision. First though, can you put me down? This is down-right embarrassing. Arceus is probably laughing at me right now."

Ash hastily put Victini down, muttering apologies. She backed up a few feet and raised herself back to his eye level.

She began to speak "Ash, I must admit that you are a rather dense and a less than intelligent human being. Despite this, you have a heart of gold and an innocent soul. You are one of the most pure beings I have ever encountered, and have the motivation and spirit of an angry Giratina. You are the only human that I have encountered who truly desires to be my friend, without any desire to use my power for ulterior purposes. You are motivated by a dream so strong, so vibrant, so real, that it begs to become reality. And I want to make that dream come true."

"I would be honored to be your starter pokemon, Ash Satoshi Ketchum."

Ash jumped with joy etched all over his features. As Ash began to move, Victini blurred into Ash's outstretched arms. As their bodies connected, they stayed there, holding each other as their partnership was finally cemented. Details still needed to be hammered out, time still needed to pass, but Ash and Victini knew that they had each other forever.

"Thank you, Victini. I'll make you proud," Ash muttered.

"You already have, Ash" Victini replied, snuggling Ash's face with her own.

Ash had been blessed by Victory, and the two of them had never felt more content.

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